Vasectomy :: Right Side Is Fine, Little Swelling On The Left

34 years male, had a vasectomy a week ago, the left side was quite painful during the op to the point it made me loudly say OW during the procedure. They gave more anaesthetic and carried on. The right side, no issue or pain.

A week on and I am still finding the left side rather painful, there is small swelling above the testicle and its still sore to touch, and aches, especially if i have been on my feet for a bit, which will cause pain when i walk too. I know timescales for healing is different for everyone, but I was hoping that by now I would not feel restricted on my daily activities. I have been fortunate that I have been on leave from work and due back in friday, I have an active job, and really not sure how i will cope with being on my feet for hours and possibly taking a knock to my testicles.

Just wondering really what others experiences are to do with recovery.

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Weight Loss And Fine Periods - 4 Months Post Op

I am now nearly 4 months post op. I am currently having a period. Day 1 heavy day 2 heavy and painful day3 light now I have stopped bleeding now I can't believe it. So I'm buzzing hopefully weight loss and small stomach as well

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14 Months After Vasectomy - Still Pain And Tight Testicles

I am sorry to say that my experience has been fowl, the operation took 50 mins on the NHS and I think the whole experience was a shock. Before the operation I had a virtually perfect sick record. However, I was too uncomfortable to get back to work for the best part of two weeks. Not the 2 weeks web sites suggest. It's now more than 14 months since I had the surgery and I always feel full and tight in the tesicles. I have libido but too much lingering aching pain after sex puts me off . It is a dreadful hot cold pain aching pain that carries on for a day or two after orgasm and difficult to describe. My sex life down from twice a week to less than once a month. For me it took away the joy of sex. and life

That warm feeling spreading from the groin on coming has gone. I find it very depressing because there seems to be no going back as more intervention appears not to cure these painful problems once started

Maybe I have just been very unlucky but I suspect that I am one a substantial minority

The trouble with medicine and outcomes is that vasectomy looks good on paper. I suspect there are a lot of men privately suffering varying degrees of pain.

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Vasectomy :: 7 Months, Now Pain, Smell And White Stuff On Penis

I do have an appointment booked with GP. Its about 7 ,months since I had my vasectomy, and still experience pain in the left side, sometimes it does get uncomfortable and sore. What I have noticed too is my penis smells and I often get a small build up of white stuff on the penis head under my foreskin. I wash it every day, but notice it seems to happen once I start urinating, I haven't notice any change of smell when I urinate though. Can infection be caused this long after the procedure?

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Vasectomy :: Don't Go For It - Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS)

The best way about a vasectomy is to NOT have one. Anyone who thinks that they have got away without problems just can not say anything as PVPS can come on at any time until we die I know a friend who is in his mid-seventies and has more pain than in the whole of his life.

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Kidneys Fine (GFR) But Increase In BUN And Creatinine

We have been to 5 doctors already. 4 doctors told my mom that she has chronic kidney disease because of high level creatinine and BUN and low RBC. But when she undergo GFR, the function of the kidneys are fine. What could be the possible reason. How to lower the level of creatinine and BUN in her blood.What tests to be done? What could be the possible reasons of this condition?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Common To Feel Fine?

I am 7 weeks pregnant and I was sick for about a week with nausea but lately it's gone away and I just have been feeling mild cramping, no appetite, and sensitive to smells.  This is my first and I don't know what to expect! My mom said she had similar experience with her pregnancies.

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Pregnancy :: Exhausted And Thirsty - My Iron Is Fine

I'm 39 weeks and 3 days. I'm so exhausted and thirsty all day. Does anyone know why?  My Iron is fine as well

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Thyroid Disorders :: So Sick During My Periods - Otherwise Fine

I was diagnosed with postpartum thyroiditis about 18 months ago. I have had it under control for over a year now except for 2 days out of every month. The first couple of days of my period. Every time I see a medical professional or talk to someone about it, they act like I'm crazy because I am too young to have these problems. Every month I am extra tired, moody and nauseous. I also get dizzy, disoriented, hot and cold, sweating, heart rate increases and when I'm hot it feels like my thyroid is pushing on my airway. I go to the hospital but they send me home cuz my oxygen is at 97%. Which is the lower side of being normal. And they are say it's impossible for my period to affect my thyroid like that. Am I crazy or are they not caring cuz of my age?

