Alcohol :: Vodka And Diet Coke While On Orlistat ?

Does anyone know if drinking alcohol affects the way orlistat works. Just i'm going on a night out and don't want to mess things up by drinking? I only drink vodka and diet coke

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Orlistat :: Every Pound You Lose On A Low Fat Diet You Lose 3lb More ...

Can anyone clarify if this statement is correct please . I read it in a post somewhere ....

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Diabetes :: Diet Ginger Beer And Diet Coke

Do either of these raise blood sugar, diet coke and diet ginger beer sometimes I like a rum with the diet ginger beer (no alcohol in the ginger beer)

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Any Protocol To Follow Mirtazapine Withdrawal?

Is there a protocol for titrating off Mirtazapine? I used the Ashton Manual when I was coming off a benzodiazepine (Clonazepam - 15 years) a few years ago and it was very helpful in making slow, steady cuts.

I Can't seem to locate a chart or site for reducing Mirtazapine.  I am on 45 mg. (for one  month), have been on 30 for several years. My goal is to get down to 15 mg - I don't want to taper too fast, having been through that with. Already feeling some negative side effects after dropping my Mirtz. dose on alternate nights (30 mg one / 45 mg the next).

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica Can Follow Shingles?

I'm still recovering from shingles. Now having pain in shoulder, arm, hips, lower spine. Not like PHN but muscle pain. Does anyone know if Polymyalgia Rheumatica can follow shingles please? I seen to be showing lots of similarities to it apart from stiffness and muscle pain, like sore, itchy scalp, sweating and exhaustion on exertion and very tired all the time. I'm really getting so fed up with feeling do bad all the time, since last Christmas really, after I had the flu jab then shingles in April. I also have OA in spine and multi joints but have been told in the past I do not have RA. I don't know if it's just this playing up or PMR! I think my GP's are sick of seeing me lately.

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Hip Replacement :: Follow Up - 12 Weeks Post Op

12 wks post op.

Check up by stand in consultant, not so good!!!

As still having probs with stairs, socks and cutting toenails, was put through a few checks, conclusion was, despite walking and exercises, my bum cheek muscle, for some reason , has collapsed!!

( I did ask him if he was insinuating I had a saggy arse?)

Been referred back to original surgeon, with recommendation of intensive physio. That's me off work now till Jan.

Am questioning whether I should have had this op, more importantly, should I go ahead with left hip, which I've been told, will need replacing in the future!

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Hip Replacement :: 10 Months Post Op Follow Up - Doing Great

Quickly my story...First THR went perfectly.  It was an anterior approach method and within five weeks I was moving about like I had never had surgery.  Second one went wrong within the first couple of weeks.  My surgeon tried various procedures to help the situation but to no avail.  Then I was kicked out of his practice because I missed two payments on my account and I was left writhing in pain, crippled, for life.  That is how it felt.  I could not move without screaming and I became depressed.  My whole life was changed by this.

THEN I discovered this site and the wonderful people on here helped me go for a second opinion, taught me to research the surgeon first and I chose Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, about five hours from my home.  That surgeon found the problem immediately, while the other could not, and it was that my device had come loose and was migrating, twisting and projecting outwards, hitting every nerve possible.  So he did the successful revision!  Revisions are tough.

Around 6 months post op I began to pray for a part time job and one surfaced almost immediately.  A light duty janitorial job for two hours a day.  And I can tell you that after laying around deteriorating for two years, it left me MORE than out of shape!  The first two months at this job left me feeling that I was going to die!  Oh my! I am 57 and never felt so weak in my life.  I sweated, I mean drenched with sweat because the physical exertion was so difficult to do.

Then my newest hip began to hurt.  An x-ray showed that there was no damage, so I just had to work out the kinks. I was very careful not to break the 90 degree rule and twist while breaking it.  Now I am 10 and a half months post op and feel stronger, more flexible than I have in a long time.

It feels good to be back out among the living, earning a little money, and feeling a sense of accomplishment that the bad THR took away from me. And I job share with a friend who covers me when I cannot work.  I am proud to say that I just accomplished working five days a week three weeks in a row!  

After all that extreme pain I suffered, I want you to know that I am having  many, many mornings when I awaken and feel absolutely no pain!  I lay there and thank God for moments like this and try to just soak up the good feelings before I have to get up to begin my day.

When I was down and out with all that pain and failed device, that was all I could think about.  Life all but stopped and sometimes I wished I were dead.  Now I can reach higher levels of thinking.  I have even meandered around my yard making mental notes of what needs done in the Spring and actually feeling as though I will be able to complete the tasks.  

I want to send the message that no matter how bad off you are right now, it will, it can, get better.  Just around the corner there is life as you knew it.  And for those who are permanently in pain, know that my heart goes out to you and I admire how you survive.  You ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE TO HEAL RIGHT, so be patient with yourself and your medical team and do what you are told to do.  There is nothing wrong with stretching yourself to see where you new boundaries are as you progress, but do so carefully.

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Total Knee Replacement Follow Up - 66 Days Post Op

I ceased heavy pain medication a couple of weeks ago and that was a mistake. I am back on Norspan 10 mg patches and can now do all my exercises and achieve a few hours sleep before I need to top up with a Tramadol.  I've lost 12 kgs in weight simply because my appetite diminished but now I'm trying to eat 3 meals a day and include protein at every meal instead of nibbling and feeling like I want to sleep all day.

