Heel Pain :: Plantar Fasciitis Or Tendonitis?

I have had this going on for 3 years now and still no closer to an outcome. The pain is in the back of both heels and when touched is really painful. I have had xrays, ultrasounds and an MRI for Plantar and tendonitis but both have been ruled out as nothing showing up. The symptoms led them to believe it was one or the other ie Plantar or Tendonitis, I can hardly walk when I get out of bed and when I point my toes to the air it pulls around the back of my heel. As I work in retail and I'm on my feet all day my feet ache the longer the day goes on and by the time I get home I shuffle along as the pain hurts too much. Once I sit down and rest for as little as 10 minutes I feel everything tighten up and is hard to walk. I have now been told by my the consultant that he doesn't think the pain is in my feet and if it is he can't find it so has now made me an appointment to see the spinal team that's if they are willing to see me. Surely if I am in pain and can't get through a day without any then surely there must be a problem somewhere. At 40 years old I find myself not being able to do the things I love like long distance walking and being out in the fresh air instead. I spend most of my free time resting my feet so I can be ready for the following day as its a constant struggle with the pain.

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Broken Pinky Toe - Heel Pain - Bruise Or Plantar Fasciitis?

I broke my pinky toe and was walking more on my heel. Now the inner edge of my heel hurts a lot with either walking on it or just even pressing on it!  Is it more of a bruise (& treat accordingly) or is it plantar fasciitis?

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Recovery Time? Plantar Fascia Release With Heel Spur Removal

7 weeks ago I had plantar fascia release with heel spur removal surgery (also PTT repair, Achilles decompression, and Peroneal tendon decompression in same surgery). Anyhow, I am hoping someone can share their post-op experiences regarding how long before you were able to walk; when did the sensitivity in your heel resolve, and did you have any short-term or long-term nerve injury issues?

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Caution: Do NOT Have Bunion/Hammertoe/Plantar Fasciitis/Bone Spur Surgery All At One Time

I am 6 days post-op and had no idea this surgery would be this bad. I decided since I had to have the plantar fasciitis and heal bone spur surgery that I would just get my bunion and hammertoe corrected at the same time. BIG MISTAKE! I was unaware of the pain I would have to go through and the worst part is that because the plantar fasciitis surgery requires a cast for two weeks, I have not been able to ice my foot at all. The first day out of surgery wasn't too bad. My foot was numb but there was a little pain. Day 2 post-op was a little more painful. I did have to take hydrocodone but soon realized that they did not work to relieve my pain at all. I ended up calling my doctor for stronger pain meds. They ended up working great but make me very sleepy. Day 3 was far more worse than the first 2 days because all of the numbing medicine had worn off. I stayed on my couch with my foot propped up and only got up to use the restroom. Day 4 was about the same as day 3. I did go back to work but could only stay 1/2 day due to the pain. After surgery, I had a splint made out of cast material that went up to just below my knee. It was heavily bandaged. I had my first post-op appointment yesterday and the regular cast was put on. I have to say, I was very shocked at how horrible my foot looked. I have 5 incisions and a ton of bruising and swelling. The cast again is only because of the plantar fasciitis surgery which I have had ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN with. When they put the cast on, it felt too tight because of the swelling and it hurts 10 times worse now than it did before the cast. This is currently day 6 post-op and I am back at work with a pillow on my desk to prop my foot up on. Heaven forbid I stand up because when I do, the blood and fluid in my leg and foot race down to the bottom of my foot causing excruciating pain. I can only stand up for about 5 minutes before my breath is completely gone from trying to "take" the pain. I can only hope it gets better from here. Once the cast comes off 13 days post-op, I will then be placed in a walking boot for 2 weeks. I can only dream of that day now because I know I will be able to ice my foot any time I need to. I have not been able to ice my foot 1 time due to the splint and now the cast. I know if I could ice it, the swelling would have a much better chance of going down quicker.

