Cerazette Pill - Irregular And Disturbed Periods

I have been on the pill for nearly a month now, before I went on the pill, I had really irregular periods, probably one every couple of months, if that.. now last tuesday I noticed I had started my period, but it wasn't a 'proper' period, it isn't enough to worry about it leaking, and it only seems to happen if I use a tampon, last night I used a pad and woke up to nothing so assumed I had finished, but shortly after I thought I should be safe so used a tampon and there was suddenly a lot of blood on it.

Now over the last week and 2 days, it hasn't always been blood, more like weird brown stuff, what should I do, is this normal or shall I go back to the nurse? It's just a nuisance, as although I'm not actually on my period, I can't have sex like it?

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Contraception :: Started Getting Periods On Cerazette Pill - Is It Normal?

I've been on Cerazette (mini - pill) for 2 years and since I started my periods stopped which was great and what my doctor told me would probably happen. However 3 months ago my periods have seem to have come back the same time each month as if I'm not on the pill anymore. The only thing that I can think of that's caused this is that i've change the time i'm taking my pill from about 9am to 6pm could this be why? I thought after my first period I might just need to settle back but maybe not!

Just wondered if anyone can help me is this normal? I've read that irregular bleeding can occur but this seems to be pretty regularly, it's really annoying!

I'm thinking of changing to the implant will this be a better option? or as it's the same kind of hormone will my periods still carry on? 

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Early Pregnancy Symptoms? No Periods With Cerazette

I've been on Cerazette for the last 10 months or so, I don't get a period with this pill, so I don't know if I've missed it or not. The last 2 weeks I've been feeling so tired, all the time, from when I wake up till I go to bed, stomach cramps, feeling sick, and lots of headaches. I'm confused as I don't know whether these are pregnancy symptoms or something else?

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Contraception :: Cerazette Pill - How Reliable It Is?

I have just started Cerazette yesterday and I am wondering how reliable it is. I have a long term partner and I am wondering if we need to use protection when having sex or can I trust this method of contraception?

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Cerazette - Women Have Gotten Pregnant On This Pill

I started Cerazette about 6 months ago as I'm in my late thirties and my periods were becoming more painful, plus, condoms were started to irritate me. since starting it I had one tiny bleed and that's it, it's a revelation but I am constantly worried that I'm pregnant as it's odd not having periods and I have read that women have got pregnant on this pill, I have always taken it correctly. I may be being silly but if I'm not getting periods does that mean that I am not ovulating either, hence, would not be able to get pregnant and if I was accidentally to get pregnant on the pill then would i still be able to use a pregnancy test whilst still on the pill, i.e. would it show up? I'm just paranoid that after my Husband and I have had sex that a week later I take a test!!! Any ones views on this would really put my mind at rest as I'm considering coming off it just to get a period even though I don't want one!!!

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Hair Loss With Cerazette Pill (low Oestrogen)

I was taking cerazette (mini pill) for approx 3 months but I started to notice a lot of hair loss. My GP told me to stop the pill and wait for it to get out of my system - I also had blood tests just to rule out thyroid problems and low ferritin - all ok. I stopped for 6 weeks but had no period and hair loss still the same, very noticeable. I went back to docs who said could be low oestrogen so commenced me on microgynon - been taking this for 3 weeks now but hair still the same! All falling out round hair line and breaking all over. At a loss what to do now. Wondered if cerazette can mess with cortisol level?? I am a healthy person, I eat well and exercise daily, I don't drink alcohol or smoke. I do suffer from insomnia don't know if that's linked. Any advise would be really appreciated.

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Cerazette - Positive Experience - Progesterone Only Contraceptive Pill

Just wanted to provide information for people thinking about or just starting cerazette mainly because all I could find were people's horror stories before starting it so thought I'd add a positive review of the pill. It's a progesterone only contraceptive pill.

