ALIF Surgery - How Bad Post-op Pain And Recovery Time?

I am going to be scheduled for an L5/S1 (ALIF) fusion surgery. While I am in significant amounts of pain, I am nervous about the recovery for this procedure. I would like to think that I have a high tolerance of pain but I am very nervous about this procedure. How long is the typical recovery time and how bad is the post-op pain? I am having a difficult time deciding when to have my surgery because I don't know how long to expect to be incapacitated.

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Nervous System :: Cavernoma Brain Surgery Recovery Time?

I'm 20 and im coming closer and closer to getting neurosurgery to remove a cavernoma, its at the left just sitting on the top of my brain, the side effect from it is epilepsy (my left cheek goes tingly..that's all)and that's stopping me from being able to drive, which costs me jobs and frustrates me a lot since my neurologist found out what it was weeks before my driving test so i never even got to pass!the other problem is it could burst and then id be dead...Yay.So were looking at the neurosurgery, i was just wondering if anyone knew the answers to the following questions:

how long will general recovery take? i.e. how long will i be in hospital for? and how long before i will feel normal again?

how long before you can drive after brain surgery? as my aunt got a tumor removed and she has to wait a year.
what are most common side effects after that kind of surgery?

how big a dent will i have in my head after? the thing there taking out is like insanely small, like quarter of your thumb nail size.

obviously its dangerous but is there much chance of anything going bad or are these ops a pretty standard thing nowadays ?

and can it come back? i don't know if that would depend on what they're removing? 

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Foot / Ankle :: Heel Fracture (no Surgery) Recovery Time

I broke my heel 54 days ago, felling down from 2nd floor. I am really nervous & worried about... Doctor told me you need to keep cast for 60 days (or 8 weeks) 2 weeks ago I had 2nd x-ray, it was 40th day of fracture... I smoke, as you know it makes bone recovery period longer....On my X-ray heel didn't look like recovered....bones were darker color, fracture place still lighter, but doctor said its fine & you can put weight on that foot and come back after 2 weeks, we will take off cast and put on some kinda fixing boot. However, neither 2 weeks ago, not now I can put weight on it. It hurts so bad....I don't know what to do, do what doctor says, or listen my pain? I want to know if its normal to feel such bad pain whilst doctor say your bone is okay? and how come it's okay, if on my X-ray even I can see its not okay.

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Vasectomy :: Recovery Time?

I posted the other day about something more specific, riding my bicycle, but today am just more curious about recovery times. It's been 6 weeks since my vasectomy and I'm still not better. I seem to take 2 steps forward, 1.75 steps backwards. My wife wants me to remain optimistic..."Some people just recover slower than others", I however am VERY worried that the pain could be with me for the rest of my life. How optimistic/pessimistic should I be? It's difficult to find good info about vasectomy recovery on the internet. How long has it taken some of you or someone you know to heal completely?

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Broken 2nd, 3rd And 4th Metatarsal - Recovery Time

I thought I would write something about this (highly out of character), as when I did it (in an effort to find some comfort and provide my rugby club with information as to when I would be fit again) I searched the internet for all the articles I could, and it was in this minefield that I encountered, from miracle healers to those reoccurring 2 year problems, and as such my mind was boggled. Doctors also provide some guidelines on what is normal to be off crutches but after that recovery rates varied due to ages and previous physical nature of the participants, so whilst this is by no means a complete list, it may offer some help to those who are physically active and still relatively young (sorry).

So to give you my information, I am 25 y/o, male, play rugby to a reasonable standard, cycle 100km plus a week, as well as gyming or some kind of training most days (so needless to say I normally tick the extremely active box).

Previously I had not had any injuries to my feet, and it was just a freak occurrence due to the weight of several men going through it whilst being tackled, the break was fortunate enough to be closed fractures, but still it bloody hurt.

I did this on the 24th January 2016, and was in a soft shell boot for four weeks, at week two I got back in the gym but was very limited on what I could do - machines only (free weights were impossible as I could not lift these without putting pressure through my foot). At the beginning of week 5 I got rid of the boot yet continued using crutches for another 2 weeks. At the start of week 7 I could finally walk again (albeit with a heavy limp), however I did manage to get back on my bike (solid sole - clip in shoes), at the start of week 8 I was squatting with light weight, walking with a slight limp, though many gym exercises were still difficult, at the start of week 9, most gym exercises were becoming easier and getting more weight on them, in week 10 I decided I was close to being able to jog - not the case and got quite a bit of pain going through it, however I am confident my foots resistance will build up over the week.