If there is anyone out there looking for advice on bunion/hammertoe surgery....please do not think that this will be a walk in the park. This surgery was my 21st surgery. I am 33 years old and have had 14 knee surgeries alone. I have had 3 total ACL reconstructions and the rest scopes to clean out torn cartilage. I have had bunion surgery in middle school on each foot, hammertoe surgeries on each foot, a c-section, and a few other minor surgeries. THIS SURGERY BY FAR IS THE WORST I HAVE EVER HAD. Do not take that lightly. I was on crutches for 9 months with my first ACL reconstruction so it was not easy but I never would have imagined anything ever being worse than that. I now have 4 screws in my foot along with 1 dissolvable pin in my second toe. I can bear very little weight on my foot but hope each day I can put more and more weight on it.

If you are considering having plantar fasciitis surgery and need bunion/hammertoe surgery or it was suggested to just get it all done at once.....DO NOT DO IT! From the experience I have in the past 6 days, I have learned that there is VERY LITTLE pain associated with plantar fasciitis surgery. The only discomfort I have had with that part is the incision rubbing against the splint/cast. Because the plantar fasciitis surgery requires a cast for 2 weeks and a walking boot for 2 weeks and if you are considering bunion/hammertoe surgery at the same time, you will have WORSE pain with the bunion/hammertoe part of it than the fasciitis because of the splint/cast.

I am due to get my other foot done (bunion/hammertoe only) in December and I am seriously considering not doing it. Please consult with your doctor before considering all of these corrections at one time. My doctor made it sound like it would be a very simple and easy surgery to recover from. HE WAS WRONG! If you do decide to have the surgery, make sure you plan to take at least a full week off of work.

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Plantar Fasciitis :: Heel Pain For Months

I have been suffering with heel pain for 7 months. Very frustrating. I left a job in december because standing up for prolonged hours was too painful. Have discomfort in my current job but the hours are shorter so it is more bearable. 

Just wondering if anyone has suffered with heel pain for a similar length of time and if it ever went away eventually?

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Plantar Fasciitis :: Heel And Leg Pain That Leads To Shoulder Blades

I cannot wear a shoe on my right foot for my than 3 hours before this terrible pain starts in my heel, then travels up my leg & ends up in my shoulder blades, but so far they cannot find anything wrong with my foot also have shocking leg cramps during the night, if I walk around the house with no shoes on no worries, see a neurologist next week then a rheumatologist the following week, back doctor has given me the flick & tells me it's nerve damage, all very strange

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Plantar Fasciitis :: Inflamed Irritated Feeling Heel Pain

About 4 months ago I started noticing my both of my feet felt very fatigued after a short walk and when I put my feet up to rest, the lower back side of my heels (below my achilles just before it turns to the underside of my foot) felt slightly irritated. The fatigue in my feet would come and go then about 6 weeks ago I started feeling pain/discomfort in the bottom of my feet (in the heel area). The pain has never been worse in the morning. It gets worse the more I'm on my feet (especially standing or slow walking like when shopping). I have extremely high arches and the doctor thinks I am experiencing pain because of the anatomy of my feet (a lot of concentrated force on the heels). 

Let me rewind a bit. Because of my very high arches I have been fearful of developing foot problems, especially PF. As a result, in March of this year I started doing calf stretches in the morning. About 30 minutes to an hour after waking up I would stand on a stair and really stretch out my calves (3 sets of 20 seconds for both legs). It was about 6-7 weeks later that at the same time I started noticing the pain in both of my heels.

About 3 weeks ago I got custom orthotics and shoes with excellent cushioning for the heels. About 10 days ago I stopped stretching thinking I may have actually injured myself because of overstretching.

I have no pain when pressing on my heels or achilles or anywhere under my feet, just an inflamed irritated feeling when I walk. Other than a few steps here and there I don't walk barefoot and haven't for the past couple of years (broke and ankle two years ago and hard surfaces really aggravated things after getting out of the cast).

