Oraquick After 45 Minutes Of Eating - Food Particles Affected The Test?

I took an Oraquick home saliva test about 45 minutes after eating. The test was negative, but when I took the strip out after 20 minutes to throw it away, I noticed a food particle on the test pad (from some chips I had eaten an hour before) that had apparently been stuck to my gums and swept up by the pad. I know I am being paranoid to begin with by even testing (I have some issues with anxiety/OCD, which I freely admit), so not sure I want to invest in another test kit. My question is then, how likely is it that this food particle would actually affect the results? Would it be more likely to make the test falsely negative or falsely positive? I did get a control line, if that counts for anything...

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Pregnancy :: Contractions Every 30 Minutes With Discharge

My contractions have started to pick up, theyre one every 30 mins. Everytime I get one alot of discharge comes out.  This has never happened.  It is normal ?

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Pregnant? Boyfriend Pulled Out About 5 Minutes Before He Came

Boyfriend pulled out about 5 minutes before he came, I had my period two weeks later as normal but a few days ago (2 weeks or so after my period) my stomach started cramping up and it's looking bigger. Is this just because I've been eating more or is pregnancy more likely?

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Took 15 Minutes - No Sedation For Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

This evening I went for my flexible sigmoidoscopy & to say I was terrified was an understatement. I did not eat all day just in case I opted for sedation. On arrival the nurse showed me to my room & could see how nervous I was & she was so lovely & talked me through the procedure & said she really didn't think I would need sedation. I decided to go ahead without sedation & can honestly say this was the right decision. I could feel the air being put into my colon & the did have some slight pain very near the end of the procedure but it was bearable & I am quite a wimp. The worst part for me was when it was all over & I had wind but this only lasted for approx an hour. I am extremely lucky as there was nothing wrong which I am very happy about & the peace of mind is such a huge relief. I would certainly recommend having this procedure if you have any concerns. The whole thing lasted approx 15 mins.

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Trimethoprim :: Vomiting And Shaking Within 10 Minutes

My wife had a bladder infection (the second within a month) and was prescribed a 7 day course of trimethoprim. On the 7th day (having taken the last tablet) she began vomiting and shaking - within 10 minutes of this starting she become disorientated and lost her memory. She was immediately hospitalised and given a MRI scan of her brain plus various blood and urine tests but all tests proved negative. For 24 hours she suffered from extreme short term memory lose. She could not remember events that had happened just 10 seconds before hand. Very scary. I have found this web site on the second day and am relieved to see she is not alone and that the events she is experiencing are probably related to trimethoprim. 36 hours later she is still bed bound (now back at home) and has a bad headache and hot/cold sweats, neck pain and diarrhoea. Sleep seems to be the best aid but she is finding it difficult to sleep as her brain is a hive of activity trying to reconstruct the lost bits. The only drug she is now willing to take is paracetamol which helps a little. Thankfully her short term memory is now working again. How this drug has obtained a licence is a question that needs to be asked

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Pregnancy :: Labour? Having Contractions Every 5 Minutes

having contractions in every 5 min but pain is not getting hard for 1.5 hour ... Am I going to labour ? How long should I wait to call my doc ?

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Menopause :: Intense Hot Flashes Every 20-30 Minutes

I am 56 years old and have had hot flashes for about a year but for the past months they have been intense every 20-30 minutes and am going crazy. I am soaking wet and cannot sleep due to these episodes. I took I-Cool and it worked for awhile then just stopped working. I tried it again for 3+ months and it just didn't work again for me. I have been prescribed Gabapentin which doesn't help. So now I am trying Extra Strength Estroven (1 per day) and Black Cohosh (2 per day) and have been taking them for 5 days now with no relief yet. This is so debilitating as I don't go out much and cannot wear much in the way of clothing or even shoes as I get sooooo hot and sweaty.

