Lansoprazole :: Chest Pain After Stopping - Only Took It For 3 Days

I was put on 15mg of Lansoprazole by my GP as I've been getting interjestion and heartburn from my heart medication. Had a heart attack in August. After taking it for a few days it was making things worse not better so decided to stop taking it. First day ( yesterday ) I felt 'rough' in the afternoon and had to go to bed early. I have felt even worse today and have been having chest pains off and on all day. I have now had chest pain for about an hour and half. It is not the unbearable kind of pain I had when I had my heart attack and I have no pain else where but I have come close to using my GTN spray . I am also constipated and have wind.

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Burns With Red Penis And Scrotum

I have a very red penis and scrotum, it has been inflamed a good few times too,

I thought it could be an allergic reaction to lube or washing powder, some lubes like durex make my penis feel like it is on fire.

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Vomiting Of Stomach Acid That Burns - Ulcer?

if i eat after 10.30am in the morning by 8 pm im bloating up with gas in my stomach, it will not pass either direction, it causes nausea after a while and vomiting of some very strong stomach acid that burns my throat. this may last anywhere from a few hours to the early morning of the next day....but i do find that when my stomach is completely empty after vomiting the pain subsides and im fine again....sometimes i get the sweats with the abdominal pain and if i don't eat at all and fast for the day i have no stomach issues at all....i have questioned whether i have an ulcer but have had no other symptoms of that.....

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Coughing And Mouth Burns

I am having much coughing and my mouth burns and I have a problem with some kind of reflux. I have had endoscope and they reassured me I have no stomach damage but i'm afraid I may have the reflux in my throat and the preds. have caused an awful flare up. Anybody else have these problem? I don't know about all this as I have not been on preds. long enough to get educated about it.

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Burns :: Peeling Skin After Scald (hot Water) - Pink Skin Underneath

I Just need to know if this in normal. I burn myself with hot water last week. I blister formed and then busted open. I drained the yellow/ clear fluid and a small scab in a straight line formed where the blister split. The scab got peeled yesterday by mistake and then a good amount of the skin that was burned ( only about 2-4 inches of skin, may be ) peeled off. It left pink skin exposed underneath. It doesn't really hurt at all, it just itches. I put neosporin and a band-aid on it this morning. I want to know if this is normal, if its going to stay pink like that forever, and if its going to scar.

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Chest Pain :: Sensation Of Food Being Stuck In The Throat/chest

I am experiencing the sensation of food being stuck in the throat/chest, as if you swallowed a large pill and it is resting there. I have had acid reflux issues and take Zantac for it (previously Prilosec) and neither of them helped much. It's difficult to swallow and I also feel like I need to burp to relieve some pressure build-up in my throat/chest.

I woke up out of sleep last night and felt this sensation severely along with stabbing pain in my upper abdomen the radiated up to my chest. There's dull pain in my lower back as well along with nausea, trouble getting a full breath. It's extremely uncomfortable and concerning. It seems to hurt more when lying down, but I feel it when I'm upright too.

I'm waiting on a referral to see a Gastroenterologist to discuss my very extensive list of symptoms.

I understand that it anxiety could add to the pains I'm feeling, and I do have extreme anxiety when it comes to my health, but what I'm worried about is that I woke up out of my sleep with this pain to where it can't be directly caused by anxiety. I've been to the hospital for chest pains a couple of occasions and they ruled out everything but anxiety. So trust me, I know what anxiety can do.

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Chest Swelling And Sharp Pain, Already On Antibiotics For Chest Infection

So spent night in hospital for chest infection on Tuesday night. Been on 50mg steroids and 500 mg Co amoxiclav three times a day.

Pulled my back muscles coughing yesterday so taking diazepam as doctor prescribed for it as asthmatic so can't take ibuprofen.

However today when woke up my lower right lung area is swollen and have acute sharp stabbing pain when cough and constant pain which is dull. Anyone any idea what it is? I'm wondering if diaphragm or maybe need to see doctor for 3rd day this week.

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Anxiety :: Heartburn/chest Tightness/cramping In Chest From Meds?

I'm 29, mostly healthy, unfortunately I'm a cigarette smoker but I am a hypochondriac and suffer from bad anxiety. The past 6 weeks have been tough. I just recently got off Xanax after 5 weeks of daily use for panic attacks and sleep. I was taking about .25 to .5 a night. Quit last Tuesday only withdrawal symptoms was insomnia and a little night sweats. Head feels a lot clearer and I feel better. I'm now taking lexapro which I've now been on for 3 weeks. I do feel it's helping a bit and I also up the dosage from 5mg to 10mg. I'm taking trazodone for sleep also. But In the past 2 weeks I have been getting some chest cramping. Tightness in the center of my breasts, little pains here and there but I can't figure out if it's heartburn, acid indigestion, or what it can be. I know anxiety can give u tightness in the chest which I have felt many times but the cramping and tightness freaks me out! The hypochondriac part of me keeps thinking I'm having lung issues or heart issues. It's like if it ain't one thing it's another with me. And I hate it. Does anyone have anything like that from meds? I need some reassurance. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow to make sure it's just from the meds.

