Skin :: Semi-hard Painless Raised Bump / Lump Under Hair

I'm an otherwise healthy 40 year old man, non-smoker, non drinker.

For the last couple of years, I've had what seems to be a semi-hard painless raised "bump" or "lump" about the size of a nickel on the upper rear portion of my scalp below my hair.

As far as I can tell, the bump hasn't "grown" much in recent years, and it's completely painless. Additionally, if I "push" it, it seems to move back and forth under the skin and above the skull.

Since I've never had any pain from it, I sometimes forget it's there. That said, I'd love to hear what it might be. I haven't had health coverage for a little while, and I'm a tiny bit concerned if it's something very serious - hopefully not.

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Lyme Disease :: 4 Years Since Tick Bite

I was bitten by a tick in 2010. It wasn't until this week I learnt about Lymes disease. I got the bullseye rash, and as the months progressed I had the worst flu of my life, incredibly painful episodes of back pain and neck stiffness so much so that I was given physio  and literally couldn't move my neck when i was having a flair up. I got severe headaches which made me almost pass out and so dizzy  I was sick. I had tests for labarynthitis and saw a ear nose and throat specialist but found nothing. The right Side of my face I got facial numbness and neuralgia, and my eye would twitch and go blurry. Saw an eye clinic and found nothing.

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Undiagnosed :: Viral Infection From Tick Bite?

I live near Sydney , Australia, 49 years old, normally very fit and healthy.  8 weeks ago I was bitten by a large adult tick on right shoulder while hiking. It was on me for about 24hrs before I noticed, killed and removed it.   A week after bite, chronic dull headaches started, sinus pain focussed on left side with whitish foamy post nasal drip, neck like a pepper grinder when I turn it, jaw joints clicking and stiff, darkened hollows around eyes, extreme unnatural fatigue.  Have been to 3 separate GP doctors and local hospital ED several times and they were at a loss except to give me painkillers and antibiotics. Given 4 blood tests and all returned completely normal with no markers for inflammation, serology negative for infections.  Had sinus x-ray: normal. Had brain MRI: normal  Have taken so far in sequence, Doxycycline 100, then Amoxicillin Forte with Clavulanic Acid, now on Cephalexin and Metronidazole in combination with grape seed extract.  None have made much difference except to lessen the headaches and I suppose rule out bacterial infections, so what I have is probably viral. Taking loads of vit C, garlic, horseradish, etc and resting in bed but nothing is helping. This going on for 6 weeks now, very debilitating.

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Toddler Tick Bite - Bacitracin Cream? Or Antibiotics?

I removed a tick from my 3 year old son with tweezers. I estimate that the tick was on him for 2 hours. His pediatrician recommended that I clean the bite site and apply Bacitracin. I am pretty confident the tick was on him for less than 12 hours but I worry if I should still request antibiotics.

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Tick Bite 6 Months Ago - Red Irritating Spot Reappeared

i got a tick bite 6 months ago. i did a course of antibiotics it went away for about 2 months. A small red spot reappeared and gets irritating feels like something still going on with the tick bite! Any suggestions? Natural preferably!

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Lyme Disease :: Nymph Female Deer Tick Bite

I was diagnosed with lyme and bartonella a year ago and have been on antibiotics and herbals. Solely Herbals for the last four months (I had been doing really well just some minor symptoms) until 2 weeks ago when my llmd put me on Zithromax 500mg (I had a family trauma and all my neuro lyme symptoms came back but not as extreme as first time around). Two days ago I found another tick on me, back of my knee. I don't know how long it was there but I think it couldn't have been more than a few hours. I called my llmd and she said I was covered for infections (currently taking byron white formulas in addition to Zithromax) except viral ones. I took the tick to the health dept. yesterday and they identified it as a nymph female deer tick. They couldn't see blood meal when they looked at it in the microscope but thought that perhaps my husband had damaged the back of the tick when removing it. Yesterday and today I've felt very lymie, headaches, stiff neck, sore throat, tired. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it possible that I got something even though the tick wasn't engorged. I'm freaking myself out that I have one of these horrible viruses like powassan.

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Lyme Disease? Is This Lyme? Day After Tick Bite

I found a tick on my leg and it was not fully engorged and was able to fully remove The body with tweezers(stored tick in refrigerator with damp towel) and dumped rubbing alcohol on the bite site. Later that day there was a very small dark bruise like spot where the bite was, which I assumed was normal. next day early afternoon I realized it was red around the bite(small bruise spot still there) with a red ring on the outside, a little more red on the outside ring part but this was smaller than an American dime coin which is pretty small. I guess I should mention first, on the day of the tick removal I called my general practice doc over the phone and got prescribed doxycycline hyclate 100mg 2x a day for 14 days and started taking it the next day when I saw this redness. i have a pic if I can share?another thing to note is 1-2 days later the outer ring faded and is gone and now shows new very little amount of light bruising on the outer part.I had scheduled an appointment with my doc and showed pics showing this development and she told me she thought it was normal and not the notorious "bullseye" and said it was most likely irritation from dumping alcohol on the bite and was a normal reaction to bite. I am skeptical can the lyme rash be that small? she insisted it would be bigger I wish I could share pic are my chances good with this course of antibiotics I've read there are higher and/or longer doses people get.

