Vasectomy Reversal (after A Year) Testicular Pain And Burning

I'm 30 years old. I had a vasectomy done 1 year ago. Since I had the vasectomy operation I'm having an significant chronic pain on a daily basis. Testicular ache and a sharp burning pain radiating up to my abdomen. it's a very unpleasant feeling constantly. I'm so afraid that I have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. I take painkillers every day, which I don't like. Other then that I do not have any underlying diseases or medical histories. 

I wish to get a vasectomy reversal with the goal of relieving my “post vasectomy pain” so I can live a normal life again. (I don't care if I become fertile again or not, I just want to get rid of the pain).

I heard that a vasectomy reversal relieves the build-up of back pressure that may cause pain in the testicles.

But for other patients, the pain is not due to back pressure, but rather to chronic inflammation at the vasectomy site. If the urologist cut out the inflammation site and reverse the vasectomy, the pain will usually be eliminated.

The pain may result from microscopic amounts of sperm leaking out of the vas deferens into the surrounding tissue. This leakage can cause inflammation. 

What if I have an inflammation ?. 

Will the urologist be aware of this and remove the inflammation before he performs the vasectomy reversal operation ?

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Vasectomy :: Don't Go For It - Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS)

The best way about a vasectomy is to NOT have one. Anyone who thinks that they have got away without problems just can not say anything as PVPS can come on at any time until we die I know a friend who is in his mid-seventies and has more pain than in the whole of his life.

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Post Vasectomy Pain PVP

Not told about post vasectomy pain by Dr ,Which affects approx 5% of patients with some like myself pain does not go away , Treatments have poor success rate .A good Dr will clearly tell you this and you can then make your own mind up but Many don't as most men are put off when they find this out ! Do your research first before the Quick Snip leaves you with long term pain that can be very difficult if not impossible to get rid off .

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Vasectomy :: Anyone Had A Reversal?

Has anyone had a reversal?

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Another PVP (Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome) Case

Another PVP sufferer. Had my snip done in October 12, local GP practice but got a GP who was acquiring the 'skills' to take over the practice once the main GP retired.

Well, he made a mess, first half fine, second half painful. Bust a blood vessel to, so that was stitched up to the VAS.

Rested after, ended up with two large haematomas one each side and a wound that didn't heal for 4 weeks and needed antibiotics.

That all eventually cleared but was still in considerable pain, especially the 'messed up side'. Off to GP, then referred to Urology. Scheduled for an epididymectomy soon now.

Won't do both sides due to risks of losing a ball, so it's one at a time, and if it works, as it only has a 50% success, they will do the other.

Pain isn't great, I won't take meds for it, other than ibuprofen etc, but that doesn't do much. Offered the usual gabapentin etc which I've refused.

As others have said, I queried what would happen if I got PVP and how would we manage it. The GP at the time said 'your Urologist would sort that' - erm I don't have one. No mention of how common the pain is 5-10%.

Only when I saw the Consultants in Urology did they say how common it was. It's a very difficult 'condition' to treat is all they have said.

Current choices. Wait - I've done that, now surgical removal of my epididymis, possible the less sore one two. High failure rate. If it doesn't work, then denervation may be a choice - that will leave your nether regions numb.

Friggin fabulous. Simple procedure that you don't really fancy, but 'pressure' dictates. Totally ruined our sex life. I get bad pain after, and it takes days and days to subside. Also the site of the burst blood vessel is extremely uncomfortable (between ball and penis) so the consultant will do some 'clearing out up there two.

Seriously hissed off by it - WHY DON'T THEY TELL PATIENTS ?

I've complained officially, general sorry and denial of PVP. Complained direct to the GP that did the Op - he now has the local contract. I've asked him to ensure he makes patients aware of the consequences.

Oh and it's pot luck if you get it. doesn't matter if you are fit or not. It's really affected me and my sport as a cyclist (ouch) and I can't stand being battered about down there - so stuff like go-karts, fair rides that are bumpy are a no no.

The epididymectomy is going to be nasty, as that's quite a recovery process. I asked about having both done, but they said if it went wrong I would lose both balls. Best do one at a time, then I'd have one at least they said. I said, I'd be happy if you took them both off !

Never again. Feel like I've freely mutilated myself - could have done a better job with two bricks.

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Vasectomy :: Anyone With Reversal Experience?

