Chest Pain Below Breast When I Move, Cough Or Sneeze - Tests Normal

I am having deadly pain in my right chest below breast, while i cough,sniff. I had a cough two weeks ago. I check up for doctors , i did x-ray and video x-ray it shows everything normal. Doctor gave me pain killer and ask me to take until i feel ok. He suggested me to do physiotherapy.and also suggested me to take rest. I can't sleep laying backside down. i can't even move things using right hand. When i cough or sniff i have a deadly pain. Doctor said that the muscles between the ribs have problem. I am worried about it. It is effecting my daily  life.

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Fissure In Ano :: Years Of Dull Pain To Excruciating Pain?

I just want to know your experiences with the time it took from you felt a "dull" pain till it becomes large and really painful?

I have had a small tender firm swelling on the side of anus now for 4-5 days - which my physician says is "probably just a hemorrhoid". There is no change in colour and it's more a firm area than a nodule it seems. 

The pain isn't unbearable - painkillers do their job well so far.

I was thinking perhaps anal abscesses develop over 1-2 days rather than 4-5 days from onset of dull pain to excruciating pain?

Also, sorry for hijacking the fistula forum - there is none of anal abscess and most of you guys must have had it at some point.

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Excruciating Legs Cramps Pain

excruciating legs cramps pain, mainly on laying down for bed time, starts and last even few hours, massage, hot or cold water, tylenol not working, suggestions pls (ps 61yrs/male) I m on high blood pressure/benign prostate/high cholesterol medications.

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Frozen Shoulder :: Excruciating Pain And Can't Sleep

I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder yesterday and although had heard of it before but didn't really know what it was. Since researching internet and reading this forum am amazed and scared to find that it could go on for years. I am a 60 yr old woman live alone and work 4 dys a wk I'm now terrified of not being able to continue work, or manage at home., I use a keyboard all day and It came from nowhere I woke up early last mon am and couldn't move my left (non dominant) arm was also in a lot of pain my 1st thought was that I had had a stroke as it felt heavy numb (bit like when you've leaned on it and its gone numb and just coming back to life )and hurt from shoulder to finger tips. I have been to work all week and have had to grit my teeth and soldier on until I got docs app last night he tested my arm by moving it about and diagnosed frozen shoulder told me to take painkillers and put in sling for couple of weeks when I said I wasn't happy with that he offered to give me steroid injection and did so there and then said it would hurt more initially but by time i go back to work on tuesday should be lot better. I cannot reach forward neither can I lift my arm out to the side or up or back more than about 6" in each direction. The weirdest thing about is how it happened so suddenly I did ask Dr if it could be connected to a tooth infection I've just had but he said 'No' The reason I asked this as last year I had a root canal treatment and a crown was fitted all was well until couple of months ago when got toothache on that tooth was told it was an infection and given antibiotics he said if it re-occurred I'd have to have it extracted all was fine until 3 weeks ago when i got severe toothache again and was given antibiotics and made app for 2 wks later to have it extracted it cleared up only to return 4 days later was in excruciating pain from tooth got more antibiotics wanted to smash my head off the wall couldn't sleep eat or function properly my face ear neck shoulder everywhere hurt dentist said it couldn't be that bad as had no nerve there wouldn't take it out earlier than my due app although i went to surgery in tears and begged him, when it was finally taken out he apologised and said that I had a severe infection under the crown. I finished the antibiotics and neck and shoulder and face still hurt and four days later woke up with 'frozen shoulder' I can't help but think this is somehow connected having read a couple of other posts about teeth infections. Has anyone else had similiar experience? I feel sure there is some connection. What I do know is the pain is excruciating and it's odd that I cannot lie on my right side my normal sleeping side as pain in shoulder/arm is overwhelming but can sleep in snatches leaning on my left side which is the bad shoulder and it is nowhere near as painful.

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Hip Replacement (day 8) :: Excruciating Pain Inside Thigh

I was using my gripper to help get my jogging bottoms off my operated leg being very careful not to exceed the 90deg rule. Suddenly, the most excruciating pain started inside my thigh (not wound) and groin. It was so bad it brought me to tears. Luckily the children were upstairs and they managed to get me flat in bed. I had something similar to this yesterday when I tried to move the pillow between my legs with the operated leg. The pain has subsided but I still have a dull ache inside my leg and a little discomfort at the site of hip bone.