Anyway I thought I’d write this now, as once I am fit again I will forget all about the injury, and so probably would not write this and be of any help to anyone. So it will get better, just it does take time, finally over the last few days I looked up more information on general bone healing; this states around 3-4months and I believe this to be more accurate for these recoveries than anything I read on forums.

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L5-S1 Microdiscectomy - Still In Pain - Recovery Time?

I am early on after my discectomy (day 3), but I am concerned. I see many people have immediate pain reduction, I woke up and still had my preop pain. Now it's just pain deep in my thigh and the surgical pain. I am also worried because I still can't stand up straight! I haven't been able to stand straight for two months following a car accident that reherniated my l5s1. The original injury was resolved to an acceptable level without surgery. It was interesting that the car accident immediately stopped all nerve pain in my right leg that I learned to live with, but it moved to the left leg!

I am just getting concerned since I see so many posts where people wake up painless and can walk freely. I can walk for maybe 2 minutes then i am in really bad pain, and i'm hunched over while walking. Should I be concerned? Any insights from people with less than storybook recoveries?

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Bunionectomy Recovery Time - 8 Weeks?

I considering getting both my bunions removed. I was wondering because I work full time as a cake decorator, (constant walking),how realistic is it going back to work after surgery 8 weeks later?

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Recovery Time? ACL Reconstruction And Meniscus Repair

I am due to have acl reconstruction and meniscus repair what would be the recovery time as im also due for carpal tunnel surgery.

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General :: Lymph Node Removal-recovery Time?

I had surgery Monday and had two lymph nodes removed from the left side of my neck, one in the front and one in the back. Now I am wondering how long it will take me to recover. It was day surgery, so I thought I would be feeling better by now.

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Lumbar Synovial Cyst Removed - Recovery Time?

I had a laminectomy with removal of a synovial cyst exactly 17 days now and feel wonderful. Last weeks follow up visit actually was an eye opener because i found out I was doing too much, like bending for example, and I am really suppose to take it easy so the scar tissue can form a strong bond.
My cyst was large and sitting on the nerve root. As soon as it was removed the compressed nerve popped right back up, all good news.

I am wondering how soon before i can start doing other things besides resting and walking. I understand the golf is not happening for at least another 6 weeks and that's ok, but can I swim or when can i ride a bike?

I have basically no pain aside from a little muscle spasms.

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Endometrial Resection - Recovery Time - Still Bleeding (18 Days)

I had this operation done 18 days ago. To remove the lining from the womb. I am still bleeding. It isn't as heavy as it was before operation. But still like a light to normal period. I suffer with very lower left back pain, this has been worse since I have been bleeding heavy & it is still there. Anyone else had endometrial resection? 

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Ulcerative Colitis :: Permanent Ileostomy Recovery Time

I had UC for 15 yes and had a j pouch for 13 years. It never really worked well and ended up requesting my surgeon to let me go back to a stomach. 2 weeks ago I had the pouch and rectum completely removed, yes it was painful but am off pain killers now and have started walking around the block and a bit further everyday. I am really pleased with my stoma now, it has been the best thing I have ever done, no pain, no rushing for the loo. I can sleep, I have never slept so much. What I want to know is when can I start doing things, you know like lifting the kettle for starters! I haven't been given specific exercises or instructions on when I can do what. I want to get back to normal family, you life with husband and kids, what is everyone else's experience. I have looked on line but tend to end up on sites selling stoma products which aren't really helpful.

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Hemorrhoids :: Recovery From THD/HALO Procedure?

I had a haemorrhoidectomy about 4 years ago with a very painful recovery and problem now back so going for the Halo/THD procedure very soon.

Has anyone had this done and how was the recovery from it?

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Hallux Rigidus - Bone Spurs Removal - Recovery Time?

Hallux Rigidus on both big toes . Surgery is to consist of bone spurs removed and then the existing flap of cartilage will be placed in the space left from deteriorating joints ... My question is this: the doctor and nurses said 4 weeks recovery . I am an independent home assistant which means along with vacuuming, dusting, beds, bathrooms I rearrange furniture and hang pictures, organizing etc... Being self employed and this being my only source of income I very concerned on the REALISTIC HEALING TIME

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Recovery Time? Lumbar 4-5 Laminectomy With Synovial Cyst Removal

i am having a posterior lumbar 4-5 laminectomy with synovial cyst removal on August 27,2015. I have a 5 day trip to Germany planned 6 &1/2 weeks later.

