Immune Disorders :: Cysts Throughout Submandibular Glands

Male, 45, Found both right and left submandibular glands swollen few months ago, blood tests show normal Ana, Crp and ig4. Ultrasound show glands full of cystic spaces. Also getting running nose with ears plugged most of the time. Getting biopsy done this week. It's been over 6 months and I am getting exhausted and depressed over this unknown disease. Any similar experience or know what I got?

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HIV Prevention :: Weakened Immune System?

Is it possible to seroconvert after 11 weeks? After an unprotected risk I have tested negative upto 8-9 weeks including 2 4th generation test At 4 week's and 8.5 weeks and a 3 rd generation at 8 weeks,now a. Past 11 weeks I have vaginal thrush and mild shingles! Could I be seroconverting only now? Or would my immune system be weakened by hiv that fast? Also is it possible I have had 4 false negative tests and will test positive at 3 month test?

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Due To Immune Deficiency?

Hi, over the past 6 years I have had 4 single Molluscum Contagiosum bumps develop at different times: One under each eyelid and twice on penis shaft. Each time, they have not gone away on their own. According to the CDC, the bumps can be caused be weakened immune system via HIV or Cancer treatment, Atopic Dermatitis and/or living in a warm humid climate.

None of the CDC's causes correlate to my circumstance and I do not have any STD's/STI's. Is it possible that I have a different immune deficiency? How can I test? The first time I thought it was a fluke, but the bumps seem to periodically recur and do not go away on their own.

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Tension-type Headache - Immune To Amitriptyline?

I have been diagnosed with tension-type headache and started taking Amitriptyline 25g since June 2013. This helped a lot and the dosage was lowered to 10 mg. My question is 'can you become immune to Amitriptyline' as my headaches have returned in the last 3 weeks for no apparent reason.

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Cause Of Autoimmune Diseases? Non-functional Immune System

What causes Immune systems to become useless and non functional ? Is it drugs too many, to strong ,killing off what is good stuff in our blood,  ?

taking yet more drugs to compensate for blood disorders,to give the system chance to revive to fight back, but seemingly never does.      

What happens when the immune system can't take any more drugs, 

does it shut down totally, and then what?

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Granuloma Annulare :: Paleo Immune Diet With Alcohol

I'm going to tackle the Paleo Immune diet.. or Paleo AIP as seeps to be also known as..

I think its the only thing that can help for me anyway.. after trying lots of different things (see my other post)

Im going to see if I can attach some photos on here so people can see what level the GA is for me at starting this diet.. then will update more pics as it hopefully starts to fade.

If anyone else is interested in giving this a go if you PM me your email address I can send you the info that I've got ebooks etc.

I've decided to start this today.. been shopping got all the right stuff.. had to throw out a load of bad stuff to fit it all in.. lets hope the kids don't miss them too much haha... tomato sauce is overrated anyways

No alcohol is going to be challenging as Jay was saying yesterday he likes a drink and drinks more than average person.. I'm the same I'm in the habit of drinking a bottle of red wine every night and it doesn't even get me drunk I drink it not to get drunk but just force of habit.. so that habit is going the distance and even if the GA doesnt clear up completely I'll be a million times healthier.

Ginger and lemon tea it is then....

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1 Day Post TKR - Pain - Immune To Painkillers (long Term Use)

Had my TKR yesterday and can't believe the pain!  The problem is that I have been taking Quite a large amount of strong painkillers for 2 or more years that I seem to be immune to them!

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Asthma :: Adrenal Glands - Pred Knocking Off My Immune System

Just spent 5 days in hospital with Asthma. Been Asthmatic for 64 years and never been in hospital before. Go figure that one. Wondering if it may be related to the Pred knocking off my immune system. What do you all think. Second question I had a CTPA which is a scan that is done when looking for clots in the lungs. As part of the report there was a comment made that the Adrenal glands  were not enlarged. Does this mean that they will kick back in once I get pred down. Am on 9 mgms at present?

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Lipid Lowering :: Atorvastatin - Statins Suppress The Immune System?

I have High but controlled Blood Pressure, and my Dr Recently been put on this statin only 10mg for high cholesterol and already feeling some side affects, Muscle aches, Tiredness and feeling weak, so I've now stopped taking them as from to-day and after looking at loads of info and other reviews I feel that this is the right thing to do, But I do have a Question can these statins also suppress the Immune System ??

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Hepatitis B :: Warm Food Affect Or Improve Our Immune Response?

those hot or warm food affect or improve our immune response in any way?  which is better to take warm or cooled food?

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Herpes :: Active Cold Sores, Safe To Kiss An Asymptomatic Person?

I've been getting cold sores for most of my life and have always practiced avoiding all contact with a partner while having an outbreak. However the girl I'm seeing now had a cold sore once and never again since. Knowing what i know about the virus leads me to believe she has it but is asymptomatic.

My question is can I trigger an outbreak by kissing her with an active sore? Or is it "safe"?

