HIV Prevention :: Weakened Immune System?

Is it possible to seroconvert after 11 weeks? After an unprotected risk I have tested negative upto 8-9 weeks including 2 4th generation test At 4 week's and 8.5 weeks and a 3 rd generation at 8 weeks,now a. Past 11 weeks I have vaginal thrush and mild shingles! Could I be seroconverting only now? Or would my immune system be weakened by hiv that fast? Also is it possible I have had 4 false negative tests and will test positive at 3 month test?

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Do Parasites Cause Autoimmune Diseases?

I have recently completed 2 stool sample tests that have rendered the same outcome, positive for parasitic organisms but unable to identify. Now I have to complete the exam a third time. I have still not received any treatment and have experienced some serious health problems over the past few years, including an idiopathic cardiomyopathy a little over 2 years ago. Two years before this I was hospitalized for a serious virus that could not be identified. This involved a very high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and the start of kidney failure, however I went to the emergency room at the right time. One month later, I had mono, then 4 months later, had a palsy in my left foot, then less than one year after, started experiencing chest pain, serious headaches, and extreme fatigue. The emergency room kept sending me home telling me it was a virus. Finally several months had passed after numerous visits to this ER, I went to a different hospital where they found a cardiomyopathy. My ejection fraction was 35%. I am only 37! Just after this, I noticed one day that I had experienced severe itching in the rectal area with several days of white discharge that had an odor of infection. I waited for a couple of months to see if things would get better, and they didn't, so I went to the ER. I told the doctor about the cardiomyopathy and previous mysterious illnesses, he completed a brief rectal exam, and said it was probably internal hemorrhoids. I asked if a parasitic infection was possible, and he said it was very unlikely because I hadn't been out of the country in several years. So he never tested my stool. Two years have passed, and I have had the same/similar problems since, and have reported this to the doctors over and over. For the past year and a half, I have developed new symptoms. Extreme fatigue, weakness, joint aches, headaches, constipation and diarrhea, greasy, yellowish stools, sweat that smells like ammonia, skin peeling out of my mouth, gas, burping, bad breath, weight loss and loss of appetite. In addition, I have mysterious skin rashes with hives on a daily basis, and started taking pictures of them to document this. In December of 2012, I tested positive for lupus with a positive ANA, and my doctor ordered the test because my eosinophil percentage had consistently been flagged on my blood reports as high. I still was not getting any answers, so I switched all of my doctors and have been going to the city. This is a world renowned hospital. Upon meeting my new doctors, they ordered a repeat of blood tests. This time the lupus was negative. The doctors quickly dismissed the lupus results prior, and said that sometimes people just test false positive, with no further explanation. Back in April of this year, my doctor informed me that my vitamin d level was very low, 12, should be between 30-40 he said, so I have been taking prescription vitamin d. I met with an infectious disease specialist a month ago, and she said she didn't think that I had parasites, but she would test because of my eosinophils. Bingo, I do have them, and now the doctors are trying to say they are parasitic but may not be causing my symptoms. For several months I have noticed that there is strange looking debris after blowing my nose into a tissue. Last night, I am about 99% certain that it was a small worm, certainly looked like one, and I was a teacher, so I am fairly well educated. I saved it in the tissue and put it in a ziplock bag. I don't know whether to call my doctor or not on Monday morning, as I don't trust him, and think he will once again be dismissive. I already went through the HIV phase with him, and told him I didn't have it, as I've only had 4 partners my entire life, have never had unprotected sex, I don't rim, and had an HIV test. I haven't been sexually active in about three years, so I knew I couldn't have it. I retested a couple of months ago to satisfy him, and it was negative once again. I have asked him if any of my past symptoms are connected, and he didn't think so. I disagree. The only diagnosis I have is another one of idiopathic nature, urticaria, (spelling) and says my blood work is fine, which it isn't, because my vitamin d was very low, and my eosinophils are still high. Any advice on what I should do? Prior to all of this stuff over the past 5 years, I was very rarely I'll. now I can no longer do many of the things that I used to, as I don't feel well enough, and I would really like to get some normalcy back in my life. Is there a doctor who can answer this without telling me that I am imagining things? The test results obviously indicate that I am not.

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Autoimmune Diseases :: Prednisone And Hydroxychloroquine 200 Mg?

What can I do while I wait to see what medication is going to help me. Predisone and hydroxychloroquine 200 mg

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Asthma :: Adrenal Glands - Pred Knocking Off My Immune System

Just spent 5 days in hospital with Asthma. Been Asthmatic for 64 years and never been in hospital before. Go figure that one. Wondering if it may be related to the Pred knocking off my immune system. What do you all think. Second question I had a CTPA which is a scan that is done when looking for clots in the lungs. As part of the report there was a comment made that the Adrenal glands  were not enlarged. Does this mean that they will kick back in once I get pred down. Am on 9 mgms at present?

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Lipid Lowering :: Atorvastatin - Statins Suppress The Immune System?

I have High but controlled Blood Pressure, and my Dr Recently been put on this statin only 10mg for high cholesterol and already feeling some side affects, Muscle aches, Tiredness and feeling weak, so I've now stopped taking them as from to-day and after looking at loads of info and other reviews I feel that this is the right thing to do, But I do have a Question can these statins also suppress the Immune System ??

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Immune Disorders :: Contact With Immune Suppressed Person Safe?

I had a shingles shot today. Adult daughter is immune suppressed (non-HIV) and has IGG infusions every 21 days. Is it safe to have contact with her and her family?

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Due To Immune Deficiency?

