Alcohol :: Vodka And Diet Coke While On Orlistat ?

Does anyone know if drinking alcohol affects the way orlistat works. Just i'm going on a night out and don't want to mess things up by drinking? I only drink vodka and diet coke

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Pregnancy :: Gestational Diabetes - What Type Of Diet

I'm 17 weeks and I have gestational diabetes and it is getting worse , what type of diets are out there that I can take?

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Fodmap Diet But With Diabetes

I am just now trying out the Fodmap Diet but with Diabetes this is going to make the Alienation very hard ...

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Type 2 Diabetes Straight To Metformin - Skipped Diet?

i was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 on thursday 6 days ago i seem to have skipped the diet and put straight on metformin is this normal?

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Diabetes :: Drinking Beer

So I am type 2 diabetic and I want to know if I can drink beer.  I usually go out on the weekend and drink cola but I'd like to drink a beer or two.  Would this be ok or will this mess me up?

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Kidney :: Creatinine Is 2.0 And My GFR Is 34 - Diet?

I'm a bit alarmed. I just had my 3 month check up with the doctor. I've never had any kidney problems before. My Creatinine is 2.0 and my GFR is 34. I am recovering from some major oral surgery right now and I haven't been able to eat as I normally do. Less food. I was wondering if this oral surgery and my diet could have anything to do with my test results? My doctor wants me back in his office in 6 days to discuss this test. If you have anything to share, that would be awesome!

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Orlistat :: Diet To Follow On Day To Day?

I have picked up my tablets yesterday so I can start them today, however I'm going to struggle as not to sure what to eat, I find it easier to follow a weekly diet that's already set out , I have purchased the alli book so hopefully that will help, I used to weigh around 11 stone until I had Idine treatment for my thyroid as it was over active and now it's under had major problems there which had made me stuck on 5 stone! I only eat chicken and fish every other night with salad and rice or vegetables and jp or sweet potatoes, is there any diet to follow on day to day?

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Cystic Fibrosis Diet?

I would like to ask a question concerning cystic fibrosis diet. I work as a nurse in a hospital, and I heard for a lot of cystic fibrosis cases in last 6 months. Of course, the affected are all newborn, and I am just curious about their fates. I do not want to ask doctors, they all seem jumpy and nervous when you ask them anything about their little patients. So, will there be any help from you?

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Diverticula Diet :: What To Eat And Avoid?

I have now had diverticular disease for the last 12 years and have a flare up every 6 months. I have apparently 6 pouches in my colon. I still do not know what foods to eat and to avoid. I have from my own experience stopped eating certain foods. I do not eat anything with seeds in ie some fruits have seeds so the only fruit I eat is melon pineapples bananas. The doctors say you should have a high fibre diet then they say do not eat seeds. I have just discovered that I should not be eating rice. How about baked beans should I eat these or not? Please could someone tell me as at the moment I am going mad not knowing what I should be doing.

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Diet For Diverticular Disease?

I've had this condition for many years. Recent tests/scan show it's now extensive throughout the bowel. I've been given conflicting advice on appropriate diet and wondered whether anyone can provide more help? I've been taking fibre gel every other day for many years. Consultant insists this should continue.


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Low Fat Diet - Treatment Of Reactive Arthritis

I am a woman of 56 and have never been overweight and up to these eleven years ago enjoyed good health.

My first symptoms started eleven years ago whilst on holiday in France. My elbow and knee joints became difficult to move and painful, particularly when carrying shopping. A fortnight later on my return to England the pain had increased, my ankles had started to swell and I felt generally very unwell, not unlike an onset of influenza. My doctor thought it may have been an insect bite and prescribed a course of antibiotics which had no effect. He then tested me for Lyme's Disease and put me on a further two courses of antibiotics, none of which made any difference. The Lyme's Disease test was negative.

By this time, six weeks from the first symptoms I was almost bed-ridden. The joint pains were almost unbearable, I felt itchy all over and isolated little bumps that were extremely painful to touch appeared under my skin, two on my hand and one on my rib bone. After a couple of days they disappeared and I was left with bruises. Some of my knuckle and finger joints were swollen and started to become slightly deformed. I found that I was passing water about every 30 minutes and had pronounced anxieties, insomnia and depression....I had never suffered from depression before. I also started to experience heart flutters and eczema in my ears.

In desperation I began searching (pre-Google days) for clues in some home medical dictionaries. I came across gout and one of the recommendations for managing this affliction was to cut out all rich and fatty food. Although I knew I did not have gout I thought my problem may have been related, particularly with my swollen ankles which by then had turned a rather nasty brown colour. I decided to experiment and immediately cut out cheese, butter, mayonnaise, oils and fatty meats to achieve a very low fat diet.

