Molluscum Contagiosum On My Face - How To Get Rid?

I'll keep this as short as possible, for your sake. NSFW; medical details.

1) 2-3 small pimples showed up on the base of my penis a good 8-9 months ago. Pimples, so what, I've had them before. I popped them and called it a day.

2) More pimples showed up a week or two later. Popped them too. Then more showed up. I realized something was up after a couple of months of this.

3) Researched a LOT and discovered I had/have Molluscum. I freaked out of course. I have anxiety and depression issues as it is, lol, this is just what I needed.

4) What worked and didn't work for me? ACV KILLS THEM! First I laid a trash bag down before bed, cut the bottom off, and pulled it over my wasit like a skirt. I laid cotton pads all over my shaft, testicles, and inner thighs. I went to sleep and woke up on my side with the cotton pads all over (some slid down my leg, some under my butt, etc etc) and ACV burns everywhere. My balls were burned particularly bad. My skin got hard, wrinkly, and dark red and scabbed over. It sucked, bad.

After that catastrophe I decided to just try removing the cores. I used rubbing alcohol to sterilize tweezers, I used latex gloves, and cotton pads. I used tweezers to pop each molluscum 'boil' and remove the core, then I doused the area in rubbing alcohol, then applied Neosporin, then put on a Band-Aid for 2 days. Lo and behold, all 20-30 Molluscum bumps HEALED UP!! Over the next 2 months I only had two return, and I removed those two with the tweezer method and they healed too!

I thought I was home free! Nope. A month or so later I had a bump on my back. Then two. Then several patches.

I cut up cotton circle pads (like women use for makeup?) and used duct tape to hold them on my back. I used a medicine dropper and soaked each little cotton piece in Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). I did this 3 nights, rested a night, and did it 2 more nights. On the smaller molluscum I saw immediate results the next morning. There was a little black dot on each bump where the molluscum was dying. I was so excited. The bigger bumps took several nights to see a difference and they healed up uglier.

Also, the duct tape caused bad dermatitis or acne to happen and my skin went crazy. It itched so bad and I had red squares where the duct tape had been. Weeks later and all the molluscum have died on my back, for the most part.

Then a bump appeared on my neck. I didn't shave for a week and a half until I saw a dermatologist. She gave me the "we can't do much, you don't want wart cream on your face, they will heal by themselves as you build immunity."

I started a job Monday and had to shave. Boy are the molluscum spreading everywhere. A couple bumps on my forehead but mostly all over my cheeks and neck. I have to shave every day! I used a disposable razer that I toss after every shave. I scrub my face with rubbing alcohol every shave. Nothing helps, they keep spreading. All I can do is pop and sanitize each bump as they appear. I can't use ACV on my face over night because I'll have ACV burns everywhere and I'll still be shaving so the Molluscum will keep spreading.

I found 2 molluscum on my taint, 1-2 on my butt cheek, 1-2 on my back, and 2-3 on my chest. I pop them, sanatize them, cover them. They go away but a couple more pop up within a week or two.

For months I have been taking 1,000mg garlic, 25k IU beta carotene, 13bil probiotic, a mens multivitamin, and omega-3 fatty acid. Every day.

I can't wash my towel every time I shower because I use a laundry mat and can't afford to buy 7 towels right now or go to the laundry mat every 3 days.

I'm basically f*cked. Yes, I can get rid of molluscum bumps with the tweezer method, yes acv kills individual bumps, but they spread anyway.

I'm living in a new city and I can't go make friends or talk to women because I have these contagious virus bumps all over my face and body.

I have to keep shaving so they will keep spreading across my face at the very least.

It's been around a year and my body still hasn't built an immunity to molluscum.

I don't know what the f*ck to do. I'm so depressed over this. It's really hard to live with and no end in site with a guarantee it's going to get worse (thank you shaving).

Any advice or answer?

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Treating With Tea Tree Oil - Gone Red Around Outside

My daughter is seventeen and has Molluscum Contagiosum all over her neck. She also has some on her arms and I fear maybe getting them on her face. This is extremely distressing for a girl of her age. She has had them for about eight months. I have been trying the tea tree oil and giving her extra vitamins. They have gone red around the outside, but I wondered if that was just because I am burning them with the tee tree oil as it smells quite strong. Does anyone have any more information about this terrible condition.

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Will Run It's Course And Disappear In 2 Years?

