Bleeding After Rubbing Vagina

me and my girlfriend had sex yesterday. i have only rubbed her vagina . She is virgin. almost after 45 mins she started feeling pain in her stomach and she is bleeding from almost past 14 hrs now. what can be the reason for this.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Rubbing With Cum On Thighs

Bf was rubbing penis bw my thighs (halfway bw vagina and knees) and he came on my thigh and stomach. There was NO penetration. And I dont think he came anywhere near my vagina! This was on 14th day of cycle. Pregnancy chances?

Also if my last period was on the 27th of August when can I expect my next one?

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Rubbing Precum Can Get You Pregnant?

On the day of my ovulation (+/- 1 day) my boyfriend had precum on his arm. We both don't remember if he actually touched his precum with his hand or not. Worst case scenario: we'll assume he touched it with his hand. And then, he rubbed me down there. Just rubbing - no fingering. Now my period was due 3 days ago but it's late and I'm extremely worried I might be pregnant.

Is there any possible way I'd get pregnant this way??

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Am I Pregnant? :: Rubbing And Precum

If the guy rubs his penis up and down my vagina and he had some pre-cum on the tip how likely is it to be pregnant.  He came on my chest so I know that none of his sperm got on or in my vagina.

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HIV Possibility :: Penis To Vagina Rubbing

I'm aware that penis to vagina rubbing doesn't cause a significant increase in contracting HIV. However, what if you get a herpes infection from penis to vagina rubbing. Will HIV come along for the ride then? Or is the risk still the same?

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HIV :: Can Transmit From Rubbing Naked With Underwear

I'm a 30 year old male who is not sexually active from the past 8 months. This incident happened 5 weeks ago. I met a 25 female asian escort who was also a massage therapist. When the massage started we both were topless and wearing just the underwears. I was lying on my back and she climbed on me. We kissed each other on the lips but there was no deep kissing or open mouth kissing. We hugged and rubbed against each other for 5mins. Then i stopped her and i put condom on by myself, the lady didn't touch my penis. I was not fully aroused at that time. After putting condom on, i wore my underwear back. So at this point i was wearing a condom and also an underwear and the lady was still wearing an underwear. Then we continued the same cuddling, kissing (Superficial) and rubbing against each other for 15 more mins and I ejaculated inside my condom. THERE WAS NO PENETRATION, NO ORAL SEX AND NO HAND TO GENITALS CONTACT AT ALL. After I ejaculated, I got scared and asked her if she ejaculated too. She said no and she is under menstruation and had a Tampon inside her vagina. She showed me her vagina and I didn't see any traces of blood outside her vagina or in the pelvis area.

Questions of concern:

1. Is it possible for a female to release vaginal fluid under menstruation and the fluid to come out despite wearing a tampon

2. Can the vaginal fluid make it's way from her underwear on to my underwear and then into my penis opening during the 5 minute period when i didn't wear a condom

3. I'm not sure about her HIV status, but assuming she is HIV+, are there any chances that I might get infected with the above mentioned contact with her

4. I had cough from past 10 days and have itchy skin rashes on my hands and legs too. The rashes are very tiny. Are these symptoms of HIV

5. Has there been any cases who got infected with similar kind of exposure

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Bleeding Of Clitoris After Hard Rubbing

Well yesterday before I showered I think I rubbed my clitoris a little bit to rough, and today before I showered I used the bathroom and when I was going to clean myself with the toilet paper there was blood on it. I'm not sure what to do because my period doesn't start til about 2 weeks. I put a pad on to see if it was my period but after 30 minutes nothing came out so i thought it wasn't my period.The blood on the toilet paper wasn't really dark colored. From reading other posts it was supposedly blood from the clitoris. How can I heal it without telling my mom or go to a doctor?

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How To Treat Clitoral Pain After Rubbing?

I was just rubbing my girlfriend down there, and my hands weren't probably completely clean (I haven't really done anything like this before). I was mainly stimulating the clitoris, at times using her wetness to lube her up. She didn't seem to mind and at that time, she wasn't in pain or anything, in fact according to her she was enjoying it. After going back home though, she felt that the area around her clit became really sore and that it hurts horribly while trying to pee. It also itched when soap touched the area while trying to take a shower. It feels uncomfortable in general, and aches when trying to move. Most importantly, she says she has discovered some sort of a 'hole' beside her clitoris, which does not look like a scar, but is red. This has freaked us out both, and although I haven't seen the condition myself, I can't describe it more precisely. She says it's like the type of 'fold' we get when we apply pressure on our skin with the nails, except that it's round, tiny and deeper. She is also having pain in her tummy (in fact this happens when she masturbates too much) which makes it all the more worse. She is really mad at me and I know I have done something careless (especially when it is the first time we have been doing something like this), and I probably don't even deserve to be her boyfriend, but I feel really guilty and I want to help her in every way possible but I don't really know what to do about it. She hasn't spoken to anyone about it yet although she is suffering and all I care about now is that this condition goes away as soon as possible. She is not ready to go the gynecologist because she is too ashamed to talk about it as she is from a conservative family.