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Breastfeeding :: Baby Doesn't Latch - Fine With Her Bottles?

I'm a ftm and my baby was born early yesterday morning. She still doesn't latch to my breast but she seems to be doing fine with her bottle. Is there anything I can do? I really want to breastfeed but I'm getting discouraged.

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Angina ? Been Fine On Ranexa For Year, Symptoms Now Coming Back

I have been dealing with angina for a year now and it has been controlled with medication called Ranexa, but over the past three weeks my systems have came back and they are severe and more often! I have to keep nitro with me at all times now cause I am have at least four to five attacks a day. I am scared to drive due to this. There has been no change in my medication so I do not understand what's going on. I contacted my heart dr and all he said was I needed to exercise more. I mean I get that and I'm not a lot over weight but I could lose five to ten pounds. So does anyone have any suggestions? I'm afraid I'm going to die of a heart attack cause the pain is going down my arm and now sometimes up my neck and jaw!

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Vasectomy :: Second Vasectomy - Failed First One

Hi I am looking for help I have just had my second vasectomy done just 2 weeks ago due to a failed vasectomy the first time. I have 2 large lumps 1 at the incision site and 1 and the opposite end of the incision and they are both causing me a lot of pain which runs down my leg I have seen my doctor but has told me to give it a couple of months but I didn't get any pain like this the first time. Can a second vasectomy increase any chances of side effects or chronic pain.

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Bowel Disorders :: Stool With Blood And Urine Is Fine And Without Blood

I had this stool with bright red blood yesterday and today. I couldn't tell how much blood there is but the water became bright red with 50% visibility (I looked at the stool ). I don't feel any pain and I feel nothing at all on my body. The day before I had the stool with blood, I drank four cups of green tea. I know tea is acidic but I am not sure if this is the cause of it. My urine is fine and without blood.

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HIV :: Oraquick Reliable At 1 Month, 3 Months And 6.5 Months?

I had a kind of risky encounter about 7 months ago. I used the oraquick test at 1 month, 3 months (twice) and 6.5 months. All came back negative. Can I rely on these results as being accurate and not a false negative?

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Vasectomy :: Too Risky

After being all set and really enthusiastic to go get myself a vasectomy and finally get to enjoy no more worries or needing any more birth control, I did a lot of research online and on men's health and forum posts.

The unknown and unpredictable risks of being one of that certain small percentage of all men that will have problems directly from a vasectomy seems too great for the benefits.

A certain percent of all men will get complications and have problems after a vasectomy. As many as 15 percent or more of all vasectomy men can have complications, that's nearly one of every six men with vasectomies !!! The percentage is still being debated but it seems to go higher each year and higher with each new study done. Most seem to be fairly mild problems with fast cures and quick results. But a very small number or smaller percentage have major and long lasting problems. Maybe beginning so many years later that many men will see no connection between later problems in life and his vasectomy done many years or decades earlier.

The cure rate for fixing chronic pain and immune system troubles seems to be very low. Dr.s don't seem able to get any cures to work for the very few men most badly affected by vasectomy complications.

Most men have no big problems at all or just little long term annoyances like slight pain or decreased ejaculation force or intensity that they feel are well worth the birth control results they wanted from a vasectomy. Some have trouble and get cured. The two biggest long term problems with fewer cures are chronic long term pain afterward and immune system problems in men reacting to their own sperm cells.

No one seems to know ahead of time which men will do fine and which men will have big problems from a vasectomy.

Some men have troubles right away and some don't have any troubles until years or even decades later. Some men do great and never have any problems at all.

