Depression :: Fluoxetine And Alcohol (small Amounts)

I've been on FLUOXETINE for nearly two weeks.

Can I drink alcohol? Just a small amount?

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Fluoxetine With Alcohol?

new to this Flu stuff. Have read the sheet with the tabs and it said nothing about taking it and still drinking alcohol so I am curious if this is a bad combination or just "not good".

Don't drink a lot but I do like the odd glass of wine with dinner.

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Fluoxetine And A Few Drinks (alcohol)

I have been taking flu now for 9 weeks and still have good and bad days. I am very anxious at times and feel impending doom which isn't helpful when I lead a busy life ie full time job and have a young child!! I still want to enjoy myself and although I don't need to I wouldn't mind a few glasses of wine with my girlies every now and then to relax and have fun. I'm wondering should I miss my 20mg flu capsule the day I want to have a few drinks?

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Depression :: Fluoxetine Side Effects - Frequent Panic Attacks

I've been on fluoxetine for 8 weeks. I had experienced frequent panic attacks and my doctor put me on 20mg a day. Initially I had all the usual side effects (although some of these could be the depression) - I lost my appetite and lost a lot of weight, I developed insomnia and had to take sleeping pills, and I just generally felt worse for the first month. Now I'm able to sleep at night without pills, I've stopped losing weight, I don't have panic attacks anymore and I usually feel ok. The only problem is that I've got an issue with grinding my teeth all day. It's starting to become very uncomfortable and annoying. It feels like my jaw is always clicking and popping, and often I have earache or a feeling of fullness in my ears. Is this a side effect that will go away after a while? It's been 8 weeks and I'm starting to think I might want to come off fluoxetine if this jaw pain doesn't go away.

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Depression :: Alcohol Intolerance ?

I have an asian friend and everytime he drinks alcohol, not much, maybe 2-3 ciders, he seems normal drunk for a little while, like just running around for a little while except that he goes very bright red Then after about half an hour he suddenly collapses on the floor. We can't wake him up. Sometimes he will come round and open his eyes or talk for a little while but then he will lose consciousness again and won't be able to walk. Then he will sleep for around an hour and wake up completely normal. I know one of the symptoms of alcohol intolerance is flushing but haven't seen one of the common symptoms being losing consciousness. Do you think it is just alcohol intolerance or there is something underlying? He did drink quite a lot once and he also vomited as well as being very flushed and losing consciousness for a longer period of time

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Alcohol :: Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety / Depression?

Suffered on and off with serious depressive episodes (mostly on).  Up until new year I was drinking too much which I seem to have a handle on now.  Was also taking paracetamol and anti inflammatories every day for the dreadful muscle  aches and pains.  My only relief is keeping warm in bed but then the sleeplessness is worse at night.

Does anyone else experience this?  My doctor doesn't have any ideas and I really cannot take painkillers etc every day...

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Alcohol - Off And On Heavy Drinking - Depression / Anxiety

The problem is after drinking alcohol the next couple of days I suffer from really bad anxiety, to the point where I feel so down and physically sick. Sometimes I feel so ashamed and I go into depressed mode. Also the last couple of years I've been having blackouts after really heavy sessions. I keep promising myself I will never do it again but it plays a big part of my social life and I feel pressured at times. I don't always blackout but when I do, I've been told I become aggressive and start to pick arguments or fights with people. When I hear the stories I feel disgusted with myself because I'm not that kind of person, I would literally do anything for anyone within reason. I'm not alcohol dependant although 10 years ago when I was 18 I drank everyday for approximately 1 year as I wasn't in a great place. It's just that once or twice a week I have a really heavy blow out and I feel so ill for days afterwards, the anxiety is unbearable. I've also noticed that once I start drinking I find it difficult to stop once I've reached a certain limit. But I can actually take it or leave it some weeks, but then I need a blow out. I've spoke to a few close friends and one of them suggested AA but I'm not really sure if this is the right idea ? I do suffer from anxiety and panic attacks but the alcohol just makes it worse. Especially with the blackouts, I don't seem to have any pre warning with the blackouts. I can be feeling merry one minute and then I wake up in the morning with hours missing from the night. I know its easy to say just dont drink but I'm finding a big struggle to completely avoid it.