I now know the recovery to be longer than the one week I had thought. I know it is at least 6 weeks, after my pre surgery intake with the wonderful nurse I have. Does anyone have feedback about a 8 hour plane ride to Europe with only 6 weeks recovery time? Thanks

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Eye :: Membrane Peeling/macular Pucker Vision Recovery Time?

Had membrane peeling surgery done last Thursday and am wondering how quickly the vision recovers? The day after mine, when the patch was taken off, I barely could see 20/200 so the assisting surgeon put a patch back on (to help pressure build up) and sent me home. I was in complete shock because my vision before was good (other than the wavy/distortion/smaller letters).   True to his word, my vision was greatly improved the next day (although I looked like I took a hard left from Mike Tyson :).  Before surgery, I was seeing 20/50 uncorrected and 20/30-2 corrected but objects were distorted and wavy and there was concern if left untreated it could further worsen my central vision (white spots, etc).  I had 3 unsuccessful detached retina surgeries prior before Dr Charles successfully reattached my retina with full silicone oil fill.  I developed a bad cataract from the oil so it was removed first (which may be unique to others here).  When he did the membrane peeling he told me it should get me to the 20/30 to 20/20 uncorrected range. I have already noticed a great difference in the distortion issues but my vision is still blurry but improving.  I know I'm early in the recovery process and although I'm a veteran at retina surgeries (both eyes), I know very little about the results of membrane peeling (other than vision improves significantly in most cases). I am curious on how long it has taken for others (days, weeks, months, years) for recovery of vision to be complete following the membrane peeling surgery. 

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Recovery Time? Plantar Fascia Release With Heel Spur Removal

7 weeks ago I had plantar fascia release with heel spur removal surgery (also PTT repair, Achilles decompression, and Peroneal tendon decompression in same surgery). Anyhow, I am hoping someone can share their post-op experiences regarding how long before you were able to walk; when did the sensitivity in your heel resolve, and did you have any short-term or long-term nerve injury issues?

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Hemorrhoids :: My THD Procedure Recovery Experience Normal?

For approx. 10 years I've been dealing with internal and external haemorrhoids (rhoids) and the occasional prolapse - too embarrassed to seek medical attention I've just tried my hardest, despite the discomfort, to carry on regardless.  After a recent defining moment in the bathroom I decided enough was enough and booked a visit to see my GP, which to my surprise was not as embarrassing as I thought it would be.  Following a digital examination the GP confirmed that the usual solutions would not suffice and a referral to a Consultant was needed - fortunately I have private medical insurance and my appointment came through quickly.

At my first appointment the Consultant completed a digital examination for himself and deduced that my rhoids were “quite large”.  At this stage he suggested a Sigmoidoscopy (lower bowel camera) and ligation (banding) to see if that would help - whilst I was told the procedure is uncomfortable and not painful I opted for sedation on the basis that why would anyone choose to be in any discomfort when they really don’t need to be!?![/color]

Having researched the procedure online I returned to the hospital some 3 weeks later.  I have to say the enema was a surprise in more ways than one – I now understand it’s a necessary requirement, but given the reason it’s being administered is it unreasonable to assume they would be a little more gentle? #Wowzers!  Anyway, I waited around all morning and I was eventually taken to the Operating Room (OR). At this point I have to say Sedation is wonderful - I remember nothing between the fluid being injected in the cannula and subsequently being in the recovery room. Given I had been tinkered with all I can remember at this point is feeling as though I needed to go to the toilet.  I was subsequently transferred back to my room where I remained for a couple of hours in a little discomfort, but I recall being in pain – the Consultant came to say he would see me at my follow-up appointment and I was eventually released by a nurse that said “it looks like you’re coming back to see us” and I spotted THD on her paperwork.

It was about 2-3 weeks when I had a follow-up with my Consultant, which gave me lots of time to read up on what THD was etc. – compared to the rhoidectomy of yesteryear it sounded like an absolute gem of a procedure.  The Consultant asked how I had got on with the ligation and I explained there had been no real change however, he said he didn’t think it would work given the size of the rhoids – so we discussed returning for a THD in 2 weeks’ time. So, there is the background…

I returned to the hospital for my THD last Friday and, given the procedural information I had read on line, I was feeling quite good about it.  Having had another fairly uncomfortable enema (by the hands of the person that delivered the previous one! #Ouch) I was told that I was 2nd on the list and would be seen quite quickly – it was roughly mid-morning when I walked to the OR.  At this point I was given the cannula etc. before the GA was administered.  Quick question:  Is it just me that likes that dizzy lightheaded feeling you get with a GA?  I’ve had a few in my time and I really enjoy it!