My 7yr old daughter suffered terribly with this condition for several months, The doctor said there was nothing they could do for her and I could expect it to run its course and disappear within 2yrs. I did lots of research and found treatments on the market were quite expensive. I was in despair. My daughter had approximately 30 spots in total, some very inflamed and sore covering her chin, her neck and arms. parents at school were asking me what was wrong with her, children wouldn't play with her and bullied her because of it and the condition was getting worse with more spots appearing as time went by.

My dad recommended I try washing the affected area with HiBiSCRUB.

HiBiSCRUB is an antimicrobial skin cleanser, used in hospital. It is used for preoperative surgical hand disinfection, antiseptic handwashing on the ward and pre and post-operative skin antisepsis for patients undergoing surgery.

I washed the affected area 3-5 times a day (using a disposable baby wipe instead of a face cloth) & within a week I saw a noticeable difference. within 1-2 months half the spots had cleared up and within 4 months she was totally clear.

I buy my HiBiSCRUB from my local pet food store. It is designed for humans and is recommended if you are working with animals as it is very effective. It cost me £6 for a 500ml bottle and I used 2-3 bottles in all

As an additional measure to reduce the spots quicker you could also try ClearZal though I wouldn't recommend it for severe cases as it is a minor irritant and could cause some discomfort if too much was applied. I believe the HiBiSCRUB works well enough.

I applied a tiny tiny drop of ClearZal to each individual spot once every 3 days. ClearZal is designed to kill 99.9% of all fungus, bacteria and viruses which may cause Nail infections. I took great care whilst applying ClearZal, using a tiny drop on a cotton bud and applying it only to the spot, (touching the skin can cause minor irritation) applying to the spots helped reduce the spots quicker. ClearZal costs around £15 per 30ml bottle from the chemist. I only used it for a month and then continued with just the HiBiSCRUB. The results were amazing and my daughter is totally spot free.

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Why Don't They Make Vaccine For It?

My daughter has had this virus for about 6 weeks now. The doctor told me they would go away on their own and that we just had to let it run its course. At this point she only had about 3. She now has over 20 of these nasty little bumps under her armpit and yesterday I discovered a few tiny ones on her torso. I have started using ACV and in the course of two days the 2 biggest ones have turned black. I believe this is a good sign that the molluscum is now dead! I followed most people's advice and soaked cotton wool in ACV and then secured it on the spot with a plaster. She said it stings a little, but nothing major. Fingers crossed the rest of them respond in this way. My only concern is that her skin does look a little red, but that could easily be because of all the plasters she has stuck on her.

Why don't they make a vaccine for this horrid virus?

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Dermatologist Took Them Out By Needle

Started with 2 little dots that she complaint where itching and a month later she has them all over her arm and half stomach. The pediatrician recommended IMIQUIMOD but that burned her skin so bad even though I applied one time to each thing. I went to the dermatologist and he took most of them out with a needle, my poor girl screamed so much that I was almost crying and screaming with her. I do not know what to do, she touches them because it itches so bad that I am scared that she touches her face, eyes or genitals with her hand. I know that washing her hands is the solutions but its difficult when she goes to daycare or I am not around.

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Can I Continue To Have Safe Sex?

I had 2 small (one is about 2mm the other about 1mm) pinkish bumps on my penis skin for several months (I guess more that 6 months). When magnifying, you can see some whitish matter inside the bump. Suspecting about MCV (molluscum contagiosum virus) I waited to see if they disappear and finally went to my derm. Without any hesitation, we was immediate in diagnosing MCV. He gave me a solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH, 1 mL solution with 50 mg of KOH, to use it very parsimoniously as very irritating, 2x/day on the MCV).

I did not start yet and decided to read a bit before and check your experience:

I frequent saunas, gyms and had different sex partners but always had safe sex and very cautious and clean, yet ..

How can my derm be so sure and exclude more serious things as HPV?

IMPORTANT: how I can minimize the chances to spread it when starting with the KOH. DO I NEED TO ALWAYS COVER IT WITH A SMALL BAND-AID after appliance?

Can I continue to have safe sex (condom) with my partner?

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Creams Flare Up Due To Eczema

My 6 year old daughter has had Molluscum Contagiosum spots for about 3 months now. The doctor has given Steroid Cream but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. She also has eczema and the creams are just irritating it and making it flare up.

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Getting Engaged In Sexual Activities?

Doctor, my question pertains to my recent diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum by local dermatologist.

