Vasectomy :: Low Libido And Sex Drive (orgasm)

I have always a big sex drive, way more than my wife and now after 3 weeks of having a vasectomy my drive has dropped considerably! In some ways its nice to not sex on my brain all the time and having to bug my wife for it but now I'm wondering if its permanent! So will it come back?

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Vasectomy :: Don't Go For It - Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS)

The best way about a vasectomy is to NOT have one. Anyone who thinks that they have got away without problems just can not say anything as PVPS can come on at any time until we die I know a friend who is in his mid-seventies and has more pain than in the whole of his life.

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Hemorrhoids :: 10 Years Of Issue Ends With Haemorrhoidectomy Successfully

I first had an issue with haemorrhoids 16 years ago (when I was 23). I spent a day off work with a bad stomach ache, and straining on the toilet a few times during that day. Later that night I felt a lump, which I now know to be a perianal haematoma which isn’t a haemorrhoid, but it is very very painful and causes haemorrhoids. It is basically a blood clot which the body can break down over two weeks. Pain killers and ointments etc don’t help, the only thing that did is a warm bath. After two weeks it was gone.

Fast forward 5 years to 2001, and after a heavy night on the drink I got up in the morning and fell down the stairs, I landed square flat on my back side, which hurt, but thought nothing of it. Later that day I felt a very painful lump, it was a perianal haematoma again, excruciating painful, it changes your mood and nothing at all helps but a bath, creams are useless. But again, because all it is, is a blood clot, the body breaks it down and it’s gone after 2 weeks.

After two weeks and 2 days after the perianal haematoma occurred (basically 2 days after the perianal haematoma had cleared up) I felt a pain coming on, getting stronger and stronger, but no lump or anything else I could feel or see. This was the start of internal haemorrhoids.

It was very very painful and again all the creams and ointments simply don’t do anything, the only temporary relief was a bath. It hurt all the time, whether I was sitting or standing, I tried carrying on but people must have thought I was miserable, and people simple do not understand, it’s not like you have broken arm that people can see, and you don’t want to tell people what is wrong, and those you do tell, still can’t comprehend the pain.

I gave it a chance to clear up, but it didn’t, so I went to the doctor after a month. The GP at the time referred me. I got an appointment for 2 months later at an NHS hospital (so that’s 3 months in terrible pain, having to carry on at work!) During this time I remembered I actually had private healthcare! So contacted them to hopefully get something sorted a bit quicker.

The NHS hospital banded me 3 times, it was a bit of a factory line, and a bit off putting by a female student being shown the ropes. It was a painful procedure, and as I left I nearly fainted in the car park walking back to my car. I made it, made it home and was very pleased this should be the beginning of the end. I had a follow up appointment just over a month later.

After 2 weeks I was still uncomfortable (but better), so kept my appointment with the private hospital. The consultant there couldn’t really help, he recommended a muscle relaxant.

I went back to the NHS hospital for the follow up appointment and said that I could still feel pain. The same consultant was dismissive, questioned my sexuality and said couldn’t I just ignore the pain. My opinion of him wasn’t a good one, and I didn’t want t go back there!

The relaxant from the private consultant didn’t help. I continued putting up with the discomfort (i’d no longer describe it as pain since the banding) and it eventually went away, by September it was gone completely, brilliant!

A year later I went back to the private hospital because some discomfort had returned. I work with computers so sit down for most of the day, and I was suffering with severe pins-and-needles down the backs of my legs which made sitting very uncomfortable.

He referred me to another consultant and in April 2004 that consultant gave me an injection, which seemed to solve the problem for 4 years.

4 years later I got a perianal haematoma due to a bike ride, I got it checked at the private hospital again and it cleared up by itself in 2 weeks.

A year later another bike ride brought on some pain, and I continued to manage this with off-the-shelf treatments. I was now getting a lump after a bowel movement, this lump would disappear almost immediately however.

I went back to private hospital about the pain and was referred for a endoscopy within the NHS (because I no longer had private healthcare) in Jan 2010. That came back OK, and was banded then also. Things were fine for 6 months.

Pain came back mid 2010 so I decided to go to my new GP (new doctors since moving house) and money was getting tight for the private consultations.

The GP would not refer me, and prescribed Proctosedyl. This didn’t seem to work and I started investigating privately funded options like Halo.