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Virgin :: How To Know If My Hymen Is Intact?

I am a female, 22 years old.I never had sex before , i mean I am still a virgin, but I have been masturbating myself for a couple of years.I usually satisfy myself with clitoris simulation ,but i have been playing with my vagina like inserting my finger and board marker and a lipgloss (not excessive stuff). I never bled doing so.I can easily insert a single finger inside my vagina, never inserted two fingers, even if i try to do so,it feels like it's going to hurt.I don't do fingering, as I do not find it enjoyable ,and my vagina is not that loose either.

But I recently got worried about me not having my hymen, and viewed myself in a mirror. From what i saw , i am pretty confused.

I saw  zig-zag chunks of pink flesh in the almost upper half opening of my hole.the down half was like crescent shape,with a little bend in the extreme bottom( 6 o clock position).Also, there is  one small tube 1 cm long dangling in  the upper half of my vagina.

My question is that do I still have an intact hymen? and should I still believe that I will bleed on my first intercourse?

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Does Fingering Break The Hymen?

I'm 19 years old and i'm a virgin. A few days back I tried putting my finger into the vagina just to try how it feels like, I just put one whole finger inside and then took it out that's all, there was no bleeding or anything... I know its not something to be worried about but is there a chance that my hymen is broken?!.. I wanna keep my hymen intact until i'm married.. i just wanna know b/c sometimes when hymen breaks there is no blood so that's why I wanna know if it's broken or not..

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How To Feel If Your Hymen Is Still Intact

I don't know how to do this

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Getting Pregnant :: Precum Genital Rubbing With No Penetration?

My boyfriend and i rubbed our genitals but he did not ejaculate anywhere near my vagina. I am worried about the precum though and that after he ejaculated about an hour later we rubbed again. Could i get pregnant from the precum and/or the possible left over cum after ejaculation from the first rubbing?

About a week or two after the incident i've been feeling a dull pain in my stomach. It was more of discomfort than pain. I thought it was due to my excessive eating (i went out to eat a lot due to hanging out with a lot of friends)

I was supposed to get my period 2 days ago but i see that when i wipe my toilet paper is stained a slight red but nothing shows on my underwear. And i have slight stomach ache like cramps but i'm not on my period.

I have no taken any birth control or anything

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Excessive Heavy Bleeding No Intercourse - Just Rubbing

My gf and i had a tight hug with our clothes on and we just hugged tightly and i rubbed her vagina ( both had clothes on) and later i touched her vagina with my finger and she held my penis but we did not have intercourse and neither did we insert and after this my gf has noticed heavy bleeding.

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Hard Rubbing - Clitoris Rip? Walking Hurts

I had sex 4 days ago, but the guy i was with was very rough while rubbing my clitoris. and it has been extremely sensitive, to the point that walking hurts. is there a possibility that my clitoris could have been ripped from rough rubbing? if so, what can i do to make the pain stop and for it to heal? ?

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Sexual Health :: Hymen Not Breaking ?

I've tried having sex with my boyfriend twice now, and my hymen won't break/ tear. Some people have said theirs tear easily. But we've tried to break it a few times now just by penetration and it just hurts. He says we can "keep trying", but I'd rather not. My parents don't know I'm having sex with him, so I don't want to ask my mom to see an OB GYN to have my hymen cut or anything. I don't know what to do...

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Hymen Broke? Bleeding After Fingering

Last week, my boyfriend was fingering me, and I started to bleed a lot for a couple of days. We supposed that the hymen broke. So, I'm wondering if I would bleed again when we have vaginal sex or not.

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How To Break Your Hymen By Fingering Without Pain?

I am 13 and I found that rubbing my clit wasn't pleasing enough. I have always wanted to feel penetration but I am scared to break my hymen cause of pain. Can you tell me how to stick my fingers up there, and how to break my hymen without pain? I don't want to have sex, I don't have access to dildos or anything sexual, just my fingers.

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Abortion :: Cytotec Causes Hymen Rupture?

does cytotec causes hymen rupture ?? 

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Torn The Hymen By Putting A Pen In Vagina?

am i virgin? When i was 5 years old i put a pen in my vagaina/vaginal then i bleed ,now i am 18 years old so am i a virgin ? When i have sex will i bleed again ? Or not

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