Essentially, I had on my pubic region 3 tiny pimple structures that were present over the last 3 months. They did not appear to have the classic central umbilication and they were not necessarily dome shaped.

I consider myself hygienic in that I exercise 5x weekly, eat vitamins daily, am a non smoker and have been negative for STD's from recent testing.  I do enjoy going for massages 2-3 times weekly at massage parlors and engage in sexual activities with the therapists including protected vaginal sex.  Additionally, I do go into public whirlpools and saunas almost daily.

My questions are:

1. I decided to have the 3 pubic lesions curettaged and am now healing but what if more similar lesions develop in the same/adjacent areas?  can I continue to have them cure tagged so as to remove them quickly upon appearance?

2.  At the massage parlors, can the hot towels that they use be a mode of transmission and if so would using a dry towel after taking a shower after the massage be safer?

3.  If I do see lesion then can I cover it with bandage can I engage in sexual activity?

4. What is the best way to clean the pubic and genital region after intercourse to prevent further episodes? hand sanitizer or Hibiclens?

5.  I have become OCD in that I do self skin checks almost a dozen times daily with magnifier. I realize that I am paranoid now but I would like to attack these lesions as soon as I see them.

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Positives And Negatives Of Cures?

My 3 year old has had this Molluscum contagiosum for coming up a year now and im starting to worry it started with one spot which has now turned into 5. There are loads of very small what look like pimples appearing on her arms and hope to god that they are not the same thing as there's a large amount appearing.

Being told to wait it out by the doctor and have another appointment in 4 month, being very concerned ive been reading the internet which is in turn making me more even worried reading stories of others.

So many positives and negatives of cures, as well as scams of people cashing in on others misfortune which sickens me when your trying to find information on cures. I have not tried anything of yet.

I need advice from people that have had it in there young ones and cleared it.

Things i've been considering is, thuja, apple cider vinegar, leaving it alone or squeezing the big ones which have the white bits in.

I did read this from the UK NHS site it was comment on treatment by a user on the site which caught my eye.

Quote hcs said on 24 May 2011

My 9 year old daughter has had a significant case of this for two months and it was spreading, GP advice was to squeeze which i did not agree with. Having read this and other online sources I have treated it in with a variety of alternative remedies and it has virtually gone in two weeks of treatment leaving only slight red marks but no scarring where the lesions were.

I used a combination of direct topical application of TCP and 11% liquid salicylic acid (Scholl callous and corn removal treatment) onto the central core surface of the lesions avoiding surrounding skin. Allowed this to dry, then spray with colloidal silver solution across the entire affected areas ( neck, armpit and tummy), allowed to dry and then plastered with Sudocrem directly over the lesions. This done every evening after bathing. In parallel oral supplement of a beta glucan (am empty stomach) and concentrated olive leaf extract (pm with food). Positive results within one week, 99% clear after two weeks. Also using the colloidal silver spray in all other areas to protect against reinfection."

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Fucidin H Cream Works

Hi, I have a 7 years old daughter who had been suffering with Mollescum Contagiosum for 18 months. Over that time I have searched the net trying to find a cure but to no avail. (I did try the Apple Cider Vinegar) HOWEVER, I contracted the virus on my toe and thought I would try and use Fucidin H cream (an anti fungal cream my son had been prescribed previously for a sore toe) and it cleared the Mollescum C up in a week. I wanted to try this on my daughter as she had many spots on her arm and chest area. I first went to my GP to ask to be referred to a dermatologist but was told that she could only be referred after having the condition for three years! I then told him about the success I had about using the Fucidin H and was it safe to try on my daughter. He said it was perfectly safe but had not heard that is had been used in treating Mollescum Contagiosum. I then went on to apply the cream to my daughter twice a day and after 3 weeks all the spots completely went and nothing has reappeared over the last month! It has made her life so much better and I hope this treatment gives relief to other sufferers of this condition.

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Contracted Through Sexual Contact

Hello, Sorry for the long message but the background is important, please read.

I am 28 years old living and working abroad in Europe. Since September I've been traveling to many different cities, staying in hostels, hotels, AirBNB's and living/sharing 2 different apartments with people I don't know for extended periods. Have been always on the go, trying to save money on food etc... So it's possible I haven't been eating right as well.