I am allergic to many pain medications (unknown until post op) so pain was a big issue for me. If you are contemplating TKR's or have already had them, then get your pain medication stabilised and physio will be so much easier. I have also found hydrotherapy (pool walking) to be a god-send. Today is the first day post op that I feel any where like normal. I was a fit, energetic 63 year year old before my op and I hope to return to that state with much improvements in my knees, in the near future. I believe I will be looking at 6 months recovery time before I can resume a "normal" exercise program of spin, walking, boxing and weights.  

No one tells you about the pain, the depression, the disruption to your life, especially not your surgeon. Just be patient, eat well, try to get a walk in each day or a swim and stay positive. At nearly 10 weeks I can see the light at the end of that long tunnel.

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Hallux Valgus (Bunions) :: Follow Up - 10 Weeks Post-op Right Foot Lapidus

I am 10 weeks post-op right foot Lapidus, and 3 days post-op left foot Lapidus. My healing and return to normalcy went fantastic with my right foot. I'm hoping for the same with my left foot.

My nerve block just wore off but there's still minimal pain with consistent use of my pain medication. Mostly just throbbing from the swelling. How's everyone else doing today?

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Orlistat :: Is It Working?

So it's been 3 weeks since I started orlistat and slimming world. First week loss 8lb, second week loss 5lb, third week loss 3lb. I am not eating much fat at all and am wondering if the tablets are doing anything for me? I'm really disappointed with only 3 lb loss this week. I know the weight loss will slow down, however I am very overweight, doing slimming world AND orlistat, shouldn't the weight be falling off? I haven't cheated once in these three weeks! My body has gone from having around 3000 cals a day to just 1000 cals plus exercise!

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Constipation Due To Orlistat?

Started orlistat 5 days ago, my doctor said for one week take1 tablet, then 2 in 2nd week and so on, but i have been constipated, usually i go like clock work, why is this happening?

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Should I Take Vitamins With Orlistat?

I've been on orlistat for nearly 2 months, lost 5kg the 1st month, second weigh in tomorrow, I've gone from size 24 to 20 and feel really, can anyone tell me if I should be taking vitamins while I'm on orlistat

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Orlistat And Microgynon

I'm on the pill does it keep weight on you?. My GPs only gave me one month worth for some reason my BP is always ok had my BP done at my last orlistat weighing I lost 7 pound how much do I have to lose this month?

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Orlistat While Breastfeeding?

I'm really keen on losing weight after having had a baby 2 months ago. I've used Orlistat before and it's been with great results. I'm currently breastfeeding exclusively so not sure if it's wise to start on the tablets again or not?

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Orlistat :: What To Eat And Avoid?

I'm fairly new to Orlistat having started beginning of october having not much luck on diets as I luuurve my food. But I had decided to go to my doctor and ask for help and she recommended I try these tablets.

I've struggled a couple of times trying to find the right foods but i'm slowly getting there i certainly have cut down on eating all the crap and stuff i love to eat but without totally having to give it all up by changing my fat/calorie intake. I have experienced the overload of fat once and it was not pretty lol, I will not be having a pizza for a while thats for sure. Its definitely a trial and error process just finding what foods work and wot doesn't for me and how much i can eat of it. I for one know these tablets are a god send as it stops me from having all those fatty lovely tasty foods that i know I shouldn't be eating and more of what i should be.

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Orlistat :: Changing Your Periods

i have a IUD (coil) fitted so i very rarely have a period and if i do it only lasts a day or two and its very light, but this week i've had the worse pains and then i've had one, this might just be a coincidence as i only started taking the tabs 2 weeks ago.

i know its listed as a side effect in the leaflet but have many of u had a problem with your periods?

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Orlistat :: Really Bad Side Effects ?

I'm looking to start orlistat this week but after reading over everyone's experiences I'm a bit nervous to start. Are the side effects really that bad as I don't want to make a fool out of myself at work!

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Orlistat :: With Eating Disorder

Basically, it seemed like it was at first then it just stopped, for ages (months) and it made me miserable because I was doing everything I could right, which was very difficult for me because I have an eating disorder. When I realised nothing was happening after all that hard work, combined with stress and misery (i have bpd and an anxiety disorder on top of the ed) I ended binging repeatedly. So in the end I just gained weight.

What do I do now? I've been trying so hard for the past year, exercise healthy eating instead of starving myself like i would usually resort to, and then orlistat. and then there was barely any difference in the end. I've now gained 10lbs from my start weight. 

Is there any option after Orlistat, medication wise. I don't really want to contact my doctor until I know this as I'm embarrassed but I couldn't find any information online. I'm not heavy enough for a gastric band and I don't think that would necessarily even help me as it wasn't overeating that was the problem.

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Orlistat :: No Visible Difference

I've been taking these blues for a week now I weigh 11 stone 2 and want to get to 10 I see no visible difference and lost a 1lb in weight I've stuck to this religiously had no side affects as I stuck to the right amount of fat a day so i'm stuck now!!

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