I kept going back to my GP saying I was trying Proctosedyl without much success, I did think it helped but it certainly isn’t a cure.

My GP referred me to hospital for a consultation. The consultant examined me and said it was a small pile mass and not much could be done. That was not good news, but he did want to check for an abscess, so that was good news in terms of progress. I was referred for an ultrasound and went for that in Oct 2010. It was not pleasant at all.

I was then referred for an MRI. A bit worried by that, and went for that in Jan 2011, again all on the NHS which has always been utterly brilliant since the first 3 bandings I had.

All results came back OK and I saw the consultant who then did some banding in Jun 2011. 24 hours later I felt really bad, faint, very cold, shivering, sickness, and slept as soon as I got home, it was like I had some bad reaction to the banding.

The pain had been relieved though, for only a month, so went back to the consultant who did some more banding on 24 Oct 2011. Again the pain cleared up and pain came back just after a month after a bowel movement.

I decided to go back to the private consultant and to ask his opinion in Dec 2011 and he just said enough is enough and it is time to be referred for an operation with the NHS. I got an appointment for February but could not take it. Got another for April and I went for that.

I went into hospital in the morning at 8am. Had an enema at 9:30am which cleared me out good and proper. 11am they came to get me for surgery, 11:50 I woke up, felt brilliant. Then rested.

Other blokes on the ward had trouble doing a wee, one wet the bed because he couldn’t feel anything. Luckily I was fine, did a wee so that meant I could go home.

I got home at 7pm, and slept slept slept. Got out of bed at about 10am the next morning, felt very uncomfortable but I wouldn’t call in painful, afterall the haemorrhoids were painful!

I went out shopping, walking slowly. There was blood, but had a pad to absorb that.

I went back to work the day after, I was getting on fine.

The next day I needed a poo in the morning, and nearly fainted, the pain was unbelievable, and had to take the day off work.

I went to my doctor and he gave me some Lactulose to loosen things up a bit. Going to the toilet became OK after 2 weeks, but successive bowel movements were never as bad as the first.

It is now almost 2 two after my operation, and I still haven’t fully healed. I forget about it sometime which is brilliant, a true test that the pain of piles has been eradicated for me. Some bowel movements can hurt sometime, and produce some blood, but it soon stops.

There has been a lump, which used to ooze puss, but that has stopped, and the lump seems to be getting smaller, very slowly over time.

The operation by the way, was a very simple removal of one haemorrhoid, they didn’t staple, just because it was one, they simply cut it out, good bloody riddance!

So after over 10 years, and creams, bandings, injections, the proper haemorrhoidectomy seems to have solved the problem, but the reluctance of doctors and consultants to refer me for the operation is a surprising one. I have heard it maybe because the cure can be as bad as the symptoms. If someone has been struck by this horrible condition in its worst form, they wouldn’t say that!

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Alcohol :: I Am A Blackout Drinker - Ends In Something Horrific, Embarrassing And Shameful

I am a blackout drinker. i can go months without a drink, but all it takes is that one time, that one day, and self awareness and self control are not present. it almost always ends in something horrific, embarrassing and shameful. i spend the entire day after in bed, with my face in the pillow as bits and pieces of the night before begin coming to the surface and sheer panic and anxiety sets in. the " omg, i did it again, have i not learned from last time" .. and then i go into a deeper, darker place of self hatred and deep shame and guilt. this is usually where i say" ok, that is the LAST time!". AND .. it is again, a lie. there is no end to the things i can do while drunk. i can kiss a married man in front of his wife, i can get into the bed of a stranger, i can run in traffic, i can get physical. i am scared and i need help. i'm shocked of who i am, what i am. i don't want to be a bad person anymore. 100 % of bad, is when i drink. i am so disgusted with me. today is day 2 of being sober. the next drink i have will kill me. please help point me in the direction i need to go in because i'm really scared. my children have seen and heard enough, my marriage is over. i can't live this 1 step forward when that drink throws me 2 steps back.

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Men Issues :: Painful Orgasm / Discharge After Orgasm

I'm male 17 years old I masturbate very often and have increased recently, and after ejaculation I have this small stinging pain to the lower right of the abdomen, almost near my hip. This pain goes on and off sometimes during the day on it's own and I don't do anything to it. I do masturbate really often and after masturbating I get this discharge which I think is precum again that stains my underwear and bothers me about 5 mins after orgasm. I just wanted to confirm if this was normal or if It was dangerous.

