Deep Vein Thrombosis :: Bruise Or Vein? Tender Spot On The Back Of My Thigh

I have pretty bad anxiety but I've been noticing some strange things lately. Sometimes after being on my feet all day my left calf will burn and pulse with pain until i sleep and then its gone in the morning. had a blood clot test performed for it before and it came clear, although its happened even worse afterwards. my family does have a history of varicose veins/vein problems and yesterday i noticed a tender spot on the back of my thigh (left side) , about the size of a penny. it doesn't hurt unless pressed or moves. i didn't look at it until today, and the tender spot looks like a purple little circle at the end of a larger vein. the veins in my legs are pretty visible but they don't really pop up or anything. i do have this strange, painless, green mark on the backside area of my knee though. im just freaking out bc i cant identify this. im only about 20 but i've been fairly inactive the past few years due to my anxiety. i also get this pulsing/pumping feeling through my legs, esp the left, when im laying down but im aware that can be a symptom of anxiety. does this look like a bad vein... or perhaps a bruise i don't remember getting? its easier to see from far away. sorry, im freaking out.

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Deep Vein Thrombosis - On Innohep For 3 Months

I had dvts and pes during my pregnancy, I've been on innohep for 3 months and due to finish in 2 days. The last 10 days I've had bad calf pain, pain behind my knee palpitations, headaches and really bad tiredness. So worried I've got clots again.

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Deep Vein Thrombosis :: Warfarin And Smoking

My husband had an idiopathic DVT in late 2012. He has been taking

Warfarin ever since, and has recently been told he will be on it for life due

to being a smoker. He is desperate to be in a position to stop taking it and has recently stopped smoking. He realises this won't happen immediately but has no idea how long it is likely to take to get to that position. Does anyone have any idea what kind of time frame for coming off the Warfarin after stopping smoking is likely? He won't be starting smoking again!

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Deep Vein Thrombosis :: Will Be On Blood Thinners For Whole Life?

My calf and foot are swollen (the foot is the worst). I am just wondering what the chances are of this going down eventually or is it going to be like this for rest of my life?

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Stinging Pain - Back Of My Left Knee - Deep Vein Thrombosis?

I'm freaking out so I'll try to make sense. I woke up this morning with a stinging pain in the back of my left knee and I read that this might be a symptom of Deep Vein Thrombosis and it has scared me. I had blood tests done a month ago and they all came back clear. I don't sit too long, don't travel on planes and have no prior family history of clots if that helps.

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Deep Vein Thrombosis :: Nagging And Annoying Slightly Painful Weakness In The Knee

i have a had a behind the knee DVT (4 weeks) diagnosed by Doppler scan, started heparin and now warfarin, swelling and pain has subsided quickly but I still have a nagging and annoying slightly painful weakness in the knee, annoying when out straight and weak when turning, it just doesn't feel like in used to, is this normal this early on and will it be staying?

i was lucky, D-DImer was 378, the nurse wasn't going to send me for a scan as I didn't fit all the symptoms on the day of referral but she said something was nagging at her about it, I think all the photos of my swollen calf swayed it.

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Achilles Tendon Surgery Blood Pooling - 7 Weeks Post Surgery

I am seven weeks post surgery for an Achilles' tendon rupture and still have intense pain from the blood pooling when I stand for even a minute to brush my teeth. After one minute I immediately have to lie down and elevate my leg otherwise it feels like it will explode. Has anyone else felt this 7 weeks post surgery?

I also can only bear minimum weight on the leg at this stage. At seven weeks does that sound normal? I had my tear at the connection to the heel and had haglund's deformity where part of my heel broke off. Anyone else have that and is minimal weight bearing at seven weeks normal for this type of tear.

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ENT :: Lip Numb - 6 Years Post Surgery

6 year ago, I split my lip down the middle and got about 3-5 dissolvable stitches. Since then, it hasn't caused much trouble, I just have quite a scar. However, in a recent encounter with my significant other, he bit my lip quite hard. There was no blood. However, since then, my lip has been kind of numb. It feels almost tingly. It has been over 24 hours. What could this be? What should I do?

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Hot Flashes When I Eat - Post Gallbladder Surgery

I had gallbladder surgery last Tuesday. I just cooked me some boneless/skinless chicken (half a chicken breast) and green beans. No fat. Why am I all of a sudden really hot. I get this way if I eat anything besides hardboiled eggs or almond nuts. I am only drinking water. Right now I am so hot it's unbearable and the temp in my apt. is under 70° F right now. Why do I have or get hot flashes? This not normal heat I get when I am in my period (I'm on my second period this month right now). I also suffer from PCOS and was told I have a fatty liver with some liver damage. I don't cook with any oil, butter, fat, etc. I just hate to be overheated and uncomfortable. Please help and let me know if this is normal Or should I be worried/seek medical help.

