Macular Pucker / Epiretinal Membrane - Double Vision

I've had this for about five years now and it affects the vision in my right eye - straight lines are wavy, etc.  The worst thing is the double vision I get, as the image I get from each eye is different.  I've still to find anybody who has, or has had, this and would really like to compare notes with somebody about it.

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Eye :: Macular Pucker Surgery Recovery

I can see 20/200 on my left eye, but after macular pucker surgery, i can only see light , but no image after 2 1/2 days .

Is that normal?

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Vitrectomy For Macular Pucker - Grey Vision Patches

I had a vitrectomy for a macular pucker a year and a half ago. The main symptom was distortion. After the surgery, I had gray patches in my field of vision, which I hoped would go away in time, since the surgeon said it might take a year for full recovery. Needless to say, I still have the gray patches, cannot read with that eye, and the doctor brushed me off without ever explaining what was going on, as did two other ophthalmologists. I developed the expected cataract and had cataract surgery two days ago. It went fine and was "successful," but I still have patchy vision in that eye. Does anyone know anything about it and if anything can be done? I assume it is the damage to the receptors when the scar tissue was pulled up.

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Eye Surgery :: Cataract And Macular Pucker At Same Time?

Diagnosed with Macular Pucker.  Retina specialist had me try steroid drops but did not help vision in fact made it worse.  So surgery is now recommended.  I would like to get a second opinion.  Also have developed cataract in that eye and wonder if that can be done at the same time. 

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Eye :: Macular Pucker, Surgery Yes Or No?

I would love to hear stories of how this surgery turned out for you.

Mine, diagnosed last Aug. and on a recheck found it to be slightly worse so they recommend surgery to fix it. I was seeing 20/40 and she didn't say what it was on this recent appt. I can tell it's worse.

Is it worth the risks of surgery to repair this? I've read that if it gets worse the correction will not work as well. If done early success is more likely.

The risks scare me. Infection, Retina detachment, double vision.....

How can I decide if this is right for me?

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Macular Pucker At 70 - Untreatable Due To Age?

Recently went for my annual checkup to my retinal specialist and the  exam revealed a weakness in my right eye. Focus not clear in it,  and wavy lines when reading a grid.  I was surprised at the wavy lines!

Long story short was diagnosed with macular pucker in the bad eye. When questioned about the cause etc was told its from age (I am 70) and there was nothing that could be done to address the degradation in vision.

After researching the diagnosis it seemed there is a surgical procedure to address the scarring and improve vision, but  although it may help it is not a complete cure.

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Eye :: Macular Pucker - Surgery Or Not? Risks?

I have had a macular pucker in my right eye for three years. It's not terrible, just very frustrating. It has been changing only a little from year to year.

I have not wanted to try vitreous surgery for epimacular membranes (macular pucker 'repair') because of the risk of some of the receptor cells being damaged as the scar tissue (epimacular membrane) is pulled off the macula. I don't want blind spots.

Yesterday an optometrist told me that I risk getting those same blind spots by not having the surgery - because the scar tissue is pulling the receptor cells away from their blood supply.

Is/are there any data or studies that compare the risks of having the surgery with the risks of not having the surgery - as regards damage to the macular cells?

I know that development of cataracts is a well known complication of having the surgery. And having to risk cataract surgery is another reason I have for resisting the pucker repair.

I am seriously considering getting glasses that adjust for my main problem (things look 15% bigger in my right eye). This condition, caused by the membrane, is called aniseikonia and can be compensated for by getting glasses that minimize the image in my right eye.

If the risks of surgery, and there are many, are greater than no surgery, special glasses will be my choice.

I've read that, on average, the surgery, if successful, gives you back half of the vision originally lost to the pucker. I think that means I would still need special glasses.

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Eye Collapse After Macular Pucker Surgery

I have had 5 surgeries on my left eye. It started with a basic cataract surgery that I had cloudy vision issues with, retina detachment, high eye pressure, laser to "fix the pressure issue which did not work, a tube was put in to decrease the pressure which worked and finally macular pucker surgery but the eye collapsed and the Dr. had to inject something into the eye to maintain the shape.... At this point, 2 months after the macular pucker surgery, my vision has not improved and I can only see faint images for distance and can't read anything.

The cataract and laser surgery was performed by an ophthalmologist and all of the other procedures was done by a retina specialist.

My retina Dr. is saying that the eye is still swollen and recovering from the "collapse" and it will take time before my sight begins to improve

Is there anyone who has had the same issues?  Any suggestions?

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Eye :: Macular Pucker Surgery - Risks Vs. Outcomes?