Almost 2.5 months ago I had protected sex with a girl (condom broke and pulled out quick). 8 days after having sex I noticed some small bumps on the base of my penis that looked like Molluscum Contagiosum (It could have been there before the 8 days as well). The doctor said it could be anything but when it stuck around for a week or so later I figured that it couldn't be nothing so I decided to do some research and it seemed to look like Molluscum. I popped them and now it seems to have come back in the same spot (no more, no less - maybe 1 or 2 less but I can't tell)

I read online that he incubation period of Molluscum is 2 weeks to 6 months usually appearing between 2-7 weeks. So...

Here are my questions:

1. Can I rule out that the Molluscum was contracted through sexual contact with this girl after noticing it 1 week after sexual contact?

2. Could it be possible that I contracted Molluscum on my PENIS from another source???

3. Should I be worried that this could possibly be linked to HIV from sexual contact with this girl?

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: RETIN A Micro Gel 0.8% Works

Hello I live in the U.S. and I have been reading these discussions for information because I have Molluscum.  I have had it since I was 25 and I'm now 31.  I was initially told by a doctor the classic " it will go away on it's own in 6 months to a year.  Don't touch them, pick them or put anything but soap and water on them."  I went to another doctor a year later and a biopsy was done on one of the lesions to confirm it was actually molluscum because all the previous doc did was look at them.  Well the test came back positive...of course.  She also said "they will go away."  well it has been six years and I still have them and they have spread.  I have them on my arms, back, buttocks and I have also had them on my face.  It has been devastating to my self esteem and my relationship with my fiance.  I recently went to a dermatologist and was prescribed RETIN A micro gel 0.8%.  I've been using it for 2 weeks and it seems to be working but time will tell if they return to those spots.  It's terrible because even though they leave one spot they WILL return somewhere else.  Why isn't there a way to attack the virus from the inside like with the herpes virus? I encourage you all to not take "no" for an answer from your doctor.  make them give you something to treat the molluscum.  If you do decide to dig these things out yourself, which seems to be just as effective as burning them, make sure you wash your hands well and cover the site after.  I recently found some evidence of colloidal silver being effective on viruses and bacteria.  I found some colloidal silver on amazon and I ordered it.  I will update everyone soon and let you know if it has worked.  Thank you for listening.

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Diagnosed Molluscum Contagiosum But Oraquick Is Negative

I had unprotected sex with a woman about 9 months ago. She was kind of shady and iI fear that i have HIV. I noticed bumps around my groin a couple months after having sex with her. soon after that incident iI got into a relationship with a girl iI have been monogamous with for the past 9 months.

Jump forward about 5 Months.

The bumps began getting uncomfortable and spread slightly to my inner thighs and belly button region. I went to the doctor a week ago and was diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum. He said that a lot of people with HIV get molluscum and it's often the first sign. He recommended an HIV test which I took 5 days ago. The tests didn't come back quickly so I decided to get me and my girlfriend tested via Oraquick. Both of our tests came back negative. I'm still waiting on the results from the doctor...

I'm so stressed I'm worrying myself to death. On the plus side my molluscum isn't atypical, not on the face, and the bumps are small. The Oraquick test is pretty accurate at 6+ months and I took it at 9. my girlfriend and iI have had protected/unprotected/oral/anal/vaginal sex countless times over the past nine months. If I have HIV, I assume she would. She also doesn't have signs of molluscum either.

what are the chances we could both read false negatives? I have some symptoms. headache, I've been sick a few times in the past 9 months, had the flu for two days last winter. Maybe some fatigue/joint pain but maybe I'm just paranoid. My girlfriend has no symptoms of HIv what so ever.

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Pits Resembling Bad Chicken Pox Scar

all three of my children caught this virus at preschool ages, i would firmly advise against squeezing the warts as it leaves awful scars, my girls aged 18yrs & 14yrs now have pits resembling bad chicken pox scars on their face & neck.

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Successful Home Remedy And Treatment

This is a nasty and tenacious skin disease that you have to really put a fight with in order to get rid of it. It will take a toll on you mentally and physically. I caught it and was told by the doctor that the most effective treatment was freezing as opposed to creams. At the time I only had a few bumps and the doctor froze a couple of them. The bad thing is the Q-tip she used froze an area about 5x as big as the actual bump and she didn't notice a few other bumps. This would come back to haunt me in the end because the freezing leaves scars and the bumps she missed ended up spreading more of themselves anyway. So I do not recommend you freeze these since there's other ways to treat them. Doctors will just brush you off since they don't know much about this disease and will just tell you to leave it alone or refer you to a dermatologist.