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Vasectomy :: Pain In My Testicles Ever Since

I have lived with pain in my testicles ever since I made the biggest mistake of my life by having a vasectomy. This operation just has to be the most stupid thing I`ve ever done.

It was told it was ¬nothing much` but have been in pain for over sixteen years and it only gets worse. The long term risks have not been well enough explained and is much more common than was told to me.

The best advise I could give anyone thinking about the snip is DON`T

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14 Months After Vasectomy - Still Pain And Tight Testicles

I am sorry to say that my experience has been fowl, the operation took 50 mins on the NHS and I think the whole experience was a shock. Before the operation I had a virtually perfect sick record. However, I was too uncomfortable to get back to work for the best part of two weeks. Not the 2 weeks web sites suggest. It's now more than 14 months since I had the surgery and I always feel full and tight in the tesicles. I have libido but too much lingering aching pain after sex puts me off . It is a dreadful hot cold pain aching pain that carries on for a day or two after orgasm and difficult to describe. My sex life down from twice a week to less than once a month. For me it took away the joy of sex. and life

That warm feeling spreading from the groin on coming has gone. I find it very depressing because there seems to be no going back as more intervention appears not to cure these painful problems once started

Maybe I have just been very unlucky but I suspect that I am one a substantial minority

The trouble with medicine and outcomes is that vasectomy looks good on paper. I suspect there are a lot of men privately suffering varying degrees of pain.

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Testicles :: Dull Pain In Left Side

I am 20 year old male. Not sexually active. OK for 4 hours now I have been experiencing a weird dull ache/pain/discomfort on the left side of my left testicle, and also slight discomfort in lower abdomen. The discomfort on the testicles is ONLY on the left side of my left testicle.

For the past hour I have been going crazy looking over all the possible problems that might be. However all these problems seem to have some kind of physical symptom. I checked my balls and I couldn't find anything wrong on the outside.

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Men's Health :: Pain In My Tailbone And Testicles Area For Months

I am a early-20s male and I have used dildos on myself in the past (with lubricant), and I am wondering if perhaps I irritated my prostate or tore my rectum or something. My testicles hurt, as does my right tail bone area, and the pain shoots down the leg too, to the right leg only. This has been going on for months. My doctor did a CAT scan from my abdomen to my bladder, did an X ray of the area, and blood tests, and found nothing. I don't know what to do or what test to request. I don't bleed out of my anus or anything. What do I do?

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Vasectomy :: Pain And Testicles Being Pull Forward During Urination

I had a vasectomy a week ago and I'm experiencing a decent amount of pain in my left testicle.

I noticed while urinating that when I pulled forward on my penis as I finished that my left testicle hurts and is being pulled forward with the skin.

While on the pain meds I tested a bit more, as I continue to pull forward the left testicle comes forward more and if I tilt upwards it is also pulled outward so that it is standing out at a good angle.

When I do this there is a pocket of loose skin behind the testicle where it would normally be sitting.

(Trying to be as descriptive as possible here, if I were to lay on my back with an erection my testicles would be standing up as the highest point.)

I can feel under the incision that there is extra mass on the left side that seems to be connected to the testicle which is not present on the right side.

Basically any movement of my left testicle is painful, holding it closer to the incision site seems to help.

I'm worried that something coming off of the testicle got stitched in on accident or that it is just healing that way. This CANNOT be a permanent thing.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so did your testicle movement go back to normal on its own and if so how quickly?

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Sciatica? Pain In Calf, Behind Knee, Groin Area And Testicles

I've been having pain in my calf for about a month the last couple days the pain has started jumping around. To the sides of my calf,to behind my knee now it's in my groin as well. Also my right testicle hurts(right leg is where my pain is).I finally got to see my doctor today and he thinks I might have a Pinched sciatic nerve and is sending me for lower back does sciatica cause this dull ache that comes and goes in different parts of my leg?can it also be causing my testicle pain?