Hi, over the past 6 years I have had 4 single Molluscum Contagiosum bumps develop at different times: One under each eyelid and twice on penis shaft. Each time, they have not gone away on their own. According to the CDC, the bumps can be caused be weakened immune system via HIV or Cancer treatment, Atopic Dermatitis and/or living in a warm humid climate.

None of the CDC's causes correlate to my circumstance and I do not have any STD's/STI's. Is it possible that I have a different immune deficiency? How can I test? The first time I thought it was a fluke, but the bumps seem to periodically recur and do not go away on their own.

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Immune Disorders :: Cysts Throughout Submandibular Glands

Male, 45, Found both right and left submandibular glands swollen few months ago, blood tests show normal Ana, Crp and ig4. Ultrasound show glands full of cystic spaces. Also getting running nose with ears plugged most of the time. Getting biopsy done this week. It's been over 6 months and I am getting exhausted and depressed over this unknown disease. Any similar experience or know what I got?

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Tension-type Headache - Immune To Amitriptyline?

I have been diagnosed with tension-type headache and started taking Amitriptyline 25g since June 2013. This helped a lot and the dosage was lowered to 10 mg. My question is 'can you become immune to Amitriptyline' as my headaches have returned in the last 3 weeks for no apparent reason.

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Granuloma Annulare :: Paleo Immune Diet With Alcohol

I'm going to tackle the Paleo Immune diet.. or Paleo AIP as seeps to be also known as..

I think its the only thing that can help for me anyway.. after trying lots of different things (see my other post)

Im going to see if I can attach some photos on here so people can see what level the GA is for me at starting this diet.. then will update more pics as it hopefully starts to fade.

If anyone else is interested in giving this a go if you PM me your email address I can send you the info that I've got ebooks etc.

I've decided to start this today.. been shopping got all the right stuff.. had to throw out a load of bad stuff to fit it all in.. lets hope the kids don't miss them too much haha... tomato sauce is overrated anyways

No alcohol is going to be challenging as Jay was saying yesterday he likes a drink and drinks more than average person.. I'm the same I'm in the habit of drinking a bottle of red wine every night and it doesn't even get me drunk I drink it not to get drunk but just force of habit.. so that habit is going the distance and even if the GA doesnt clear up completely I'll be a million times healthier.

Ginger and lemon tea it is then....

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1 Day Post TKR - Pain - Immune To Painkillers (long Term Use)

Had my TKR yesterday and can't believe the pain!  The problem is that I have been taking Quite a large amount of strong painkillers for 2 or more years that I seem to be immune to them!

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Possible To Contract Diseases From Smoking After Someone?

Is it possible to contract diseases, other than cold and flu viruses, from smoking after someone? I recently hung out with a friend who has a slightly questionable lifestyle, and now my boyfriend is freaked out and wont see me till I get tested, and i want to be sure its actually possible before I spend the money for the test.

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Hepatitis B :: Warm Food Affect Or Improve Our Immune Response?

those hot or warm food affect or improve our immune response in any way?  which is better to take warm or cooled food?

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Infectious Diseases :: Is Sepsis Contagious?

Hi I just had a friend pass away from what they believe was Sepsis. But they aren't sure just yet. His organs and fluids came back great. There doing blood tests and we won't know exactly what it was until mid March. I was just wondering if his family and friends should be concerned about getting it?

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Infectious Diseases :: Flu Symptoms After A Cat Bite

So last friday night, my cat bit me on my lower leg. I washed it coz my mom got mad at me with water and soap. Yesterday I feel fatigued (probably due to my brother's birthday and I cooked half the day ugh) and just this morning when I woke up my throat feels itchy and I have had chills. I don't have fever but feels like about to have a flu. I had myself vaccinated after waking up but still feels chilly. Is it rabies? My cat looks well anyway so I don't think she has rabies but I want to be sure. Everyone in my family has had flu last week so I'm not really sure.

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Infectious Diseases :: Tick Borne Encephalitis

I got back from a 2 month trip across Eastern, Central and Southern Africa about 6 weeks ago. A few days after I got home I felt quite unwell, fever, headache etc and I was concerned I may have contracted malaria as I wasn't brilliant at remembering to take my pills. So I got referred to infectious disease department who tested me for lots of travel related illnesses. I was negative for malaria but came back positive for tick borne encephalitis and also Rickettsia (related to African tick fever) I think.

I am actually feeling fine now but they called me in for the results ... I'm just a little confused as from what I've seen on travel health websites is that you can't get tick borne encephalitis in africa! I didn't know this at the time so I didn't say anything to the doctor. You get it in Asia and Europe..I did go to Asia about a year and a half ago but would it be possible for this to still show up in my blood?

I'm just a bit worried as I know this disease can be potentially deadly or cause lasting neurological problems and there's no treatment. I'd feel a bit better knowing I definitely caught it from the earlier trip to Asia as then I know it would have made me much sicker by now if it was going to.

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Thyroidectomy Due To Graves Diseases - Edema Of Both Eyelids

total thyroidectomy 2 months ago due to Graves disease, 3x since, I have experienced, edema of both eyelids, itching and redness, I am on Synthroid 0.1mg po/daily. The symptoms dissipate after about 2 days.Anyone post Thyroid removal ever have this happen?

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Fibromyalgia And Painful Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Diseases

I have been dealing with undifferentiated connective tissue diseases for a few years. I am now being treated for Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
These are very painful at times.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases :: Oral Sex - Receiving End - Chances Of STD

I had oral sex(Receiving partner-male) last week with unknown partner.I don't even cum into her mouth.Oral sex lasted only for a minute (I can say). Do I have any chances of getting STD or HIV/HPV ?? Do I have to take any medical tests ?? Please advice as I feel guilty and feeling disturbed.

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