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Asthma :: Chest Tightness At Start Of Cold /chest Infection

I'm 60, had asthma for just over 3 years, which started after a persistent bout of bronchitis. I take Seretide twice daily. I try to run regularly when I'm able, but I'm never quite sure how I should respond at the onset of normal cold symptoms. Once I have any degree of cold infection, I regularly experience chest tightness and discomfort immediately, almost before any cold symptoms have established. I'm not really sure what the best strategy is to get rid of the chest tightness, prevent the cold developing and enable me to continue exercising. I try increasing my inhaler dose, take extra vitC, etc but without great success. I'd really value hearing how others deal with this, is it just a case of putting up with it, or should I be able to nip it in the bud?

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Lansoprazole :: Coming Off It

I have been on Lansoprazole since I was 7 (now 22) varying from 15 mg to 60 mg depending on the severity of my GERD. I am thinking after controlling my lifestyle (e.g. foods, fitness, alcohol intake) of slowing coming of the medication.. I was wondering if anyone else has also been on Lansoprazole for years! and then decided to come off it? If so did you experience any nasty side effects?

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Lansoprazole :: Effective For Gout ?

i have just been prescribed lansoprazole for gout, how will this help?

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Omeprazole Vs. Lansoprazole - Which Is More Effective

I have the option to use either for triple therapy to treat a stomach infection (h.pylori)

Omeprazole 20mg 1 tab twice daily
Lansoprazole 15mg 2 tab once daily before dinner

Which one would be more effective? If I have to suffer more so be it. I want this thing gone.

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Lansoprazole :: Take 30 To 60 Minutes Before Food

The pharmacy instructions on my daughter`s Lansoprazole tablets say `Take 30 to 60 minutes before food`. Does this mean she ought to have something to eat within 60 minutes of taking the tablets or that, although she must wait for at least 30 minutes before eating, it would be better to wait for 60 minutes?

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Omeprazole To Lansoprazole :: Musculoskeletal Fatigue

has anyone changed from Omeprazole to Lansoprazole and suffered Increased health issues, most notably MSK (musculoskeletal skeletal), fatigue, less able etc?

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Omeprazole And Lansoprazole :: Hair Loss

i was on 40mgs omeprazole had large hair loss.Consultant a week ago change it to 30mgs lansoprazole. worried now that the loss will continue and be permanent. I have straight auburn hair, no curls

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Hair Loss With Lansoprazole, Atenolol And Ramipril

I am taking Ramipril and I am suffering hair loss I also take Lansoprazole, Atenolol, all describe patients can suffer hair loss so I'm confused any help out there...havn't got a lot of hair left so please hurry ..

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Lansoprazole :: Side Effects - Bad Wind And Burping

I have just completed a month course of this medication, prescribed due to possible acid reflux. I got rid of the final tablet as I feel the side effects were too bad to carry on even for just one more day. I felt worn out - very bad wind and burping from week one - my husband commented on this. Also feeling as though I would throw up at any minute - still a bit of shoulder pain but the chest pain has now diminished. Had a couple of nights when I did not even go to bed it was that bad so perhaps that is why I am so tired. Now two days after my last tablet I still have a lot of wind which does not seem to be shifting - maybe I will try charcoal tabs as I have heard that these work well. Still stressed out at work so I suppose I will have to put up with this until I retire. Really makes me fee so depressed and unhappy

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Lansoprazole :: Acid Reflux With Gallstones - Effective?

Have had Ulcerative Colitis for 40 years so have accepted stomach pains as a way of life, even though it`s managed with Nsaid`s.

But for the last couple of years or so I occasionally got sudden chronic pains under the ribcage about 30 minutes after a meal. Would last anything from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

I couldn't see an obvious pattern to the attacks. would go days or weeks OK then out of the blue it would kick off.

Lately they have become more frequent with shorter periods between attacks.

Yesterday saw the GP who suspected Gallstones and has requested an ultrasound scan. It seems that attacks are much more likely after meals with a high fat content, such as a roast dinner. The theory is that as the gallbladder produces bile to digest the fat it reacts with gallstones along the way and hey presto agony!

GP has prescribed a fat-free diet, (so no chips, butter, cheese etc), and also Lansoprazole 30mg for an initial month. Took the first one today.

Bit early to make a judgement yet, but have felt just fine today.

Constipation is more common with colitis, so any sudden occurrence of diarrhea could almost certainly be put down to the Lansoprazole.

Will post progress reports if any side effects occur.

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Lansoprazole (Prevacid) Causing Back Pain?

I have been taking Lansoprazole since April of 2014. I have just developed upper back pain and pain in my sternum area. I also just started taking Potassium supplementation for low potassium. One of these, I believe is causing my back pain.

Anyone else out there suffering from upper (and lower) back pain and pain in the sternum area? Did it stop when you discontinued the Lansoprazole?

Thank you for any help!

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