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COPD :: Peak Flow Varies From Person To Person?

Does anyone know how good your peak flow would be even with mild COPD or would it vary from person to person?

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Thyroid Disorders :: Hashimoto's -TSH Below Zero! Safe?

I have an important question.

My last blood work from one mouth ago revealed a TSH of - 0.16. (ranges 0.3-4.5)
Though my levels of free T3 & T4 were midrange and maybe even slightly lower than they should be.
FT3: 3.30 (ranges 2.1-4.2)
FT4: 1.02 (ranges 0.7-1.8)

I'm on 112,5 levothyroxine and 12,5 cytomel daily dose.
Is it safe to have a TSH that low?
Can I even upgrade my meds to 125 levo a day? I still feel hypo and under medicated.
I did hear about the 'optimal' values between the ranges were a lot of people are on their best in their 'sweet spots'.
If the rule of thumb is that FT4 has to be 50% of the range and FT3 upper half to upper third, i's logical that I'm still hypo. This all being said, will my TSH drop even more when I go to 125?

I don't understand the link between TSH and the FT3 & FT4 results. How can I have such a low TSH and still not reach the recommended levels?

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Agoraphobia :: Lopressor 25 Mg Being Taken For Anxiety Is Causing Slightly Suppressed Breathing?

lopressor 25 mg being taken for anxiety is causing slightly suppressed breathing which is felt around bed time.if i switch to inderal will the same problem continue?also i have started taking 1.5 mg lexopro/lorazepam yesterday for anxiety /sleep problems and it did make me fall asleep longer than usual.Just wondering how long can i keep taking lexopro before becoming addictive.?

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Herpes :: No Sexual Contact For 5 Years?

The last time I had sexual contact with anyone was almost 5 years ago. however, a year ago I noticed an ulcer behind the inner labia in my vaginal area. It was only mildly painful for a few days then stopped hurting at all. I had half of a prescription of Valtrex from a bout of shingles I had before and because my first fear was herpes (because my ex had been unfaithful, apparently several times) I took them to see if it would heal after taking them. It did not and has stayed the same for this last year. About 4 months ago I got a second one slightly above the first that started the same way. I never see any blisters or anything, there is just suddenly an ulcer there. Again it was painful for a couple of days, then it stopped hurting but does not heal. I now have a third one at the top of my vaginal area that has just shown up and is again slightly painful but not unbearable. I am scared to death it's herpes and fear being told that. I know it's not the end of the world but it feels like it. I have done tons of research though and cannot find anything on herpes ulcers lasting as long as these have. Has anyone ever had an experience like this and it have been herpes or something else?

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Eyes :: Disadvantages Of Contact Lens

I am bored with my spectacles, and planning to get contact lens, i know its advantages but don't know its disadvantages.
Can someone please help me what are the disadvantages of using contact lenses?

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Contracted Through Sexual Contact

Hello, Sorry for the long message but the background is important, please read.

I am 28 years old living and working abroad in Europe. Since September I've been traveling to many different cities, staying in hostels, hotels, AirBNB's and living/sharing 2 different apartments with people I don't know for extended periods. Have been always on the go, trying to save money on food etc... So it's possible I haven't been eating right as well.

Almost 2.5 months ago I had protected sex with a girl (condom broke and pulled out quick). 8 days after having sex I noticed some small bumps on the base of my penis that looked like Molluscum Contagiosum (It could have been there before the 8 days as well). The doctor said it could be anything but when it stuck around for a week or so later I figured that it couldn't be nothing so I decided to do some research and it seemed to look like Molluscum. I popped them and now it seems to have come back in the same spot (no more, no less - maybe 1 or 2 less but I can't tell)

I read online that he incubation period of Molluscum is 2 weeks to 6 months usually appearing between 2-7 weeks. So...

Here are my questions:

1. Can I rule out that the Molluscum was contracted through sexual contact with this girl after noticing it 1 week after sexual contact?

2. Could it be possible that I contracted Molluscum on my PENIS from another source???

3. Should I be worried that this could possibly be linked to HIV from sexual contact with this girl?

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Eye Care :: Blue Sclera (like A Contact Lens)

I am 24 years old and have an (apparently) odd eye colour. My sclera has turned blue- only the visible portion- it appears almost like a blue contact lense. if i move my eye there is a clear defining line between white sclera and blue sclera.

After several people noticed I went to the Dr who had never seen it before. They ran blood tests for iron and liver. only issue was slightly lower ferritin at 17 (not enough to treat). The Dr has no clue, and neither do any other doctors in the practice. Optician says eye health is fine, and they don't know the cause either.

Has anyone else encountered this?

I also get joint pains, digestive problems, and fatigue.

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Swollen And Burning Tongue - Contact Dermatitis Around Mouth

My doctor doesn't seem to have a clue what is wrong and has given me antibiotic cream, steroid cream and now antifungal tablets nothing seems to improve. This has been going on for over 3 months and there has been no change.

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