Within two days I was feeling much better and over the course of the next month I continued with my experiment and found that within about 24 hours of starting on a higher fat diet again my symptoms would begin to return. Over the next four years and after spending a lot of money on private consultations with no diagnosis being given my doctor eventually referred me to the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in Bath. The consultant diagnosed Poly-Reactive Arthritis. I told him about my very low fat diet (under 20 grams a day) which I had been trying. He said if that worked for me I should keep doing it. Subsequently I developed lactose intolerance. Symptoms from this appear two hours after eating any dairy but I have not found any known connection between this and Reactive Arthritis. I also developed problems in my lower back and X-Rays confirmed that this was caused by arthritis. I am unable to lift even fairly light weights and cannot operate a vacuum cleaner without getting severe back pains for a couple of days.

The diagnosis of Reactive Arthritis was six years ago and if I keep to my very low fat diet I am able to lead an almost normal life. However, I now find that in the past year I have had an increasing amount of urological problems such as cystitis and what were though to be bladder infections, although all the urine tests proved negative. I have also been investigated for possible kidney stones but again this has been negative although on one occasion there was blood in the sample. I have found out in the past few days through Google that symptoms like this are often associated with Reactive Arthritis and called Interstitial Cystitis.

Recently I found the web site for the Arthritis Research Campaign which has a very good information booklet on Reactive Arthritis and in an answer to my questions advised me that cutting down on fat can make a difference in most types of arthritis including inflammatory arthritis, particularly saturated fats which can increase pain and inflammation in the body.

They directed me to their information booklet Diet and Arthritis on their web site at In this publication they recommend concentrating on oils such as olive oil, walnut oil and oil from fatty fish. I thought I would again experiment and only eat the fats they recommended even though I felt sure that too many olives and olive oil dressing would cause a reaction. Twenty four hours after crossing my 20 gram threshold my symptoms reappeared then slowly subsided after I returned to my strict diet.

In all of my research I have not come across any suggestion for treatment of Reactive Arthritis by a low fat diet. I only know that it has worked for me so far.

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Hypothyroidism :: Special Hypothyroid Diet ?

Has anyone heard of a special hypothyroid diet?

I would be grateful for any information please as to what foodstuffs to avoid and which ones would help.

Gas anyone heard of any medications that can cause or worsen hypothyroidism?

Many thanks

Jean x

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Diet / Nutrition :: Boost Your Energy Throughout The Day?

I was wondering what type of ways you guys use to boost your energy throughout the day, whether its coffee, energy drinks, exercise, vitamins, etc. And how effective are these for you? What are negative side effects that you do not like from your energy booster?

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Fatty Liver :: What To Eat (diet Plan)?

I was just diagnosed with fatty liver disease and told I need to eliminate all sorts of foods. I do not know what to eat now. Also I heard that a liver can regenerate itself but others say it does not?

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Hemochromatosis :: Stuck With A Low Iron Diet

has anyone stuck with a low iron diet.  Have you found the results to be beneficial.  I will do anything to avoid more blood draws!

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Headaches :: Trying Migraine Free Diet

I decided a few days ago that I am going to try a Migraine free diet. I love to eat (I'm lucky I have always been thin) and this is a desperate measure, I must tell you. I had 3 migraines last week. If anyone has read my last thread you can see that I used to have only 1 real migraine a month and daily mediocre to severe tension headaches. 3 migraines in a week made me feel broken. I didn't have a headache all weekend, weird, but welcome! My husband is being really supportive and that is a huge plus. Anyone have any advice or thoughts on this diet? Or on reintroducing items?

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Pregnancy :: Can Diet Cause Yeast Infections?

My 1 year old has a bad yeast infection. She has already been prescribed nystatin and it seems to work, but the infection is not going away. The doctor did not answer my question when I asked him what caused yeast infections. He said they just happen. If they just happen how come every baby girl does not have them. Does anyone have any more useful information about what could cause a yeast infection in a 1 year old? I don't believe we were just unlucky.

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Gastroparesis :: Can't Control With Diet - On Aciphex

I have gastroparesis and i am on a gp diet. I have bad acid reflux. I can't seem to control it with diet. I take 20 mg of aciphex. Any recommendations that will help with reflux with my condition?

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Mirtazapine :: Weight Gain Regardless Of Diet

I was told about the risk of weight gain but told it was more to do with increased appetite than fat binding, etc and that as long as I watched what I consumed I'd be fine.  Roll on six weeks and I have surgery and after a further six weeks I feel enormous but put it down to swelling and post-op "taking it easy".  Decide to take control and join weight watchers to find I'd put on over two stone and am the heaviest I've ever been.  One week in with little effort I lose 9lb but three weeks in I've regained 2lb and feel huge again.  Only difference, other than increasing my exercise, was that I'd ran out of mirtazapine 30mg five days before the 9lb loss as my repeat prescription failed to materialise and I started again the day after.  Can weight loss and gain be that rapid be purely down to the mirtazapine?  Having a history of bulimia I am tempted instead to ditch the pills, lose the weight and take the chance that withdrawals are not too catastrophic.  Certainly won't miss the twitchy left eyebrow either!

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