Over a year ago I noticed a change in my vision. It was diagnosed as a macular pucker. I repeated a visit to a retina specialist and she recommends surgery to repair it at an early stage rather than waiting until it gets worse. I live in a large metro area with great doctors and the one I see has good marks.

I can see 20/40 in the bad eye and just fine in the other one. I do wear glasses though. I can tell that my vision is weird as it tries to blend the 2 eyes together but it doesn't stop me from living a normal life.

So, is it worth it to have the surgery like they say or can I just wait it out? If it never changes from what I have I will be fine. I fear the bad results possible with surgery. Why risk a bad outcome and a worse problem than I have now?

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Eye :: Macular Pucker Worsened After Cataract Surgery

On Jan 6 of this year my ophthalmologist advised me I had a macular pucker in my right eye.  During that visit and prior to her diagnosis I received an eye chart test in which I noticed for the first time that straight lines were slightly wavy in the right eye.  

My doctor’s diagnosis was that the  same right eye had a cataract and I should see an eye surgeon to discuss possible surgery.

A month later I had the cataract surgery and was on a regimen of eye drops (pred Forte & Ilevro)
(one week prior and three weeks after the surgery).

On 3/21 (my last post op visit) I mentioned that the cataract surgery has improved the vision in the right eye but I have noticed the waviness of straight lines due to the macular pucker in the same eye seems a little more pronounced.   I was given a test to see if the pucker had  worsened and was told it had but only slightly  (foveal thickness was 429 from  437 on Feb 6

I was also told to continue with the pred forte but increase to 3 times a day and the ilevro twice a day.

The doctor said it was possible the cataract surgery may have affected the pucker a little and that I should see a retinal specialist in several weeks  to learn if the pucker size had changed further.

Am looking for a second opinion on this course of action and to see if anyone has had a similar experience with cataract surgery affecting a macular pucker

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Macular Pucker - Feel Wobbly Or Slightly Off Balance?

Does your distorted vision make you feel wobbly or slightly off balance?

I have had one for a few months (perhaps longer, I wasn't aware of what it was) and my first diagnosis was anxiety.

So now I think the anxiety is making me feel off balance and shaky but could it just be the distorted vision that does this to me?

Do you ever get used to it? Mine is 20/40 and I have no decided on surgery.

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Eye :: Macular Pucker Surgery Wait Till You Are Unable To Drive

I am a 73 year old active male who was diagnosed with a macular pucker in my left eye a few years ago.

At that time I went to a retina specialist who said he would do the surgery but most people wait until they can no  longer drive. Also the surgeon was my age and I don't want someone my age doing the surgery so I started seeing another retina specialist and she agreed that we would keep watching it and wait until it got worse. Last June when I saw her she said my vision in that eye is getting worse and if it continues to decline at the same rate of speed she would recommend the surgery in one year. She also gave me an eye chart and said to check it once a month and if getting worse to call her. Well it has gotten slightly worse and I have an appointment with her this june so I am sure she will want to do the surgery but it hasn't effected my life style at all . I can read the newspaper although I am sure it is my right eye doing most of the work. I don't have any problem driving although I cant see as well at night  as I could when younger but I feel that is natural for my age group. I don't have double vision or any blind spot in my eye. She also removes the cataract at the same time which I know all doctors don't seem to do. my biggest problem , is I am a widower and don't have anyone to take care of me during the week or two of face down recovery. I guess I would have hire someone to come in. So I am wondering why I should go through all this for maybe a slight improvement in my left eye seeing fine print?

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Eye :: Macular Pucker Surgery Air Bubble Or Argon Gas Bubble?

I had macular pucker surgery in May, used an air bubble (did not have to lay face down as part of recovery process)...follow ups have all shown that vision has not improved in eye since is recommending another macular pucker surgery...I'm wondering if use of air bubbles instead of argon gas bubble may not allow as efficient recovery?.

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Vasectomy :: Recovery Time?

I posted the other day about something more specific, riding my bicycle, but today am just more curious about recovery times. It's been 6 weeks since my vasectomy and I'm still not better. I seem to take 2 steps forward, 1.75 steps backwards. My wife wants me to remain optimistic..."Some people just recover slower than others", I however am VERY worried that the pain could be with me for the rest of my life. How optimistic/pessimistic should I be? It's difficult to find good info about vasectomy recovery on the internet. How long has it taken some of you or someone you know to heal completely?