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Alcohol :: Experiences With A Home Alcohol Detox Using Valium?

I am possibly thinking of paying for a private home detox. They have suggested it will be using valium as opposed to Librium. I was just wondering if anyone else on here had been through one?

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Depression :: Clinical Depression (bipolar Disorders) Requires Lifetime Medication?

Is clinical depression such as in bipolar disorder ever get better on its own or does it require lifelong medications?

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Difference Between Depression And Major Depression?

I'm so confused. I was diagnosed with depression but they diagnosed me again with major depression. What's the difference?

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Fluoxetine To Duloxetine?

I hope you're all making progress and feeling better.

I'll cut a long story short - I was taken off fluoxetine because I went really downhill. My Psychiatrist has given me Duloxetine which is an SSNI. It works on serotonin and nor.....?? I can't remember the spelling.

I'm reluctant to take it right now because I went on the forum for Duloxetine and haven't found many posts at all!! I think there are about 4-5 posts!!

Have any of you had this medication before? Any advice about what I should do? I don't mind the side effects, I'm just worried that my head's going to get messed up further.

Apart from all that, I feel a bit better having posted on here this morning cos I've not been on the forum for a while.

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Mirtazapine Again After Trying Fluoxetine

I came of mirtazapine a few months ago and was put on fluoxetine which sadly didn't work. I now want to go back on mirtazapine and was wondering if I will still get the same effect they had on me the first time. Ie good appetite and better sleep.

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Fluoxetine :: Having A Blue Day

I'm about 6 wks on flu now and had at last a few good days this week, less nausea brighter mood, more energy -very welcome feeling. 

Think having a blip today as feeling very sad and cried for first time in a while. I'm sure it's just a random 'not so good' day as a few tests over the last week have meant hospital visits, not eating before hand, taking meds different times and long days. So i'm trying to take it on the chin and hope tomorrow is better.

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Fluoxetine :: Flu And Prozac Insomnia

I am really struggling with sleep at the moment .... i am finding that i get off ok, but then wake up at around 3 am and then find it really hard to drift off again.

I went to the GP this morning as the lack of sleep is really affecting me - I can't concentrate, my memory is shocking and I feel so lethargic. I did wonder if it was my depression but the doc explained that I have 'Prozac Insomnia'. Great, I thought - I'm not imagining this! I had hoped that she might prescribe me something to help me sleep - but no, i came away with some leaflets and the ever welcomed suggestion to 'hang on in there'.

I have been on Flu for about 5 weeks and although i do feel slightly better, this not sleeping is knocking me back. Feel like all my progress has been undone and I'm at my wits end ....

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Fluoxetine :: 20mg Or 40mg?

This is my 2nd wk on flu and can tell im going to stick with it & haven't had much side effects, i was on sertraline that made me very ill for 4 weeks & doc put me straight away on 20mg flu so i suppose i had some benefit,

I feel alot better but still have the low levels of anxiety as u has took the edge of, im still finding it difficult to go out and socialise again & to go back to work, i think i may be ready for 40 mg as iv come to a stand still?

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Fluoxetine :: How Long To Kick In?

Oh please. How long does it take to feel a bit better?

Am now on day 7 of the medication. Very bad palpitations and numbness.

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Fluoxetine Has Stopped Working

I am on week 8 on 20mg of flu. I was feeling EXCELLENT back to my old self even forgot I felt sad at one point..I thought it was all over.......5 days ago I started getting anxiety again, feeling depressed and the "doom" feelings again. Has this happened to anyone? Should I ask Dr to up dose is that the only solution?

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Fluoxetine :: Crying Spells

Upped my dose of flu to 40mg almost 1 month ago and I thought I was leveling out, as last week I felt very good, but yesterday I had crying spells most of the day, and I feel somewhat like that today, only not as bad. Has anyone else experienced this when they thought they were about over it and leveling out?

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Fluoxetine :: Shakey And Tingly

Does anyone else feel shaky and tingly all over. Can hardly function i feel so weak and shaky. Any ideas on how i can help myself until flu gets in my system.

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