I started it just under a year ago and have loved it. I originally went on it due to a very long menstrual cycle. My bleeding was totally normally - rarely very heavy, no period pain and lasting between 5 and 7 days. But my cycle as a whole was quite erratic and very long on average over the course of a year - my average cycle length over a year was 37 days. The doctors found nothing wrong after blood tests etc so said not to worry and if I wanted it more controlled to go on the pill. So I did.

I started it on day 1 of my cycle back in november 2013 and that is the last normal period I have had. I've had a couple of days of very light spotting each month and 2 periods (both of which were very light and only about 3 days in length) in almost a year.

Many people talk about weight gain and I have not changed my diet or exercise routine at all and my weight has fluctuated by about a kilo. So really my weight hasn't changed. I have not suffered any depressive moods or mood swings. Though before starting cerazette my only symptom of an upcoming period was tender breasts and I still get that occasionally.

I've also not had any headaches or an increase in acne. Being 24 I still get the occasional spot but they've not gotten worse or more prevalent since starting cerazette.

Overall I'm really happy with cerazette as I've also not gotten pregnant over this past year which is particularly delightful as I do not want a child at the moment. It is also the only method of birth control me and my boyfriend have been using since March.

If you have any questions about it let me know, it can be really daunting searching the internet and reading people's experiences on cerazette as some of them are horrific but here is a positive one. Its worked exactly how I wanted it to except instead of making my periods regular, got rid of them which is even better!

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Endometriosis :: Does The Pill (Cerazette) Make Endo Worse?

My GP gave me cerazette, and after taking it for a while I broke out in acne so stopped. But the pain then got miles worse. Last night I had an ultrasound which showed my left ovary has moved to the back of my uterus, causing me awful pain.

I am wondering now was it the Cerazette that caused this, or was it going to happen anyway and should I have persevered with the pill.

I have read so much conflicting information so I wondered if anyone knows?

Also, I have been told by 2 doctors that laparoscopy makes the problem worse, but one told me it doesn't. I am so confused.

Lastly, has anyone tried the estrogen metabolism tablet DIM Plus? I read the reviews and it sounds good but I am so nervous to try any other tablets.

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Birth Control :: Fast Heart Rate After Taking Cerazette Mini Pill

I took Cerazette for 9 days, felt so ill i came straight off it. Anxiety attacks, racing heart, was off work for 8 weeks it was a nightmare. its now 3 months on, my periods are getting somewhat back to normal, but i've been left with a fast heart rate. I've been rushed to A&E a few times its been so fast i thought i was having a heart attack. i'm now on beta blockers to keep it under control until it's investigated. its ok sat down, but if i try and walk or do anything it goes through the roof.

I've heard of other women that have had this but i'm desperate to find out whether it will eventually go back to normal on it's own or has it left me with long term issues.

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Cerazette - After Stopping - Periods Will Be Disturbed?

I was on Cerazette for 13 months and had a regular period every month for the whole time. I have now stopped taking it (4-5 weeks) can this affect my periods as I am now late.

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Cerazette - PMS Like Symptoms And Mood Side Effects

I am unable to take pills with estrogen in them (due to a family history of blood clotting), and so have tried taking Cerazette to help with my PMS and period symptoms. My PMS symptoms are the worst between around Day 18/19 when progesterone is highest, so I was reluctant to take a pill that would introduce even more progesterone (especially an artificial kind), but as it is meant to suppress ovulation (which would ultimately reduce that progesterone peak) I decided to try it out.

Anyway, I started taking it around Day 20 of my cycle. At first things were REALLY good. Like it seemed to stop my PMS almost instantly and I was feeling great. A little bit more hungry, a bit of light nausea and headaches, but mostly feeling really good - a lot better than I normally would at that time of the month. On Sunday (day 27) my period was due, but didn't arrive, so I was really happy, but then randomly started feeling a little bit down in the evening in a PMS-like kind of way. On monday, I was mostly fine all day but then got a really irritable over one little thing in the evening. On tuesday, I felt yukky - very much like my usual PMS - I was cranky, tired, hungry and got upset over the silliest thing - And then started bleeding, and felt a lot better once the bleeding started. By thursday, I was still feeling a bit moody, hungry and insecure, and got a large pimple (and I never get pimples!) so I decided to stop taking it and didn't take my pill that evening.