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Severe Cough, Rib Pain, Chest Pain And Anxiety

Before I start I'll just state that I'm 19 years old, slim and generally healthy. I've been suffering with a cough for 3 weeks now, and it only seems to be getting worse. It is a constant violent cough, dry, but wet if that makes sense? I cough up clear mucus. It seems worse at night, I can't lie down without having a coughing fit and the pain in my throat and my ribs is unbearable I also have awful pains in my upper back, and weird shooting nerve pains in my arms. I've been to the doctors twice, first time he listened to my heart and lungs said they were clear and said I had Costochondritis which is causing my pain. Didn't say anything about my cough. So I went back to see a different doctor, by now I was also having pains in my left leg and googling this and as always it comes up with the worst case scenario... Blood clots which got me really worked up. She told me I didn't have blood clots, just by feeling my leg and saying it was soft, and said I have acid reflux which is causing my cough and all the other symptoms. I still can't stop worrying that my cough is something much worse and I have been misdiagnosed and there is something wrong with my lungs I also keep worrying about the pain in my leg, which is getting worse... I feel as if it was just brushed off but when I read online about others who ended up having blood clots their symptoms were just like mine and I'm so scared of this happening to me

I realise I have really bad health anxiety, but it makes it worse that I haven't even had proper tests or anything done to rule out the worst things!

I'm finding it so hard to deal with this, I feel like this anxiety is taking over my life Thanks to anyone who reads this essay of a post, I feel I just needed it off my chest.

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Viral Infections :: Cough Syrup Suppresses The Cough?

I am at the end of a cold (2 weeks)and I have a bad chesty cough. I'm up in the night like a cat with a furball.

I saw my doctor who advised to use honey and lemonade, and Vicks vapour rub, but said to stop using the covonia chesty cough syrup, as it suppresses the cough.

Is that correct ? I always believe it contained ingredients to help break down the congestion.

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Pleurisy - Chesty Cough And Stabbing Pain

can any 1 help me, im a 23yr old female and have had flu like symptoms for last 4 days, high temp congested nose and dry cough, but now this cough has turned into a chesty cough and everytime i cough i am getting a stabbing pain in my chest, have not been drs yet as it's weekend and don't want to waste any 1s time, not sure if this is a bad luck or related to symptoms above but i'm also experiencing terrible pain in my lower right abdomen groin into my back, kidney pain, can this be related to the flu like symptoms or something totally different.

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Breast Pain When I Cough - Slipped At Work

i slipped at work and fell on breast it hurts really bad and when i cough

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Ramipril (cough) And Losartan (pain In Arms And Legs)

reading the effects of above on other guests. I just wanted to confirm that I was put on 2.5mg ramipril last year , having suffered from Coughs for 3 months, asked my GP to change the drug ( as my mother had suffered 2 years before it was diagnosed and the doctor changed her ramipril, what a nightmare it was) and I was put on 25 mg Losartan, However I must admit  I am having aches and pains in my legs and my right arm and have been going to Physio every couple of months , assuming it was age related ( male 65).

I noted that one of the guests used candesartan so i will take it up with my GP next time I go and see him. many thanks for everyone's comments. I hope that the GP's are reading these columns too.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Excruciating Headaches, Burning Sensation Over My Eyes

I suffer from excruciating headaches. I have suffered from migraine before but had never experienced pain in my head like I did a couple of years ago when the condition started. My neck aches frequently and is quite painful at times but I know straightaway when I am going to have a bad head because I get a pain at the side of my head and a burning sensation over my eyes. The pain travels round my head and feels like someone is squeezing my head. A really severe bout means that I cannot move, feel extremely sick and wish I was dead (this may sound like I am overstating things but I can assure you I would do anything to be rid of the pain). My Husband thought I was having a brain hemorrhage the first time it happened and rushed me to our local hospital. For the first time in my life, I had to have a week off work because I could not function. All I can do is sit with my neck supported because it is worse if I am lying down. I can't eat or sleep and just have to bear the pain until it goes. Does anybody else suffer from the same symptoms?.

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Testicles :: Hurt On Walking

my testicles hurt. it only hurts when i walk but it doesn't hurt a lot. when i just in my chair or bed it doesn't hurt.

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Testicles :: Cyst Like Pimples On Scrotum

Cyst like pimples on it i poked some of them with a pin and popped some to go away but they come back and some won't go away how do i get rid of it? Where can i send you a picture to show you what it is? Ive had one small one when i first hit poverty then it spread and i kept getting more and more

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