Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug Lost - So What's Next?

I lost mine this morning what happens next ?? I never lost mine with my first baby

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Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug Has Been Lost In Pieces

To those who've already lost it, I'm just wondering how much it was cause mine has been lost in pieces. So, I dunno if I lost it all or not...

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Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug Lost - When Should Labor Kick In?

I lost my mucus plug this morning. When should I start getting contractions and begin labor?

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Pregnancy :: Labour - Mucus Plug Lost And Contractions Every 15 Minutes

I've been in slow Labour for a week now contracting every 15 minutes for about a minute tonight it's gone to every 3-5 minutes for about 30-60 seconds I haven't lost my plug yet but didn't readily have one with my son at all ( this is my second baby ) anyone know how to bring  Labour on a bit more in so Much pain ( I have spd and my hips are all out of place ) due on 17th Sept but been induced on 5th if don't have her beforehand Dr has said from all scans she is ready if she came now she will be fine .

Sorry for tmi but my stomach is gurgling as well and made me have a loose motion but feel fine just the contractions.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Could It Be My Mucus Plug

Hi ladies, im 38w5d and when I just peed and wiped it was alot of clear almost like egg white texture .. could this be my mucus plug? I feel fine but idk since this is my first pregnancy. .. thank you ;-)

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug Have To Be Bloody?

Do all mucus plug have to be bloody i think i lost mines yesterday but it looked like snot from when you get a cold but no blood

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Pregnancy :: Have Sex To Lose Your Mucus Plug?

Do you have to have sex to lose your mucus plug? Bkuz I havent had sex my entire pregnancy so I was wondering if I will still lose mines...

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Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug Come Out With No Blood?

Can your mucus plug come out with no blood? This is my second baby and with the first baby there was blood.

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Pregnancy :: When Did Your Mucus Plug Break?

Just curious to when your mucus plug broke?

I'm 36 + 4 with my baby girl head down and I still have no signs of me losing my mucus plug.

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Pregnancy :: How Will I Know When I Lose My Mucus Plug?

I'm a ftm 32 weeks 4 days. How will I know when I lose my mucus plug?

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Pregnancy :: Do You Go To Labour After Loosing Mucus Plug

When did u ladies go into labor after loosing ur mucus plug?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug - No Foul Smell

I'm due saturday.  For the past 2 days I've had light yellow/white/clear mucus coming out of my vagina. I smelled it. There's no foul smell or anything. Just wondering if this is. my mucus plug or not.

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Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug - Bloody Show?

Has anyone asked their dr if they are the same thing? I think im losing some of my mucus plug but it's not bloody or anything and i've read that they might not be the same thing. Im only 33wks so i dont want to see any signs i might go into labor early. If there is a possibility that im going into labor too soon is there anything i can do to help not progress faster besides a shot or something from the dr or hospital? Should i not walk as much and stuff?

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Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug / Bloody Show

I'm just over 38 weeks and last night when I went to the bathroom I noticed a quarter size amount of discharge in my panties with a small string of blood in it and when I wiped it was barely on the tissue...could I be slowly losing my mucus plug and bloody show?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug - Greenish On Inner Thigh

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and this mucus stuff came out and I felt it on my inner thigh. It was like greenish. So I'm assuming its my mucus plug ? What does it mean ???  I'm only 6 months pregnant

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Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug Fell Out - Meaning?

So I'm finna be 33 weeks tomorrow in my mucus plug fell out can anyone tell me what this mean?

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Pregnancy :: When You Lose Mucus Plug? Go To Hospital

So I have heard if you have brown in your mucus plug discharge that you should go to the hospital. ... is that true or is it normal

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Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug? Does This Mean Labor Is Starting?

Can you lose only part of your mucus plug? I think i did, but im not completely sure. If so, does this mean labor is starting? I've also been having cramping in my lower back, and a few sharp pains here and there, since yesterday morning.

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Pregnancy :: Have Been Losing Pieces Of Mucus Plug

So i have been losing pieces of it. I am 40 weeks. I was worried because i was told there's usually blood in iy and i don't have any and it's coming out a little at a time since yesterday... Anyone else have this?

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