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Skin :: Breast Cyst Or Cancer - Red Skin Bump?

On my right breast, I have a red skin bump. This bump is not in my breast tissue, just in my skin. It at first, looked like an ingrown hair, so I left it alone. But it's been a few months, and its still not gone and looks worse. It is red and round/oval shaped. If I squeeze it a yellowish puss will come out and maybe bleed. I have done exams on myself and never feel any lumps inside my breast. I"m really scared! I don't know what a cyst looks like and have never had one before.

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Lyme Disease :: Small Flat Dark Brown Tick On The Back Of My Upper Thigh

I found a small flat dark brown tick on the back of my upper thigh on 7/22. I went to see a doctor at MedExpress and she told me that the tick was engorged and that she believed that it could be a deer tick. We estimated that the tick had been on me for over 72 hours based on the time I was in wooded areas. As a precaution she put me on 200mg daily of doxycycline. I have been tracking the bite via pictures and there appears to be a bulls eye forming but I may just be paranoid. I know several people who have Lyme disease with varying forms of diligence for care. I have seen how it can ravage a person's body and mind. I want to make sure I am doing everything I possible can to help myself. What, if anything should I be doing from here?

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Hair Loss - Hair Has Become Small And Too Short

I suffer from the problem of hair loss before marriage at the age of 19, where he was my hair loss, which is a dense tuft and continues to now (24 years old) so my hair has become very small and too short

Use Pantene Shampoo

To know what to make .....

I want advice and guidance and your directions even know the main reason

What are the required medical tests ....

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Small Bump On Penis (glans Underside)

Around 3 months ago, I noticed a small bump on my penis. It looks like a skin tag. It is close to the glans (glands) but it is on the shaft. Then I noticed two more just on the underside of the glans (glands).

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Small White Bump On My Clitoris Due To Masturbation?

I have had a small white bump directly on my clit since I can think of I have had a yeast infection before im not sexually active (virgin)but I do masturbate frequently I've experienced pain in my lower stomach area and if I touch my clit not directly bcs i can't its to sensitive but if i rub the hood (sometimes) Ill get pain the bump never itched or hurt so i assumed it was okay however I got a kind of a sore right by it like bumps but so tiny an if i touch it it hurts a bit it goes away but now its not I was masturbating the other day and I started to get pains in my lower stomach and pelvic area my clit direct looks kind of swollen do you think that I could have irritated my clit masturbating too hard will the doctor be able to tell? I don't want them to know i masturbated

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Hemorrhoids :: A Small Painless Bump Outside My Anus

I Don't drink soda, Only water every day. But I do Have constipation, but it's not painful. I also don't bleed when I do use the restroom. I Do Exercise often (Army JROTC pt) but I have a Small bump on the outside of my anus. (it's not painful)it also doesn't hurt when I sit down, but it is visible. Do you think I do?

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Vaginal Health :: Small Bump Near Clitoris

I'm 7 months pregnant with my first child. My husband and I are quite sexually active and faithful to each other. I noticed a small bump on near clitoris. It's the same color as my other flesh. And burns only when I touch it. I'm not actually certain if it's on my labia or my clitoral frenulum. It doesn't burn when I urinate. I'm thinking it may be from friction during sex or I've wiped too hard. But I wanted to be sure. My husband snapped a photo of it but I'm not sure if that's allowed here. What does it sound like to you?

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Herpes :: Small Red Bump On The Right Side Of My Vagina - No Pus

I have a small red bump on the right side of my vagina, there is no pus and it isn't crusting.

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Skin :: Tomato / Potato Juice For Fair Skin But Hair Get White?

I am 28 years old. I was using lemon juice on my face for fair and toned skin and it proved quite effective but my beard and mustache started turning white. Someone told me to use tomato juice or potato juice instead of lemon juice to avoid white hairs. my question is that will tomato juice or potato juice will be helpful to get a fair and toned skin without turning my hair white.

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Skin And Hair :: Tips To Get Healthy Skin

- Goodbye Oily Skin = Mix a small amount of ground almonds with honey and gently massage into your skin with a hot washcloth.

- Acne Killer = Peel one clove of garlic and mash it well. Apply it to your face and leave it on for 20 minutes.

- Honey fights microbial infections that cause acne without irritating your skin. Apply for 20 min and rinse off with warm


- Use the inside peel of a banana to gently exfoliate your skin! Rinse off with warm water!

- Make drinking water fun & tasty by infusing w/lemons, berries, and your favorite fruits!

- Don't use makeup testers at the beauty store - they're filled w/germs and other people's residue & bacteria!

- Best Juice For Your Skin!


6 stalks of celery
1 cucumber
Handful of spinach
1 apple

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Skin :: Circular Hard Bump On My Finger

I've had this thing on my pinky finger since I was younger. It just won't go away. I have no idea what it is. I've tried filing the skin but it temporarily make some of the hard skin go away. The skin keeps coming back.

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Skin :: Facial Hair

I am 22 year old male. I have facial hairs but they are weak and light. When i was 16 i just clean shave my face with razor at that time i am just wondering may be my hair follicles becomes destroyed at that time? that's why facial hairs are weak and light??my father have full healthy beard , mine should be like that but i don't know the reason. I am very confuse about it.

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