Here's how to get rid of them yourself...

As part of your medical kit you will need:

Bottle of rubbing alcohol

Bottle of Betadine (over the counter)

Box of Q-tips


Pointy art X-acto knife or needle

Magnifying Glass


Medical latex gloves

Tissue/toilet Paper

Thuja Oil (from Homeopathic medicine store, two 30 ml bottles)

Additional immune system strengthening items:

Thuja tablets (30c) - take 2 per day

Vitamin C


Eat healthy, get good sleep, make your body healthy so it can fight off the virus


The best time to do these medical procedure is right after the shower. The goo inside the bumps is most noticeable on wet skin. Fill a small container with a bit of rubbing alcohol and place a couple of Q-tips in it along with your tweezers and x-acto knife blade/needle. This is to disinfect your tools.

Use flashlight to light up your work area and magnifying glass to spot small bumps.

Put your gloves on and take the alcohol soaked Q-tip and rub it on all the bumps to clean and disinfect the skin area.

On bumps with noticeable white center take knife/needle and gently prick the top of them to expose the inside. Using the tip of the sharp instrument pry inside the bump a bit to try to pull out the white goo. Use the tweezers to pull out the white center. Once you grab it, place it on a tissue and throw it out. If you cannot pull out the white center, gently press or squeeze on the outter edges of it to push out the goo or a bit of blood.  

Clean and disinfect your blade and tweezers after dealing with each bump. Remember, you don't want to spread the contents onto other parts of your skin.

Soak tip of Q-tip in Betadine and rub it on the bump you've just worked on. Betadine kills viruses and disinfects wounds. The bump will swell the next day but it's ok. It's just your body fighting the virus.

Do this for any bump where you can see a white center. 

For smaller bumps without a white center you have 2 options... 

Option 1 is gently prick the center of the bump a little deeper until a bit of blood comes out. What this does is introduces the virus into the bloodstream so that your body detects it and attacks it on its own. Apply betadine.

If in the next day or 2 you see white goo at the center of any of the same bumps you should repeat the procedure to remove it.

Apply Thuja oil to the bumps you've worked on twice a day. This will attack the virus in case there is still some inside.

Option 2 for smaller bumps is to soak a Q-tip in thuja oil and rub it on the bump. Thuja oil has antifungal properties and will slowly fight off the virus. 

After procedure is complete, if don't want to stain your clothing, place a folded square of tissue paper over affected area. Remove it once area is dry.

Post Recovery

Bumps take a few weeks to go away and heal. Skin surrounding area may become dry and possibly develop eczema. Put lotion on area twice a day or more but take precaution in case there are still some active bumps you didn't spot. Continue to take Thuja tablets a month or 2 after you recovered to keep you immune system strong and fight off any remaining virus.

Observations and special notes

It may be possible to just apply Thuja oil on bumps and not cut into them at all but it might take longer for them to go away. I also feel you run the risk of having the white center pop accidently and spread to other areas if you don't deal with them asap.

DO NOT TAKE BATHS OR GO SWIMMING. Shower only and avoid getting affected area too wet. Don't even scrub the area with a luffa or other rough sponges or you may pop a bump and spread contents. General observations including my own suggest that the virus spreads to nearby parts of the body if soaked in water for too long. Thus why I said the best time to operate is after a shower since the white center portrudes from the skin more and the skin is softer.

Be careful if shaving near the affected area. If you cut into a bump by accident you can spread the viral contents. Disinfect shavers with alcohol after each use.

Use the flashlight to shine light in different angles on affected area. Even small bumps often shine and can be spotted that way. 

There are often "sister" bumps close to a bigger one. If you kill the big one the little one tends to die soon after but it's best to treat both if possible.

Avoid touching bumps with your hands or other body parts since this virus spreads easily.

It's important to look for new bumps and watch the status of treated bumps daily in order to take action immediately.

I tried sudocrem for a few weeks but it didn't seem to do anything other than make mess. Do not use polysporin on treated areas for prolonged periods of time as there are side effects. Read up on them.

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Zymaderm? ACV? Needles, Rubbing Alcohol, And Tweezers?