I wanted to know if anyone here had a vasectomy reversal. If so, what was your experience like? I am thinking of getting a reversal. I got a vasectomy as a young man and today regret it deeply.

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Vasectomy :: Reversal / Re-operation Possible?

I have two kids and did the operation (family planning) on 2006. now i want to re-operation is it possible. Now my age 40 years, If i do this operation is it possible to make baby.

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Vasectomy :: How Long To Wait For Reversal

i had my vas in Jan of this year and have been in pain since week 2. The pain in my balls has subsided but where I was cut is still sore on both sides. The main pain is in my groin high where the hip meets. I can still do most things, sex is not painful so don't think it is congestion. After four months of this though my anxiety levels are rising. Do I wait longer or pull the trinket now and opt for a redo? Does a redo help if not due to congestion? I am assuming I have scar tissue causing referred pain

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Will Vasectomy Reversal Fix My Erectile Dysfunction - Soft Erections?

I've been having ED (erectile dysfunction) for the last 1-2 months. Sometimes I'm able to attain a weak erection, my penis is noticeably softer than it was before all of the issues I'm having. After orgasm my penis loses girth almost immediately. Furthermore I'm UNable to continue with intercourse even with a rest of 30 or so mins, I have always been able to go multiple rounds of intercourse with my wife without any issues previously. I have always been very sexually active without any issues whatsoever. This issue is really causing me to feel low and my wife is concerned for me, which is impacting on her ability to be comfortable during intercourse. I'm considering a vasectomy reversal due to this. My doctor has arranged the usual blood tests, i.e to measure testosterone levels etc. I'm yet to receive the results. I can only maintain an erection through intense physical stimulation. I previously only needed to be visually stimulated, this is very frustrating for me. Furthermore i'm only able to maintain an erection during vaginal penetration whilst i'm on top of my wife with my wife's legs are pushed up and back, as this gives me more sensation in my penis.. i struggle to maintain an erection when my wife is on top or if we do it whilst i'm behind her.

Im totally aware that those within the medical field will be totally dismissive of the vasectomy procedure being the culprit for my ED issue. However im a believer that not all people fit into the same category within current research, as we are all unique and no two people are exactly the same. Not all people's bodies will always react in the same way to the same situation. 

Is there a way back from this mess without the use of drugs ?

Last night I failed to have an erection, even through intense visual and physical stimulation. I had consumed alcohol and did feel tipsy, I have always found alcohol enhanced my erections and sexual desire. This was very shocking for me. Due to this I reluctantly took 50mg of a viagra type pill that was prescribed by my doctor. It took well over 1 hour for it to work, I was able to have the best erection I've had I months. I don't want to take drugs to combat this issue, I'm becoming very depressed due to this.

Has anybody out there had this issue resolved by having a vasectomy reversed??

I'm considering having it reversed to hopefully fix my erection issues. Furthermore I feel as if my testicles have atrophied (shrunk in size) somewhat since the vasectomy. If there is scar tissue and atrophied testicles etc or general damage to my genital area could my body heal the the damaged tissues etc through having a reversal?

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Suffering From Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome - Reversal Experience Anyone?

All of you who have suffered from post tubal ligation syndrome and have had a tubal reversal : Have the side effects of the tubal ligation gone?

I have suffered from post tubal ligation syndrome for many years and I am thinking to have a reversal, but I want to know if it really helps.

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Colostomy Bag Reversal For 71 Years Old

My mom had emergency surgery that almost cost her her life. She had her bowels rupture into her stomach and she almost died. She went septic and it was really bad and scary. She has a colostomy and it will be reversed in six months. Her surgeon said to see a special doctor that specializes in reversals. She is 71 years old and they said she will make the decision to reverse or just end up keeping it. I know it is major surgery again and your age is a risk factor and your health etc. They also said if she were to decide to reverse it, she would need a colonoscopy done first. It scares me, because we almost lost her once. She is doing well with the colostomy and I actually helped her with it and we did well our first time on our own. I was proud.

The one thing she does do all the time is pull her pants down to check it all the time. Is this something that is normal in the beginning? I will be standing in the room and she has her pants down checking it.

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Post-vasectomy Sperm Samples Failed

I had a vasectomy in July 2009. In December as planned I commenced sending in the monthly sperm samples. I have now done 8 samples in total. The first was clear, as was the sixth. But all the others show "Few(1) - 1 sperm only seen in every High Powered Field". So as I have not had two consecutive clear samples, the hospital won't give me the all-clear yet. They say that what is happening is very rare after almost a year, but they also say they do not feel the operation failed.