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Vasectomy :: Pain After 6 Weeks

had a vasectomy march 13 2015. returned to work the following monday after 2 days of rest. after 10 days i went back due to pain in my right testicle and the fact that is was sitting way to high. dr said everything looked ok and not to worry. 2 weeks later i went back again due to the same issues. once again, he said everything looked fine but that he wanted to see me back in 2 months to see if i am still having the same problems. as i sit her typing, i still have pain in my right ball, and a pain in my lower abdomen on the right side, and my right ball still sits too high. i have about 6 weeks before i go back to the dr. anybody else have this problem?

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Vasectomy :: Still In Pain After One Month

I had a no-scalpel vasectomy just over a month ago. After the first week, I noticed the cut ends of my vas (the part inside my scrotum that goes up into my body) were staying stiff, swollen and painful; the left side more than the right. After another week, I made a "nurse's visit" to the doctor because he was too busy for an appointment. He came in, gave my testicles a quick grab and declared the swelling and stiffening a normal inflammatory response.

It's now been two more weeks and the condition has not improved significantly. Physical activity (like yard work) and certain clothing increase the irritation and makes the inflammation worse.

Am I just a slow healer and this will eventually go away? Or have I settled into a known permanent side effect?

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Vasectomy :: Pain In My Testicles Ever Since

I have lived with pain in my testicles ever since I made the biggest mistake of my life by having a vasectomy. This operation just has to be the most stupid thing I`ve ever done.

It was told it was ¬nothing much` but have been in pain for over sixteen years and it only gets worse. The long term risks have not been well enough explained and is much more common than was told to me.

The best advise I could give anyone thinking about the snip is DON`T

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Post Vasectomy Pain PVP

Not told about post vasectomy pain by Dr ,Which affects approx 5% of patients with some like myself pain does not go away , Treatments have poor success rate .A good Dr will clearly tell you this and you can then make your own mind up but Many don't as most men are put off when they find this out ! Do your research first before the Quick Snip leaves you with long term pain that can be very difficult if not impossible to get rid off .

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Vasectomy :: Infection And Pain Afterwards

My husband had a vasectomy 2 weeks ago. 4 days after the operation he had severe pain and his testicles swelled up to double the size they normally are. We went back to the doctor and he said that he had a rare infection - put him on antibiotics and pain meds.

The antibiotics are now finished and although the swelling has gone down, his left testicle is rock hard and hasn't dropped. It is still painful sometimes and the pain runs up to and around to his lower back. We've been phoning the Urologist every day but he's either in theater or his is busy and doesn't return our calls.

Could it be possible that something went wrong? What can be done to fix the problem? And is it safe to resume normal sexual intercourse I'm afraid something bad will happen!

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Vasectomy :: Pain After Surgery

I just had a complicated vasectomy. I had an undescended testicle when I was 12 that had a lot of scar tissue around it. The urologist that I saw said no problem but it would be done in the hospital because he had a hard time feeling the vas tube on the repaired testicle. He said it would take 10 minutes and it ended up taking a hour. He told me I would be sore for a long time, and he was right. It has been 2 weeks and I have begun to get morning erections. There is a string/tube that seems to be stretching around the base of my penis. It is painful when stretched. It seems to lead to the incision by the repaired testicle. Do you think the urethra tube that goes into my penis got sutured into the incision area? I urinate fine. Also, one vas tubes were described as pink-tan rubbery tissue and the one from the repaired one was described as white rubbery tissue. Do I need to be watchful of testicular cancer?

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Vasectomy :: Pain Is Common - Be Informed

I only know 4 people that have had the snip and two of us have had big problems. I had the snip two months ago and am only just beginning to get over it. I immediately had an infection which caused my bollocks to swell like a melon- this burst the stitches and i got a secondary infection in the wound which no amount of antibiotics would get rid of so the doc had to put Silver nitrate on it to burn it shut. This let to a kidney infection and the pain is only just beginning to subside. I was seriously worried that i would never return to normal life but there is now light at the end of the tunnel for me. Some of the other poor bastards whose stories i've read make me so sad. Men are not informed of the potential pain or risks. If i had known how much it would damage me i would never have had it done - what's so bad about condoms anyway?