I am a 23 year old male who keeps in athletic shape, eats a fairly balanced diet, and discovered this pesky virus around my groin area a few months ago. I used to be sexually active, and I am sure of who I got it from. I freaked out, thinking the worst, but did my research and visited both the family doctor and a dermatologist, who diagnosed it right away as molluscum contagiosum. Although I'm glad that's all it is, it has become a real problem. I have tried different things on and off, but haven't remained consistent with one lone method. I am currently starting on Imiquimod cream, in the hopes that it will at very least contain it. Ever since the discovery, the virus has multiplied to over 60 to 100 in the same area. It looks physically awful, but it doesn't itch or burn. I know it is benign, but, as the name states, is nothing you want to leave untreated in my opinion. I have a wonderful girlfriend now who I know I want to be with for the rest of my life, and I have told her about it. We are abstaining from sex, but I don't want our relationship to feel restrained down the road because of this. I just want it gone. Zymaderm maybe? ACV? Needles, rubbing alcohol, and tweezers? If anyone knows of any other methods to get rid of this in the fastest way possible.

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Treatment - Apple Cider Vinegar Works!

I am a 19 year old male in the u.s. who has had molluscum contagiosum for a couple of years. i have not sought treatment because like many of you, doctors had told me that they would go away (not to mention they didn't even tell me what the bumps were or that they were contagious) they haven't gone away on their own and today i decided to take matters into my own hands

From what i found on the web it seems that putting some apple cider vinegar on the skin will help, as this is the easiest and cheapest treatment i am going to give this a try and keep you updated on whether or not this works.

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Vaginal Spread - Tretinoin And Imiquimod Failed

I have been suffering with MC for more than 4 months now. I have tried Tretinoin and imiquad with no effects. Then i moved to applying ACV overnight for past 10 days. It does work, many small ones have dried and fell. However the big ones seems to be very stubborn. I opened about 5-6 of them and they are healing now. I am not sure if the virus is out from them until they heal completely. In the meanwhile i have observed a few new ones coming up. 1 have come up near the opening of the vagina and 1 at the starting of vagina. Now i am scared that i have spread it. How do i treat the ones close to the vagina?? I can only wipe them ACV and not soak them ACV.

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Frozen With Liquid Nitrogen - Got Black And Bigger

I am a 34 year old single male who has not had any sexual intercourse with anyone in the past 5 months after splitting with my wife of 6 years. Last Friday morning 30/04/10 I woke up with a strange feeling around my mon pubis (between my penis and my belly button) there were around 10 - 15 bleb like spots that had appeared overnight and it worried me very much, I ended up going in the shower and shaving off all my pubic hair to enable me to take a better look at them. I immediately went on the NHS direct website and after running through the questions on the "Symptom Checker" I was instructed to make an appointment at the GUM clinic. I managed to get an appointment the following Thursday and was almost instantly diagnosed as having Molluscum Contagiosum. The doctor said that the spots should disappear within the next 12 - 18 months, to which I was horrified and immediately felt so depressed about the whole thing. He obviously saw this in my eyes and after I asked if there was any treatment that I could have to speed up this process, he mentioned that they could be frozen with liquid nitrogen!!!, I said "and how would I arrange for that to be done?" he replied "we can do it now if you like?" so I of course jumped at the opportunity to have these awful things frozen and 'hopefully' help them GO AWAY (without asking about any side effects or what the procedure consisted of?). So I lay on the bed while he went to collect the liquid nitrogen gun, I pulled down my pants and he set to work freezing them with the gun. At first it felt ok, however after about 15 seconds, the high pressure spray of the liquid nitrogen gun began to feel as though he was using a bunsen burner turned up on full power...! The pain was almost unbearable, but there was no way I was going to stop him and have these spots for the next year or two!. So I lay there, and when he finished, he seemed satisfied that it should do the trick. I thanked him, took some condoms and went on my way. No sooner had I walked out of the clinic when my mon pubis began to "BURN" like someone had poured sulphuric acid onto an open wound!!!. This continued for around an hour and a half and at some points was excruciating. However it did eventually subside and I went on with my days work. It has been almost 3 days now since receiving the treatment and the spots have become much larger than they were and the skin looks black and blue beneath the surface, however the doctor did warn me that this would more than likely be the case. But he did tell me that they should go in around a week or two. I will come back here and update you of the progress at a later date, but if anyone has received this treatment and has a better idea of timescales for the spots to go I would appreciate their knowledge in a reply to this post.

I also thought that I should mention that I have had a few male friends of mine staying with me on some weekends and they have shared towels with me. This is how I must have caught the problem as I have had no skin to skin contact with any other human in the past 5 months. So the new rule in my home is DEFINITELY having separate towels when anyone stays with me.

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