]The next thing I remember is waking up in the Recovery Room with an overwhelming feeling that I needed a bowel movement (BM) – I’m talking that real desperate need somebody has when they have a stomach upset.  I recall one nurse saying it’s probably the packing and the other said the consultant did not use any – I was then told somebody was on their way to transfer me to my room but I could have a bed pan if I needed it.  I was quickly returned to my room and I asked if I was able to go to the toilet – I was told I could, but needless to say I actually couldn’t do either of the things one usually does when they visit the lavatory!

After a good hour or so I asked if any pain relief was available as I was really quite uncomfortable.  I was subsequently given codeine, which did help – mainly because I fell asleep if I’m honest!  I was woken by a nurse wanting to take my obs – I said I needed the loo first and the nurse agreed to return within several minutes.  I managed to urinate however, upon returning to the room the nurse had quite a fright as found me lying on the bed looking as white as the pillow case, feeling dizzy and sweating – I was given Oxygen for a while.  I was given more codeine later on and, after more sleep, I eventually saw the Consultant who said that he would see me again in a couple of weeks, but with regard to that day I could stay overnight or go home. Being tired as I was unable to get any decent sleep, I opted to go home at around 18:30. Upon check out I was prescribed Fybogel (to be taken Twice Daily) and Paracetamol (as and when) – due to other ailments I have access to Co Codamol 30/500 and Tramadol hence I was good to go. The journey home was not too bad however, the left side of my rectum was particularly sore hence I sat with all my weight on the right bottom cheek for the duration. When at home I pretty much spent the evening sleeping, thinking about the toilet or trying to go to the toilet!

I woke up several times in the night with the feeling that I needed to go to the toilet, so I eventually got up to watch TV at around 04:30. Feeling the need to go to toilet lasted all day – other than briefly after passing wind or a short while longer after taking a Tramadol.  I eventually went for a very small BM however, it was quite painful to be honest and I wondered if my body was telling me I needed to but my head was telling me not to – I was literally having spasms, such a weird feeling that happened several times throughout the day. The good news was that whilst I still felt rough, I was more mobile and thought THD may just be the best thing since sliced bread.

Pretty much mirrors Day two having woken up at 04:00.  I went downstairs and eventually managed to go to the toilet for a small BM however, it was soooo painful I felt exhausted afterward.  I returned to bed mid-morning for a couple of hours and then remained in the confines of my house for the rest of the day. 

Woke up at a reasonable time and managed to potter around the house all day.  Took a 40 minute drive to take my child to school and back and noticed that the desperate urge to go to the toilet has been replaced with a fullness/weight feeling and there is now an aching on the left side of my rectum.  I managed to do the smallest of BM’s, which, in the main, was probably my body dispelling some of the Fybogel!  In cleaning myself I noticed a small lump on my rectum, which I can only liken to an external rhoid – brilliant, just brilliant! By the afternoon I actually felt like I was in pain until I read about and decided to take a sitz bath – temporarily relieving the pain, until I took more Tramadol

Today. I’m feeling somewhat down about my post THD experience.  It doesn’t seem to be consistent with the majority of literature that says you’ll be running marathons within 48 hours (slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean)!  I’ve got what I think is an external rhoid, the left side of my rectum is uncomfortable, and when I sit down or stand up I can feel pressure - like you do when the rhoids are playing up…not to mention that after I drove my child to school today I felt like I’d received a swift kick up the arse when I got back to the house.  I had a BM this afternoon and it was painful…AGAIN…I ended up elevating my feet on a footstool to making the passing of the BM more comfortable!

Having got all that of my chest, I’m hoping somebody can offer an opinion on the following…[/color]

Could the lump on my rectum be linked to the procedure and shrink over time?  I’m wondering if I’ve not noticed before as I previously had a prolapse?

Could the lump be a new rhoid or hematoma given the constant feeling of requiring the loo and then my associated attempts to go?

Given I’m now at Day 5, should I really have an aching feeling where I think the procedure was completed?

Given I’m still uncomfortable, would you contact the GP or carry on taking the tramadol for now?

I’m off work at the moment, but I will need a sick note in 2 days – is it likely that I’ll be ready to go back at this point?

Many thanks for reading and, where you can, replying with your comment(s).

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Hemorrhoids :: Recovery After Excised Thrombosed External Piles?

A thrombosed external hemorrhoid popped up Tuesday and had it taken off yesterday. Didn't sleep all night in pain and in quite a bit of pain today.

Wondering what a normal recovery is like? Trying to not get down by being realistic.

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