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Foot / Ankle :: Home Remedies For Heel Spur

Any posters suffering from a heel spur. Any home remedies to offer? they are quiet painful and prohibits me from doing a lot.

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Heel Pain :: Posterior Tibialis Muscle Weakness Or Plantar Fasciitis?

I was told it might be posterior tibialis muscle weakness or plantar fasciitis. does anyone know about the difference of these two? 

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Hallux Valgus (Bunions) :: Surgery On Other Foot For Heel Spur

I just wanted to share some news and ask advice. I recently broke my toe two weeks after my operation. Due to that my bunion has returned. I also have a floppy toe after a tendon release on my second toe.. I am due to go back on the. First of Sept to review my foot and discuss another operation. I have A spur on my heel, which has inflamed my Achilles Tendon, after struggling now with various treatments, physio, ultrasound steroid injection and a wait of over a year to see a different Orthopedic Consultant  I went to see someone last week.. It appears my tendon is so inflamed no there is no option but to have surgery. One to remove the spur and two to sort out the tendon.. I was quite shocked to get such a prompt diagnoses. Not only am I having surgery but I am booked in for next month. The new consultant has told me no way will I be able to have my bunion on the other foot done until this Is sorted.. He has offered to take on the care of my floppy to and bugnion once I have recovered from the tendon one.. It's all taken me aback and I am in a dilemma what to do re the bunion op.. Keep my original doctor for the bunion one but delay the appointment or switch it all to the one consultant..

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Heel Pain :: Similar To Plantar Fasciitis - Needling Trigger Points - Acupuncture?

I am recovering from foot surgery and am experiencing pain on bottom of foot/heel that is similar to plantar fasciitis. I have other pains related to the surgery that are improving, but this one is persistent. My PT suggested dry needling in trigger points, which is similar to acupuncture. I also have PTTD developing in my other foot, and she suggested it may also help with that.

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Bone / Joint :: Pain After Bone Spur/arthritis Surgery On Shoulder

I had surgery on June 14, 2011 to remove a bone spur on my left clavicle and to remove arthritis near (but not in) my shoulder joint.  It was the worse experience of my life. I was in constant agonizing pain for 2.5 months. Just for the record, I've had two ulnar nerve surgeries on my left AND right elbows and never even needed pain medication. This shoulder surgery apparently did not relieve any of my pain. I still have a dull aching pain through out the day starting in my neck (left side) to my shoulder, and down my bicep to my elbow.  I still can not sleep at night, and through out the day while working my shoulder/arm/ neck is killing me. I continue to take an Naproxin and continue to rotate heat and ice. I did physical therapy for the first two months after surgery. My concern is that had arthroscopic surgery, and there was NO rotator damage so why is my shoulder still in pain? My shoulder pops when I do try to rotate it.. and often when I simply reach outward for something..I'm in excruciating pain. I'm a baker, so I am constantly lifting a 34-50lb metal mixing bowl and have to reach many times through out the day. There really is no way to not do my job duties and still retain my job. Any ideas why I'm still having this problem?

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Orthopedics :: Bone Spur And Torn Hip Lining - Pain After Surgery

December 2013 had a tkr on my right knee, and the day I cam home from the hospital, I complained on I couldn't lay on my right side. After 2 year of cortisone shots, physical therapy and x rays, doctor took an MRI and told me that I have a bone spur and a torn hip lining. Had surgery for that, and I am still in pain now from both the groin area and the hip. Now I am being told that I need a new hip. Not sure that I want to go through that.

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Ankle Surgery And Bone Spur :: Spinal Vs. General Anaesthetic?

Two years ago I broke my ankle and had pins and plates put in. On Monday I am having them taken out because they are irritating my tendon. I am also having a 'bone spur' basically shaved off and they are going to 'explore' the damage done to the tendon.

When I had them put in I had a general anaesthetic, but I wasn't asked what I'd prefer. This time, at a different hospital I have been.

