Masturbation :: How Many Times A Week?

I am now addicted to it and i do it 2-3 times a week I think that i have not reach my puberty yet and im 14 years old And i read a topic on another website that says Doing it too much will lead to

Feeling tired
hair thinning
Memory loss
Blurry vision
lower back pain
Lost interest with girls
Hormone imbalance

So how many times should i masturbte a week

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Am I Pregnant? :: Postinor And Sex 2-3 Times A Week

Can I get pregnant after having sex 3 times and taking postinor 2-3 times that week

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Kidney Failure :: Creatinine Shoot Up In 3 Week Times?

3 weeks ago, i was admitted in hospital. over my 2 weeks staying in hospital, doctor didn't do anything, didn't on drip . just give me injection of Hydroxychloroquine.and i was diagnosed with urine infection. so creatinine able to goes up from 160-210. but down again to 155.

however, last few days, my creatinine shoot up to 240. such a shocked to me. as i didn expect there is so much shoot in just few weeks time.

doctor has been stop my enalapril, which i used to protect kidney and keep my urine protein negative.

however, there is 1+ urine protein in my urine test. my blood pressure used to below 130/80. now sometime, it can shoot up to 150/95 if i do some physical activity.

i have been worried for my condition. This year, i was admitted twice. Jan admitted due to diarrhea and dehydration. delay the admission. so creatinine shoot up to 400++, nearly need dialysis. however, after drip. then able to drop to 150++

then during march usual check up. my creatinine also shoot up to 240. however, after the hospital stay, it manage to down back to 150++

i wonder is it because i started to work and sometime i worked quite late. then my creatinine shoot up so much?

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Masturbation 2-4 Times For Years - Sperms Are Still There?

can you regain your sperm when you master bated at least 2-4 times a week and over 4-6 years? i started masterbating for a long time and i used to realise just the fluid white stuff in the first 2 years after i notice some clear translation sticky objects that come out and then at around the 6 year i don't start to notice it. I DIDNT HAVE SEX  just masterbated and i also notice and some blumb are coming from the side of my penis. and i wonder if i can regain my sperm because i master yesterday and notice a bit white clear fluid after i stop masterbating in fear that i may lose my sperm. If i stop masterbating till i get married will i be able to regain my sperm to have a baby. will it be possible for me to be able to regain my sperm. i notice yesturday that after i masterbate i felt a bit of a burn when realising and when i was peeing. I hope people give me helpful information.

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Masturbation 5 Times A Day Cause Any Danger To Health?

I am 18 yrs old boy. i used to masturbath more than 5 times every day, from when i was 15 yrs old. Now i experience high rate of hair fall and i am becoming skinny day by day. Does this is an ill effect of masturbation.

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Masturbation And It's Relation To Wet Dreams?

i have been mastrubating from the age of 18 till 29 age . i started this because i was having wet dreams from 14 age . sometimes this thing helped but sometimes not . now i am having normal erections with ejaculation time during sex varying from 10 min to 2 hr . i am physically fit as i was an athlete and i regularly do exercises . but i am still facing wet dreams . i mastrubated with a one month gap at least but sometimes gap decreases to 3 days and sometimes 3 months. But normaly if i mastrubated twice with 3 days gap my third mastrubation gets at least 1 month gap or even more in between i have stopped for more than 1 year .now i am not mastrubating as i am having frequent sex. my urine test done today shown 4-5 puss cells 1-2 ep cells with bacteria as i stored it room temperature for more than 4 hrs . i want to know that had my past habits got something to do with my potency ? and are my wet dreams normal?

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Men :: Frequent Wet Dreams After Quitting Masturbation

I had the habit of masturbation since 15 yrs with the frequency once a day. Now i quitted it completely over 2 months. I m taking kohinoor gold plus cap, himalaya confido, himalaya kapikachhu to reverse the side effect. I observed my semen become more thick and qty increased. But i'm having frequent wet dreams. Twice or thrice in a week. So pls help me to get rid of it.and how long it will take to reverse the bad effect of masturbation.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Cannot Get A Hard Erection - Masturbation (4-5 Times A Day)

Im 18 years old and i think im suffering from erectile dysfunction. I have tried to have sex with my girlfriend but i cannot get a hard erection. I think this is due to over masturbation, 4 to 5 times a day.. I need help on what i should do to treat this? what can be done? Thank you

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Result Of Excessive Masturbation Daily (2 To 30 Times) For 10 Years?