I am very disappointed as almost a year on I am in no better place in terms of being able to have unprotected sex than I was before the operation. I would appreciate some independent advice on why this has happened.

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Vasectomy :: Left Side Testicle Rock Hard 10 Days Post Operation

I just was wondering who has suffered the same and it's actually got better!? I suffer no pain ok maybe a slight ache if my testicle is squeezed/squashed but it's very hard to touch, I'm 10 days in post op and it's pretty much been ok had swelling that's gone down, I'm just concerned about the hardness of my testicle and the cause!?  I'm seeing my GP in the morning and gonna book an ultrasound to check over my jewels. 

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Vasectomy :: Can I Store My Frozen Sperm For More Than 10 Years?

I'm single, 31 years old, childfree and I don't think I will ever want children. However people keep insisting that when I'm older I will change my mind, therefore I want to have some of my sperm frozen prior to vasectomy.

From what I've read the law in the UK allows maximum storage of 10 years, but you can apply for an extension up to 55 years 'in exceptional circumstances' if you will be infertile due to certain medical conditions. What I want to know is whether having had a vasectomy will guarantee me the extension.

As I said I don't think I will ever want kids but if by some divine intervention I did change my mind I think it would be longer than ten years from the date of my vasectomy.

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Post Pregnancy Hemorrhoids For Last 2 Years

I am hoping that someone can give me some advice for this ongoing issue I've had. I have had hemorrhoids ever since I was pregnant with my daughter about 2 1/2 years ago. I had a flex sigmoidoscopy 2 weeks ago and they banded 1 internal hemorrhoid. However, I have external piles as well. I have done everything I can to get rid of them but I'm not having much luck. I have been prescribed suppositories and doing those 2x daily, taking miralax to keep my stools soft, fiber pills, water, diet change, sitz bath, and also prescribed a triamcinolone cream that I apply about 5x a day. I'm not having much luck at all. I was hoping that with the banding of the internal hemorrhoid it will help the issue but it hasn't changed anything at all. I feel okay when sitting but after standing for 15 min or longer I start to feel the swelling of the thrombosed hemorrhoids and it's painful and uncomfortable. I went back to the gastroenterologist last week and they said to continue what I was doing and that the hemorrhoid wasn't quite large enough to lance to drain it.

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ENT :: Lip Numb - 6 Years Post Surgery

6 year ago, I split my lip down the middle and got about 3-5 dissolvable stitches. Since then, it hasn't caused much trouble, I just have quite a scar. However, in a recent encounter with my significant other, he bit my lip quite hard. There was no blood. However, since then, my lip has been kind of numb. It feels almost tingly. It has been over 24 hours. What could this be? What should I do?

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Vasectomy :: Pain After 6 Weeks

had a vasectomy march 13 2015. returned to work the following monday after 2 days of rest. after 10 days i went back due to pain in my right testicle and the fact that is was sitting way to high. dr said everything looked ok and not to worry. 2 weeks later i went back again due to the same issues. once again, he said everything looked fine but that he wanted to see me back in 2 months to see if i am still having the same problems. as i sit her typing, i still have pain in my right ball, and a pain in my lower abdomen on the right side, and my right ball still sits too high. i have about 6 weeks before i go back to the dr. anybody else have this problem?

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Vasectomy :: Still In Pain After One Month

I had a no-scalpel vasectomy just over a month ago. After the first week, I noticed the cut ends of my vas (the part inside my scrotum that goes up into my body) were staying stiff, swollen and painful; the left side more than the right. After another week, I made a "nurse's visit" to the doctor because he was too busy for an appointment. He came in, gave my testicles a quick grab and declared the swelling and stiffening a normal inflammatory response.

It's now been two more weeks and the condition has not improved significantly. Physical activity (like yard work) and certain clothing increase the irritation and makes the inflammation worse.

Am I just a slow healer and this will eventually go away? Or have I settled into a known permanent side effect?

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Vasectomy :: Pain In My Testicles Ever Since

I have lived with pain in my testicles ever since I made the biggest mistake of my life by having a vasectomy. This operation just has to be the most stupid thing I`ve ever done.

It was told it was ¬nothing much` but have been in pain for over sixteen years and it only gets worse. The long term risks have not been well enough explained and is much more common than was told to me.

The best advise I could give anyone thinking about the snip is DON`T

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