I don't know what to do for the best. Obviously I can talk about this when I arrive on Monday I'd just like people opinions on which they prefer and why. Or even which they think would be suitable for my surgery.

I was fine after my anaesthetic last time, no side effects etc I just think I feel more comfortable not being 'put to sleep'... just in case. I'm a bit of a worrier!

I am leaning towards opting for the spinal anaesthetic combined with a bit of sedation as I do think I may get anxious. The only thing that is putting me off is what I will hear. Obviously they will be using screwdrivers etc and the thought of hearing them and knowing what they are doing makes me feel a little queasy!

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Heel Pain When Pressure Is Applied From The Side Of Bone

I sprained my ankle a couple weeks ago and everything is feeling great except if I sit Indian style and apply pressure to the outer side of my heel I get a very. Sharp pain that goes away as soon as I let off of it. It doesn't hurt at all when I walk or run and put upward pressure on the heel. Only when pressure is applied from the side of the heel bone. Any ideas?

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Hallux Rigidus :: Bone Spur, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) Or Stem Cells?

I have been diagnosed with hallux rigidus (accompanied by a bone spur, joint space narrowing and mild sesamoiditis). The pain came on suddenly (sharply) in September 3013 and progressed rapidly to constant aching and tenderness by November). Although the podiatrist says the arthritis is "mild", I am definitely concerned that I already have lost joint space. As I am only 45, with a number of additional biomechanical conditions in other areas of my body, its very important for me to avoid any surgery that could potentially throw anything else out of alignment.

I have been closely following success stories of PRP and stem cell therapies and am definitely encouraged by anecdotal evidence (from forums and testimonials, as well as patients I've encountered personally). It appears that with a skilled and experienced practitioner, PRP can kickstart healing, and stem cells can actually help grow back cartilage. There is one physician in Chicago (Hauser at Caring medical) who even treats mild bone spurring with injections of HCl (which helps dissolve it).

I'm wondering if anyone has tried any regenerative therapy for their big toe (or anywhere on the foot - all data can be helpful) and how they fared. Also please write if you are interested and considering it, as it will undoubtedly be helpful to exchange ideas and information.

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Foot / Toe Injuries :: 8.4 Mm Bone Spur On Top Of Foot

I have been having TERRIBLE pain in foot when I step down found out by x-ray I have a 8.4 mm Bone spur on top of my foot it also said on the report that there was a question of a 3 to 3 mm focus of hyperostosis associated with the Plantar aspect of the Calcaneus what does this part mean and also I am allergic to the Shots to relieve the inflammation and have a appt. with a Podiatrist I have used ice and heat also taking Ibuprofen and rested it as much as possible I also put things in my shoe to help still can't walk real good what can a Podiatrist do for me now ?

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Foot / Ankle :: Heel Bone Fracture? (Right Foot)

Right, so i fell from a stairs which is at least 5-6 foot high and i have no idea how i landed on my heel first but i probably did as it's the only place where it hurts. I Can move my foot, rotate it and bend it and everything but i can't bear weight. The pain is not really in the middle of the heel but more to the left (Right foot). I can walk but i limp and i usually use the right side of my foot to bear weight and the part where it hurts is elevated a little so it looks kinda funny. Did i fractured my heel bone or is this just a sprain? It doesn't hurt when i'm resting, slightly pressing it but it hurts when i try walking using my heel. It has been more than 48 hours and I don't see any noticeable bruising or swelling as well.

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Plantar Fasciitis Due To Ankylosing Spondylitis - Pain Management?

I am new to this forum so I apologise if I am doing things wrong. I have have AS for many years, well controlled with NSAIDs but plantar fasciitis is causing me a lot of pain at the moment. Does anyone have any ideas about the best sorts of treatment? Most web sites seem to concentrate on PF caused by running, being overweight etc rather than AS? If this has already been discussed, could someone direct me to the relevant threads?

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