I have serious sexual problems and several symptom that i'm going to mention here.

Age is 30. Massive masturbation daily 2 to 30 time for last 10 years.


1. In normal state it is soft, loose, thin,

2. Ed

3. Lack of desire

4. Broken health.

5. Weight loss.

6. Early discharge.

7. Less duration discharge in 1 minutes. .

8. Short sight.

And mostly i'm afraid of my sexual life. My condition is too critical.

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Tapering Off Valium - 4 Times A Day To 3 Times A Day?

My wife is tapering off Valium and at 42 mgs. Takes it 4 times a day (10, 10, 12, 10) and wants to switch to 3 times a day so it doesn't interrupt her sleep as much. She can take 14 mgs 3 times a day. Will this be a problem or will she experience any kind of side effects?

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Pregnancy :: Eating 6-8 Times A Day

Does anyone else have to eat between 6-8 times a day to keep from getting sick?? For the last 2 weeks I've had to eat small snacks/meals 6-8 times a day or I get sick.

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Groin Agitated - Pee Maybe Anywhere From 15-30 Times A Day

I'm a 28 year old male. I pee maybe anywhere from 15-30 times a day. I find that my groin feels agitated all the time, it's not really pain, it just kind of feels pinched or stimulated a lot. Only directly after I pee does it go away. If I smoke weed or do something exciting like go to a concert or listen to music, it feels very agitated and makes me feel the need to pee constantly. I can't really enjoy myself.

I don't have medical insurance or any money to see a doctor, so I'm not sure really what to do, but it kind of ruins anytime I go out and it's depressing.

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How Many Times Is It Safe To Use Cytotec?

I have used cytotec for three times and i have been successful, now i am pregnant for the fourth time, so is still safe to use it?

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Cholesteatoma :: Three Times Now - Hereditary?

I have had a cholesteatoma three times now and was wondering if it was hereditary? as my little girl has had some hearing problems (only minor) but hoping that it is not?

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How Many Times A Day To Change Colostomy Bag?

I often find I am changing up to 8 times a day not because the bag is full but because my skin sweating causes the adhesive to break down and the leaks begin. This is worse in hot countries and when travelling as I will need to change to make sure I have an empty bag before queuing up for aircraft etc. I also need to change before driving any distance as the seat belt position can cause leaks. Is there anyone out there with a similar problem 

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Pregnancy :: Hard Breathing At Times

I'll be 20 weeks on Wed. I've been finding it hard to breathe at times. Is that normal?

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Menstruation :: Three Times Period A Month?

why do i see my period three times a month

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Ejaculation 3-4 Times During Wet Dream Everyday?

i am 22 years old and i have a problem of wet dream everyday. whenever i wake up in the morning i see semen coming out. is this normal? i ejaculate  three times at least sometimes four but still i have this problem. is it okay?

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Catheter Re-inserted 3 Times After Prostatectomy

My husband had his prostate removed laparoscopically for prostate cancer. The surgery went well. He had a catheter for a week. It was removed and all seemed well. Good control, no leakage. None of the things he feared. But then urine flow slowed then stopped, and we had to go to the ER to have a catheter re-inserted, 16 hours after removal (OF COURSE this could not happen during office hours, so we could just go to the urologist). 2 days later it was removed again. This time he lasted 50 hours before it slowed to a trickle again. He had decided to go to work that day. In the interim I had read about taking hot baths to relax the urethra and bladder and taking ibuprofen to reduce swelling. The flow had already been stopped 5 hours before I knew of it and could suggest them. He tried those, but it was too late; no idea if they would have helped anyway. Doctors office said probably not.

What can he do to keep things open? All along he has been drinking a lot and urinating frequently, as instructed. The only exception has been at night (he usually gets up once, but will set his alarm more often if it will help).

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