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Vasectomy :: Pain - Natural Remedies

Around 15 years ago I had a vasectomy, which the next day hemorrhaged, requiring a second operation.

All was quiet down below until 9 years later from nowhere I had a nasty case of left side epidemiologist. 4 courses of antibiotics finally cleared that up, but left swollen epidermis and chronic pain. 18 months later the right side also became infected (you will know by the level of swelling).

Also at the same time I found that I had a mild bleeding disorder (hence the initial hemorrhaging), which meant I was banned from all NSAID's (Ibuprofen, naproxen etc)

After that period I had the all-to familiar chronic pain, for which I took increasing strength coedene and even tried acupuncture which did help a little.

All the same depressing story as other posts, except that 18 months ago I feel had a major breakthrough in life which I would like to share....

I knew that the main cause of the pain is inflammation, and given that I can't take NSAID's I researched what I could achieve by changing my diet.

The result has been fantastic, the pain is still there in the background but I don't have to notice it, and my swelling has gone down a lot. I have a very active sex life and still don't sink back into the abyss of pain.

If you are interested the following foods I would recommend in order of effectiveness.

1. High strength fish oil (buy the best you can afford)

2. Turmeric

3. Shiitake mushrooms

4. Broccoli

5. Green tea

6. Avocado

If I have a flare up every day I take a full dose of the fish oil, eat 60 grams of shiitake mushrooms (cooked with 1 tsp of turmeric). Also I will eat a whole broccoli a day & drink copious amounts of green tea. If is really bad I also include the avocado.

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Vasectomy Advice? Pain And Discomfort How Long?

I'm 34 and my wife is 36, we have 2 Children who are very healthy, my wife fell ill after our first child (10 years ago) our 2nd child was through emergency c-section nearly 4 years ago now, from my own point of view I'd love just one more child however my Wife at 36 definitely does not and I respect her wishes completely.

On top of this my wife has come off the birth control pill as it's messing with her hormones/sex drive plus it may have future health risks if she keeps on taking it.

We would like to resume a more normal sex life and eliminate the risks, I don't like having to use condoms (like having a bath with your socks on) it's just not the same.

We felt the best option would be that I have a Vasectomy, that way we can have no more children, no birth control pills involved and hopefully we can get back to 'normal'

I've recently had my consultation appointment and I'm booked in for the snip in early June.

My expectations were pain & discomfort to start with but that will soon go after a couple of weeks, after reading some post's on here I'm now in a panic, worried I’ll get horrible infections, Erectile dysfunction and other complications it may cause years down the line.

Some people are saying it's the worst thing they've ever done.

I'm totally aware that these type of things don’t come without risk but it appears this is more risky than I first feared, the doctor explained its 1/1000 thing.

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Another PVP (Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome) Case

Another PVP sufferer. Had my snip done in October 12, local GP practice but got a GP who was acquiring the 'skills' to take over the practice once the main GP retired.

Well, he made a mess, first half fine, second half painful. Bust a blood vessel to, so that was stitched up to the VAS.

Rested after, ended up with two large haematomas one each side and a wound that didn't heal for 4 weeks and needed antibiotics.

That all eventually cleared but was still in considerable pain, especially the 'messed up side'. Off to GP, then referred to Urology. Scheduled for an epididymectomy soon now.

Won't do both sides due to risks of losing a ball, so it's one at a time, and if it works, as it only has a 50% success, they will do the other.

Pain isn't great, I won't take meds for it, other than ibuprofen etc, but that doesn't do much. Offered the usual gabapentin etc which I've refused.

As others have said, I queried what would happen if I got PVP and how would we manage it. The GP at the time said 'your Urologist would sort that' - erm I don't have one. No mention of how common the pain is 5-10%.

Only when I saw the Consultants in Urology did they say how common it was. It's a very difficult 'condition' to treat is all they have said.

Current choices. Wait - I've done that, now surgical removal of my epididymis, possible the less sore one two. High failure rate. If it doesn't work, then denervation may be a choice - that will leave your nether regions numb.

Friggin fabulous. Simple procedure that you don't really fancy, but 'pressure' dictates. Totally ruined our sex life. I get bad pain after, and it takes days and days to subside. Also the site of the burst blood vessel is extremely uncomfortable (between ball and penis) so the consultant will do some 'clearing out up there two.

Seriously hissed off by it - WHY DON'T THEY TELL PATIENTS ?