On Friday, I actually felt worse! Couldn't concentrate much at all and was feeling really stressed out that I'd never find a solution to my PMS etc.

I think I want to keep going on Cerazette because I have had some good experiences on it (i.e when I first started taking it), but I'm terrified about the potential mood side effects and am worried it'll make me bitchy/anxious etc.

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Contraception :: How Long To Wait Periods After Stopping Cerazette

I stopped taking Cerazette after approx 8 years of taking it. I didn't really have much break through bleeding and no periods whilst taking it maybe a handful of times over the 8 years.

My last pill was last Monday and by the Saturday I started bleeding (but it was more like the breakthrough - brownish), only enough to use a panty liner rather than a pad or tampon. We are wanting to start a family as I'm 31 and have no children yet but I am wondering whether this is my first period or not? I had period pains with it which I've not had before.

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Contraception :: Cerelle/Cerazette Stopped - When Periods Start?

I was wondering if anybody could help or possibly share their experiences? I stopped taking Cerelle on the 1st July 2014 due to suffering from migraines, since coming off it I haven't been using any contraception on order by my GP due to suffering from migraines. I was wondering how long it took other people's periods to come back? I have had spotting now and again but nothing else, it will have been 9 weeks tomorrow since I stopped taking it and my GP told me they would return to normal quite quickly.

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Menstruation :: I-Pill And Delayed Periods

I had sex with my boyfriend just 1 day before my period date and the day took ipill but my period is delayed for more than 2 weeks and i am not pregnant is there any harm caused to me or my future pregnancy or is my period stopped.

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Came Off Pill 3 Months Back - No Periods Yet?

I come off the contraceptive pill in May & haven't had a period since, I have taken two pregnancy tests one in June & one 3 weeks ago. I have requested a call back from my gp but this won't be for another week. I have read on other forums it can be common to have no periods for awhile when coming off the pill?

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Birth Control :: 50 , No Periods 4 Years - Still Take Pill?

I had hormones tested and I am in menopause. I have not had a period in 4 years. Only been off the pill for a month after being on it for a long time. I am told I should still use condoms for birth control, which myself and hubby don't like at all. Chances of getting pregnant may not be likely but can happen. I really prefer to use nothing, but I don't want to end up with a pregnancy at this age. Anyone in their 40's and 50's have gone through this? What was your choice of birth control when the doctor takes you off the pill? Should I not worry about it and use zero protection? Do you think my doctor is being ridiculous?

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Contraception :: When To Start The Pill In Connection With Periods

I've recently just been to my doctors and asked to go on the pill. However, I am unsure when to take my first one, I'm due to come on my period in about 2 weeks, however I go on holiday around the same time, and I don't want to be on whilst I'm away.

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Menstruation :: Pill And Implant - Very Irregular Periods

I have gotten the implant in April 2015, and I thought this would help me through my periods as they were quite painful at times. I tried the pill, but since I'm already taking epilepsy medication, I didn't like the idea of taking another pill as well as them! In anyway, my periods are very irregular.. I mean, I could sometimes have spotting for a few days, or mistake it for a period because it's so light.. Then maybe, I could have two periods a month because of this! It's very annoying, as I don't even know when I'm going to have my next period, and I don't even get the symptoms i useta anymore.. It's such a pain!! Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Periods Cramps After Sex

So my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time and since it was a heated moment there wasn't protection involved. About an 1 1/2 later, I started to have pretty bad "period cramps". I usually have bad period cramps and heavy periods and my period is due very soon. What do these cramps mean? Are they just regular period cramps? (My period app says I should be getting my period today)

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