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Lansoprazole :: Coming Off It

I have been on Lansoprazole since I was 7 (now 22) varying from 15 mg to 60 mg depending on the severity of my GERD. I am thinking after controlling my lifestyle (e.g. foods, fitness, alcohol intake) of slowing coming of the medication.. I was wondering if anyone else has also been on Lansoprazole for years! and then decided to come off it? If so did you experience any nasty side effects?

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Pregnancy:: Having Contractions 10 Minutes Apart For The Past Few Hours

I've been having contractions 10 minutes apart for the past few hours....

Can this go on all night?

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COPD :: Coughing Episode That Lasts 15 Minutes After Sex

I am a 53 year old man. I have an enlarged heart' and copd. 3 or 4 times a day I have a coughing episode that lasts 15 min. It consists of coughing, gagging, dry heaves and clear liquid or spit. Always immediately after sexual climax this happens. No other pattern is noticed. I also have some form of ED. What is this?

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Lansoprazole :: Effective For Gout ?

i have just been prescribed lansoprazole for gout, how will this help?

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Omeprazole Vs. Lansoprazole - Which Is More Effective

I have the option to use either for triple therapy to treat a stomach infection (h.pylori)

Omeprazole 20mg 1 tab twice daily
Lansoprazole 15mg 2 tab once daily before dinner

Which one would be more effective? If I have to suffer more so be it. I want this thing gone.

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Lansoprazole :: Chest Burns

Well I was given this medication as a result of a number of symptoms, like stomach cramps, heartburn, indigestion, and my chest muscles, rib cage all ached, a week prior I couldn't use the toilet, but that seemed to have went, and after I was given these tabs for the other symptoms.

I have been on them for a week and a bit more, and I didn't take them today because the aches from my left leg and arm was too much, I ain't been able to sleep properly, right now I've got a headache, and my leg and arm have been weak for like a week now, I wanna believe its a result from the tablets but prior to being on the medication, I felt a sort of sensation in that side of my body b4 I actually took the tablets, however it has become more achy, and my neck and upper back also have began to ache.

The doc prescribed me these tabs on the basis I did say I had chest burns, and it very well could be the acid which triggered it all. However I'm a female and 19, ain't had no illness like this before, but I'd really just prefer to cure my symptoms the natural way.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Watery Discharge Minutes After Sex

I used to have a discharge some minutes after sex which I don't understand

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Ten Minutes After Alcohol - Increasing Heart Rate With Red Eyes?

I am facing while drinking 30ml of alcohol drinks after 10 minutes my heart rate get rising, my eye got redish and my ears also get so hot ..

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Omeprazole To Lansoprazole :: Musculoskeletal Fatigue

has anyone changed from Omeprazole to Lansoprazole and suffered Increased health issues, most notably MSK (musculoskeletal skeletal), fatigue, less able etc?

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Omeprazole And Lansoprazole :: Hair Loss

i was on 40mgs omeprazole had large hair loss.Consultant a week ago change it to 30mgs lansoprazole. worried now that the loss will continue and be permanent. I have straight auburn hair, no curls

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Pregnancy :: Labour - Mucus Plug Lost And Contractions Every 15 Minutes

I've been in slow Labour for a week now contracting every 15 minutes for about a minute tonight it's gone to every 3-5 minutes for about 30-60 seconds I haven't lost my plug yet but didn't readily have one with my son at all ( this is my second baby ) anyone know how to bring  Labour on a bit more in so Much pain ( I have spd and my hips are all out of place ) due on 17th Sept but been induced on 5th if don't have her beforehand Dr has said from all scans she is ready if she came now she will be fine .

Sorry for tmi but my stomach is gurgling as well and made me have a loose motion but feel fine just the contractions.

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Pregnancy :: Labour? Tightening Every 4 Minutes - Lower Back Pain

I'm getting tightening every 4 mins with lower back ache have been for the past hour. Could this be it now? It's uncomfortable that when moving doesn't stop and I can't sleep through it too just feel poop i'd say they're getting slightly stronger but to be fair can hardly think straight apart from its hurting

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