I've complained officially, general sorry and denial of PVP. Complained direct to the GP that did the Op - he now has the local contract. I've asked him to ensure he makes patients aware of the consequences.

Oh and it's pot luck if you get it. doesn't matter if you are fit or not. It's really affected me and my sport as a cyclist (ouch) and I can't stand being battered about down there - so stuff like go-karts, fair rides that are bumpy are a no no.

The epididymectomy is going to be nasty, as that's quite a recovery process. I asked about having both done, but they said if it went wrong I would lose both balls. Best do one at a time, then I'd have one at least they said. I said, I'd be happy if you took them both off !

Never again. Feel like I've freely mutilated myself - could have done a better job with two bricks.

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Post Vasectomy Pain After 2 Years Of Reversal

I had a Vasectomy back in 2010 and had a Vasectomy Reversal in 2012.  My pain was extreme from 2010-2012 and relieved about 50% after the Reversal.  I have extreme pain on my left testicle after any kind of sexual activity and random pain throughout the day some days unbearable.  In the past I had radiating pain on my left leg and buttox but that was prior to the reversal.   Its just on my left side, not my right.

I take antibiotics once in awhile from my doctor, but it doesn't seem to help.  I have pain in my upper epididymis as well as pain in my testicle.  Feels like it's being squeezed. I honestly feel like this Vasectomy has stolen my life from me.

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14 Months After Vasectomy - Still Pain And Tight Testicles

I am sorry to say that my experience has been fowl, the operation took 50 mins on the NHS and I think the whole experience was a shock. Before the operation I had a virtually perfect sick record. However, I was too uncomfortable to get back to work for the best part of two weeks. Not the 2 weeks web sites suggest. It's now more than 14 months since I had the surgery and I always feel full and tight in the tesicles. I have libido but too much lingering aching pain after sex puts me off . It is a dreadful hot cold pain aching pain that carries on for a day or two after orgasm and difficult to describe. My sex life down from twice a week to less than once a month. For me it took away the joy of sex. and life

That warm feeling spreading from the groin on coming has gone. I find it very depressing because there seems to be no going back as more intervention appears not to cure these painful problems once started

Maybe I have just been very unlucky but I suspect that I am one a substantial minority

The trouble with medicine and outcomes is that vasectomy looks good on paper. I suspect there are a lot of men privately suffering varying degrees of pain.

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Vasectomy :: Acute Pain In Right Testicle And In Right Abdomen

I had a vasectomy 11 days ago. I rested, stayed off my feet mostly for a few days, used ice packs, all the ordered behaviors. My incision still hasn't healed well despite wearing compression shorts for 9 days. On about day 8 I started applying antibacterial cream and breathable sterile pad taped down over the incision to prevent infection (and was also on antibiotics for a sinus infection). There was no sign of infection, no visible sign of hematoma. But the incision remains a bit raw, like a split lip that seeps. The dissolvable stitches mostly came out within 6-9 days.

However, my right teste or epididymis is extremely sore still (I felt better from day 4-8 except when sitting a lot), swollen and riding high. When I sit upright for awhile at work, I also get an acute pain in my right inguinal area about 6" in from the hip bone. It feels like a nerve issue. It twinges and throbs when I stand and today is even making walking painful.

Any thoughts? Acute epididymitis? Sperm granuloma? Nerve damage? Normal recovery? I had a single-incision closed vas with excision, clips and cauterization.

I agree with the copious comments on the web -- the urologists need to do a FAR better job with the honest assessment of recovery. I was under the impression that this would all be largely resolved within 3-4 days. Instead, the past 3 days just keep getting worse with no clear self-diagnosis. I'm calling my urologist again tomorrow and insisting on a checkup....

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Vasectomy :: Pain After 6 Weeks - Riding A Bike?

So I had my vasectomy 6 weeks ago and I still am unable to ride my bicycle (which is killing me!!!). I seem to be progressing and feeling better when I'll decide to go for a short spin and a couple of days later my testicles are super sore and I have pain in my lower abdomen. I've done this twice now. Both times I go back to square one in regards to pain. My question is how long I can expect to be off my bike? What is a typical recovery time (I know there is no such thing but is what I am experiencing more common than I have been lead to believe)? I kick myself each day for deciding to do this to myself...Any tips, thoughts, comments, questions are appreciated. I just want to hear from someone other than my urologist.

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