Orlistat :: Lost 10 Lbs Weight

Needless to say I am more than surprised to have lost 10lbs and find myself wondering if its just water? The good thing is I have been given another prescription and the nurse said I am on target.....

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Orlistat :: Lost 11 Lbs Weight (a Month And 5 Days)

Just weighed myself - I'm a month and 5 days into the programme. I'm now 11 pounds lighter. I'm on holiday in two weeks and was going to break the programme but now in two minds what to do. 

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Orlistat :: Lost 1 And Half Kilos In 4 Weeks

Went for my weigh in with the nurse and I've lost 1 and half kilos in 4 weeks, not bad considering i've not been able to take our puppy for a walk because of all the snow and ice. I now weigh 13st 1 lb (83 Kilos) and my BMI is 30.3. I haven't got a target as such, my nurse said to aim for something i'm comfortable with and my daughter said to aim for a BMI between 25-30 so almost in that bracket. I don't think i'd look healthy at the recommended weight for my height but no where seems to take age into account- I must admit i'm a bit disappointed that i'm still a size 18 for most things and with only 3.3 pounds short of a 4 stone loss was hoping to be nearer the 14-16 size.

Hope every body is having a good week, Good luck for any pending weigh ins- (my nurse still wants to see me in 4 weeks so she's not taken Christmas into consideration unlike somebody elses Dr

Keep up the good work everybody

By the way I've been treating myself to a good for you hot chocolate with Amaretto in it delicious

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Orlistat :: Disappointed - Lost Only One Pound - 2nd Week

My second week on tablets and i've only lost 1lb,not very happy!have written down all food eaten,tired to keep to 1200 cal and been very careful with fat amounts in food.

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Stomach Cancer :: Constant Nausea - Lost Quite A Bit Of Weight?

Most postings here are asking about symptoms of stomach cancer, as we all worry we have got it.  I suppose I worry more because my mother had it.  I have had constant nausea for 3 weeks and loss of appetite for about 3 months.  I have lost quite a bit of weight.

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Orlistat :: Weight Gain Instead Of Losing

i'v been on the tablets for a month now and instead of losing weight i've actually gained 8lbs..im doing everything right..i mean i haven't had chocolate or takeaways or even low fat crisps for the last month

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Orlistat :: Disappointed With My Weight Loss - Meal?

I've been on the tablets for two weeks now. I've worked out what I can have fat wise without getting the dreaded side effects. Cereal for breakfast, soup and yogurt for lunch, chicken or fish plus veg for main meal. I haven't been having my usual binges on biscuits and sweets either. However I am a bit disappointed with my weight loss. I lost 1 pound the first week and two the second. I know any loss is good, but I have been trying really hard to cut back and lost more than this in a couple of weeks on weight watchers.

I have a lot to lose (7 stone) so hoped for more. Maybe my body will 'catch up' - has anyone else had this experience? I've been on so many diets and lost a couple of stone and put it back on ten times as fast as I took to lose it.

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Orlistat And Insulin - Successful Weight Loss?

I am a diabetic and take a background insulin and a quick acting insulin to cover my carbs. Has anyone else been on tablets and insulin and had a successful weight loss ? 

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Orlistat With Antidepressants - How To Boost My Metabolic Rate/weight Loss

Whilst taking orlistat, i am also taking anti depressants which is what made me put the weight on in the first place. My doctor said i would probably loose more weight if i wasn't on the anti dep. but i am not at a place where i can come off them at the moment.

What i wanted to ask you was if you could ask your nurse if there is anything i can do to boost my metabolic rate/weight loss.

Have you noticed more weight loss when eating certain foods. I was told whilst on slimming world that peas and strawberries are good weight loss foods. But i can't live on them.

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Weight Loss Hypothyroidism :: Natural Methods To Help With Stubborn Weight?

Besides 2 hours of working out each day, does anyone know of some natural methods to help with stubborn weight? I have an underactive thyroid And unless I work out like crazy its hard for me to lose weight.

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Sertraline :: Lost My Appetite

Been on sertraline since mid April.  Started at 25 mg now on 100 mgs.  My appetite is still not so great.  How long (if you experienced this) did it take for your appetite to come back.

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Vasectomy :: Orgasms Lost

I had a vasectomy in 2005. Pre surgery orgasm was amazing and shot far. Since then it feels boring and the semen only drizzles. Has anyone else had this issue? Why? It's been ten years since I've had a good orgasm. I'm only 42. Dr says it's mental.

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Lost Hymen Due To Rubbing?

My friends girlfriend she was rubbing her's and after few blood come from. Did she lose her Hymen and she was sick also? 

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Schizophrenia :: Feel Like I Have Lost Control

Feel like i've lost control.... Think it might be Schizophrenia, thought this for quite a while now and the past few months my partner has been saying i have that etc.... am terrified of doctors already so i feel trapped..... maybe i'm just being stupid i don't know...

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Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug Lost - So What's Next?

I lost mine this morning what happens next ?? I never lost mine with my first baby

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Pregnancy :: How Do You Know That Mucus Plug Is Lost?

How Do you know for definite that you have lost your mucus plug?? I think I lost mine maybe a fortnight ago. It was like thick pale green snot and there was quite alot too. But there was no blood?

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Bleeding On Fingering - Lost My Virginity?

me and my boyfriend havent had sex but he just fingered me and i bled very little after that. so, does this mean that i have lost my virginity?

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PCOS - Lost An Ovary And Now Pregnant

I found out I'm pregnant 2 days ago on mine and my husband's birthday... However I'm a by worried, I lost an ovary 2 years ago and the only one that I have left I was diagnosed with pcos a couple months ago. My question is "does anyone know if this will harm the baby in any way?" I'm going to the doctor tomorrow but I'm just trying to prepare myself for anything that she might say...

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Weight Gain On Prednisone - Just Water Weight?

All I have eaten while on the 40mg pill for five days is fruits, veggies, lean protein, and whole grains. I've drank lots of green tea and water.

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