Sertraline :: Zombie Effect - Anxious And No Appetite

I went to see my GP only five days ago for clinical depression and I was taken off mirtazapine 30mg that I had been on for roughly six months and put onto sertraline 50mg. I was advised by my GP to reduce the mirtazapine down to 15mg immediately. My question is this.... Is it just me or has Sertraline made anyone else feel worse? As of day one I've felt like what I can only describe as a 'zombie'.

It feels like I'm constantly wading through thick mud, I now feel constantly anxious, I have no appetite whatsoever, I wake up at 3-4am and can't get back to sleep because all these thoughts keep whizzing around in my head, when it is time to get up I feel utterly shattered. I don't want to go out and everything I used to find enjoyable I cannot now face. I have a 7 y/o son whom I love and adore but feel like I can't even look after myself at the moment let alone him, the guilt of this is now exacerbating my feelings.

The thought of facing another day feeling like this is terrifying me, let alone moving forward with life. I've restarted with my private councillor and am avoiding alcohol etc as my GP advised, but just feel terrible.

I'm not expecting miracles overnight or anything but I think I'm just searching for some reassurance I guess?

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Sertraline :: Sertraline 50mg To 25mg But Still Side Effects

Reduced from 50 mg a day to 25 mg but side effects haven't gone. Any ideas?

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Sertraline :: Advice On Stopping Sertraline

I had some terrible problems last november stopping venlafaxine to start sertraline.  I realised I have tried over 6 different meds and have decided to get back to the start and take none.  I have been to a doctor today who was not very helpful and as I have never been given the right advice about cross tapering I am not confident about stopping.  I started with 50mg, 1 december 2014, in mid January increased to 100mg and to be honest things are worse in the way I feel.  No libido (I am a happily married 46 year old woman who used to enjoy my husbands attention), No motivation, No sense of enjoyment in anything, overeating, overspending and little or no self worth.  I have been told stop 100mg and take 50mg for 4 weeks and then review.  I am thinking maybe 75mg for a week, then 50mg for a week, then 25mg for a week then nothing....  Any ideas?  I have been on one antidepressant or another since 2009. 

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Vasectomy :: Orgasms Lost

I had a vasectomy in 2005. Pre surgery orgasm was amazing and shot far. Since then it feels boring and the semen only drizzles. Has anyone else had this issue? Why? It's been ten years since I've had a good orgasm. I'm only 42. Dr says it's mental.

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Lost Hymen Due To Rubbing?

My friends girlfriend she was rubbing her's and after few blood come from. Did she lose her Hymen and she was sick also? 

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Orlistat :: Lost 10 Lbs Weight

Needless to say I am more than surprised to have lost 10lbs and find myself wondering if its just water? The good thing is I have been given another prescription and the nurse said I am on target.....

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Pregnancy :: Anyone Else Have Loss Of Appetite?

Does anyone else have loss of appetite. I am currently 34 weeks and feel very nauseous

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Gabapentin :: Loss Of Appetite

I have been taking 100mg x 3 per day for nerve pain and it seems to be working but noticed i have lost appetite been on this medication for around 2 months

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Citalopram :: Loss Of Appetite

I started Citalopram 20mg yesterday, when will my sleep and appetite return. I have no hunger and feeling sick.

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Schizophrenia :: Feel Like I Have Lost Control

Feel like i've lost control.... Think it might be Schizophrenia, thought this for quite a while now and the past few months my partner has been saying i have that etc.... am terrified of doctors already so i feel trapped..... maybe i'm just being stupid i don't know...

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Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug Lost - So What's Next?

I lost mine this morning what happens next ?? I never lost mine with my first baby

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Pregnancy :: How Do You Know That Mucus Plug Is Lost?

How Do you know for definite that you have lost your mucus plug?? I think I lost mine maybe a fortnight ago. It was like thick pale green snot and there was quite alot too. But there was no blood?

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Bleeding On Fingering - Lost My Virginity?

me and my boyfriend havent had sex but he just fingered me and i bled very little after that. so, does this mean that i have lost my virginity?

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PCOS - Lost An Ovary And Now Pregnant

I found out I'm pregnant 2 days ago on mine and my husband's birthday... However I'm a by worried, I lost an ovary 2 years ago and the only one that I have left I was diagnosed with pcos a couple months ago. My question is "does anyone know if this will harm the baby in any way?" I'm going to the doctor tomorrow but I'm just trying to prepare myself for anything that she might say...

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Orlistat Experiences? Anyone That Really Lost Weight?

Is there anyone that has used these tablets and if so have they helped to lose weight.

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Mirtazapine :: Dose That Does Not Stimulate The Appetite?

Could anyone tell me please, is there any dose of Mirt that does not stimulate the appetite. Cannot fault the AD other than the horrendous weight gain. My head is right on 30mg for a year but my body is wrecked with a layer of fat. (2stone)


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Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug Has Been Lost In Pieces

To those who've already lost it, I'm just wondering how much it was cause mine has been lost in pieces. So, I dunno if I lost it all or not...

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Lost Nocturnal Erections At 65

I believe I slowly am developing E.D. I am 65 years old, but do not have normal causes for E.D. At 5'10", 165#, BMI of 24. I work out 6+ hours a week at the gym. I do not smoke, drink, do drugs. I am not diabetic. I am on testosterone therapy, and my T level is around 650. I suffer from hypogonadism (forever) which is why I am on testosterone. It is not the problem since I used to get normal erections. I also had a T.U.R.P. operation around 8 years ago. I suspect it might be part of the problem. This problem only started during the last year or so.

I no longer get nocturnal erections. I can only get erections with manual stimulation. They take a lot longer to happen. I also lose them very quickly.

This is my question. The center portion of my shaft struggles to become erect. My penis thickens at the base, and also on the end starting near the circumcision scar. Right behind the circumcision scar is the worst area. My penis stays real limp for about an inch or so. That area does finally fill in at full erection, but it takes a minute or two to become fully erect. Since E.D. is lack of blood flow, might there be a blockage in that area?

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Orlistat :: Lost 1 And Half Kilos In 4 Weeks

Went for my weigh in with the nurse and I've lost 1 and half kilos in 4 weeks, not bad considering i've not been able to take our puppy for a walk because of all the snow and ice. I now weigh 13st 1 lb (83 Kilos) and my BMI is 30.3. I haven't got a target as such, my nurse said to aim for something i'm comfortable with and my daughter said to aim for a BMI between 25-30 so almost in that bracket. I don't think i'd look healthy at the recommended weight for my height but no where seems to take age into account- I must admit i'm a bit disappointed that i'm still a size 18 for most things and with only 3.3 pounds short of a 4 stone loss was hoping to be nearer the 14-16 size.

Hope every body is having a good week, Good luck for any pending weigh ins- (my nurse still wants to see me in 4 weeks so she's not taken Christmas into consideration unlike somebody elses Dr

Keep up the good work everybody

By the way I've been treating myself to a good for you hot chocolate with Amaretto in it delicious

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