One big problem a very few men have is from their own sperm trapped and leaking into other unnatural parts of their bodies (body parts not intended to store sperm) every day with no outlet. Then their own immune systems are stuck needing to dissolve and break down hundreds of millions of new sperm produced by a man's testicles every day of his entire life. New daily sperm that all vasectomies totally block from leaving his body at all. His body is forced to break down all that daily production of sperm cells and rid his body of that pent up sperm being manufactured inside his testicles daily.

All sperm have only one half of each man's own genetic materials, the female's egg provides her half of the total chromosomes needed to make a new and unique baby.

All of the cells in a man's body have his full set of chromosomes inside every cell, except his sperms which only have half of his chromosomes. Men's normal body cells are recognized by his own immune system as being his own cells. Sperm have only half of his chromosomes and sperm seem to be seen as invading stranger's cells once they leak into other parts of a man's body after a vasectomy closes the only escape path for all his sperm to leave his body. The pent up sperm leak into the scrotum and get outside of the normally enclosed testicle and vas deferens system that exits his body before a vasectomy. This leaked out and pent up sperm then need to be digested in the scrotum by a man's own immune system to be destroyed and gotten rid of.

It seems for a very few men that the same digestive cells that dispose of pent up sperm inside the scrotum can travel up into and deep inside the two testicles by traveling the same exact exit leaks that the daily production of sperm use to exit out of the testicles. Even vasectomies that completely seal the testicle end of the vas usually form some leaks to relieve the pent up pressure inside the testicle from the never ending production of more sperm daily inside the testicle.

Some men seem to end up being slowly or more quickly castrated as these same immune system digestive cells enter into the deep interior of their two testicles and begin digesting the insides of both testicles and all of the delicate sperm making factories and tissues inside the testicles. Their own immune system digests the inside of their testicles just as it would digest all of the pent up sperms that cannot exit his body after the sperm finish forming and leaving his testicles into the rest of his body.

Long term chronic pain in the testicles after a vasectomy can be a huge problem for some men too. Some have it soon after and some have it years later. No one seems to know why or how to provide a cure for many of these men. It could be obvious pain from having pressure build up from sperm trapped inside the testicles. Or pain from the insides of the testicles and epididymis slowly being destroyed and dissolved by the man's own immune system. Or pain from nerve or tissue damage that occurred during the vasectomy cutting and when closing the ends of the vas.

No one can predict which men will have troubles before they occur.

I'm still holding out for new and better methods of male birth control for myself. Some new ones are in development that sound much better to me.

Just look it up yourselves on line before you take the jump to get your vasectomy. And read men's vasectomy problems on here first and make up your own mind. It sounds like few Dr.s want to tell every patient in detail about these big problems because of the small number of men who will have the biggest long term problems afterward.

But for those unlucky men with major problems there are few cures to get relief or repaired.

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Vasectomy :: Swelling All Over

10 days ago I had a vasectomy and I felt pretty good over the weekend, recovery has been fairly easy. We were able to have intercourse which at the time helped the minor pain in my testicles. However this weekend I had to chase my son all over the place at our church because he wouldn't stay out of things lol and I was picking up our baby some too. I over did it because now all the pain is back and I'm swelled up... what should I do? There's one particular area that looks agitated because it is a little red and warm (probably from inflammation).

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Vasectomy :: Anyone Had A Reversal?

Has anyone had a reversal?

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Vasectomy :: Wonderful Experience For Me

i had vasectomy on nhs and it is well worth it. Very little pain during the operation which took about forty minutes,and the following two weeks were uncomfortable but bearable. I considered going private but braved it on nhs and they were brilliant.No regrets at all and dont listen to your so called friends who fill you with horror stories. It's been ten weeks now and feels no different to before.

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Vasectomy :: What To Ask Doctor Before Procedure?

As much as I have read about this procedure, I feel somewhat prepared going into my consult visit with the Dr.

I am wondering if there were any questions/discussions anyone feels they should have asked BEFORE the procedure?

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