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Broken 2nd, 3rd And 4th Metatarsal - Recovery Time

I thought I would write something about this (highly out of character), as when I did it (in an effort to find some comfort and provide my rugby club with information as to when I would be fit again) I searched the internet for all the articles I could, and it was in this minefield that I encountered, from miracle healers to those reoccurring 2 year problems, and as such my mind was boggled. Doctors also provide some guidelines on what is normal to be off crutches but after that recovery rates varied due to ages and previous physical nature of the participants, so whilst this is by no means a complete list, it may offer some help to those who are physically active and still relatively young (sorry).

So to give you my information, I am 25 y/o, male, play rugby to a reasonable standard, cycle 100km plus a week, as well as gyming or some kind of training most days (so needless to say I normally tick the extremely active box).

Previously I had not had any injuries to my feet, and it was just a freak occurrence due to the weight of several men going through it whilst being tackled, the break was fortunate enough to be closed fractures, but still it bloody hurt.

I did this on the 24th January 2016, and was in a soft shell boot for four weeks, at week two I got back in the gym but was very limited on what I could do - machines only (free weights were impossible as I could not lift these without putting pressure through my foot). At the beginning of week 5 I got rid of the boot yet continued using crutches for another 2 weeks. At the start of week 7 I could finally walk again (albeit with a heavy limp), however I did manage to get back on my bike (solid sole - clip in shoes), at the start of week 8 I was squatting with light weight, walking with a slight limp, though many gym exercises were still difficult, at the start of week 9, most gym exercises were becoming easier and getting more weight on them, in week 10 I decided I was close to being able to jog - not the case and got quite a bit of pain going through it, however I am confident my foots resistance will build up over the week.

Anyway I thought I’d write this now, as once I am fit again I will forget all about the injury, and so probably would not write this and be of any help to anyone. So it will get better, just it does take time, finally over the last few days I looked up more information on general bone healing; this states around 3-4months and I believe this to be more accurate for these recoveries than anything I read on forums.

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L5-S1 Microdiscectomy - Still In Pain - Recovery Time?

I am early on after my discectomy (day 3), but I am concerned. I see many people have immediate pain reduction, I woke up and still had my preop pain. Now it's just pain deep in my thigh and the surgical pain. I am also worried because I still can't stand up straight! I haven't been able to stand straight for two months following a car accident that reherniated my l5s1. The original injury was resolved to an acceptable level without surgery. It was interesting that the car accident immediately stopped all nerve pain in my right leg that I learned to live with, but it moved to the left leg!

I am just getting concerned since I see so many posts where people wake up painless and can walk freely. I can walk for maybe 2 minutes then i am in really bad pain, and i'm hunched over while walking. Should I be concerned? Any insights from people with less than storybook recoveries?

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Bunionectomy Recovery Time - 8 Weeks?

I considering getting both my bunions removed. I was wondering because I work full time as a cake decorator, (constant walking),how realistic is it going back to work after surgery 8 weeks later?

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Hemorrhoids :: DGHAL Surgery - Recovery Time?

I'm 25 years old and had been living with stage II internal hemorrhoids for about 4 years now, and with a prolapsed thrombosed from one for about six months. It got seriously painful about three weeks ago and I couldn't sit down or do regular daily activities anymore. So I decided to visit a private clinic where they suggested the DG-HAL surgical procedure saying it was "non-invasive" and that they would surgically remove the thrombosis as well. Fast forward, I had the procedure done this Wednesday and they said "Oh yeah it's a fast recovery, we do it on Wednesdays and Thursdays so that people can get back to their jobs by Monday" here I am, Sunday 4.45 A.M., haven't slept since the surgery, and I just don't feel like stuff is healing. I have no appetite but am forcing myself to eat more small meals and drink plenty of water and fiber and oil supplements to make the BM pass better. So my concerns are the following: it's already the fourth day and i feel more pain, and have the feeling like by bowels are full and trying to rip out of my torso. I'm taking antibiotics as well as ketoprofen painkillers every 6 hours or so because It's just to unbearable. I have the urge to visit the toilet very frequently but when I try to push something out only small traces come out (it is soft and without blood though). It hurts like hell after I pass gas or a BM, the cut out thromb takes up most of the pain. When I try to go to sleep, as soon as I begin to doze off a spasm contracts in my rectum and the throat starts hurting like hell and it wakes me up. They say the method takes about 3-4 days to recovery, but as you can see I call baloney on that. So if anyone has had a similar experience can you tell me if this is normal and if it isn't what should I do about it? I have a written exam on Monday and I want to be functional to take it.

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Recovery Time? ACL Reconstruction And Meniscus Repair

I am due to have acl reconstruction and meniscus repair what would be the recovery time as im also due for carpal tunnel surgery.

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