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Hemorrhoids :: 2 Days - Post THD Surgery Experience

I have just had 3 hemorrhoids worked on by THD surgery. This was done Thursday (and Saturday). I am on 2 sachets a day of movicol to soften stools but have not passed anything yet. I am eating fruit and little bit of other stuff such as digestive biscuits a little bit of bread etc. is there anything else I can do to help? When is pushing straining? I tried to go earlier and worryingly passed a jelly like lump of something?

The pain is manageable with occasional paracetamol or ibuprofen.

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Spinal Surgery :: Post Lumbar Laminectomy

I am a 50 year old female who had lumbar laminectomy at L3/4 eight weeks ago for lumbar stenosis and spondylolisthesis. The surgeon also performed a dynamic stabilisation at this level. As I understand it, this involves the insertion of a flexible and rod and screws, similar to fusion but allowing more flexion at this level while at the same time preventing the vertebra from slipping. Prior to surgery, I was unable to walk or stand for more than 5 - 10 minutes without becoming uncomfortable because of weakness in my legs and a tight cramping sensation in my buttocks. Surgery has relieved me of these symptoms, but I now have aching in my lower back, groins and hips when standing or walking for more than 5 - 10 minutes. I wasn't given any physio follow-up after discharge from hospital, but have had a couple of sessions with a private physiotherapist. She seems to think that these pains are due to the ligaments and muscles having to stretch as my spine as been realigned and my pelvis is now tilted forwards instead of backwards as it was before. Has anyone else experienced similar pains and if so, how long did it take for them to resolve? I am also very stiff first thing in the morning and when getting up from a sitting position. I do not have any pain when sitting or lying down.

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Another PVP (Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome) Case

Another PVP sufferer. Had my snip done in October 12, local GP practice but got a GP who was acquiring the 'skills' to take over the practice once the main GP retired.

Well, he made a mess, first half fine, second half painful. Bust a blood vessel to, so that was stitched up to the VAS.

Rested after, ended up with two large haematomas one each side and a wound that didn't heal for 4 weeks and needed antibiotics.

That all eventually cleared but was still in considerable pain, especially the 'messed up side'. Off to GP, then referred to Urology. Scheduled for an epididymectomy soon now.

Won't do both sides due to risks of losing a ball, so it's one at a time, and if it works, as it only has a 50% success, they will do the other.

Pain isn't great, I won't take meds for it, other than ibuprofen etc, but that doesn't do much. Offered the usual gabapentin etc which I've refused.

As others have said, I queried what would happen if I got PVP and how would we manage it. The GP at the time said 'your Urologist would sort that' - erm I don't have one. No mention of how common the pain is 5-10%.

Only when I saw the Consultants in Urology did they say how common it was. It's a very difficult 'condition' to treat is all they have said.

Current choices. Wait - I've done that, now surgical removal of my epididymis, possible the less sore one two. High failure rate. If it doesn't work, then denervation may be a choice - that will leave your nether regions numb.

Friggin fabulous. Simple procedure that you don't really fancy, but 'pressure' dictates. Totally ruined our sex life. I get bad pain after, and it takes days and days to subside. Also the site of the burst blood vessel is extremely uncomfortable (between ball and penis) so the consultant will do some 'clearing out up there two.

Seriously hissed off by it - WHY DON'T THEY TELL PATIENTS ?

I've complained officially, general sorry and denial of PVP. Complained direct to the GP that did the Op - he now has the local contract. I've asked him to ensure he makes patients aware of the consequences.

Oh and it's pot luck if you get it. doesn't matter if you are fit or not. It's really affected me and my sport as a cyclist (ouch) and I can't stand being battered about down there - so stuff like go-karts, fair rides that are bumpy are a no no.

The epididymectomy is going to be nasty, as that's quite a recovery process. I asked about having both done, but they said if it went wrong I would lose both balls. Best do one at a time, then I'd have one at least they said. I said, I'd be happy if you took them both off !

Never again. Feel like I've freely mutilated myself - could have done a better job with two bricks.

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ALIF Surgery - How Bad Post-op Pain And Recovery Time?

I am going to be scheduled for an L5/S1 (ALIF) fusion surgery. While I am in significant amounts of pain, I am nervous about the recovery for this procedure. I would like to think that I have a high tolerance of pain but I am very nervous about this procedure. How long is the typical recovery time and how bad is the post-op pain? I am having a difficult time deciding when to have my surgery because I don't know how long to expect to be incapacitated.

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Achilles Tendon - Sensations - 5 Weeks Post Surgery

I'm still only 5 weeks post jury. But really dislike the sensation from injury. My foot isn't floppy but I definitely don't feel like I have full control over it. Its an odd feeling - hard to explain. Course i'm worried it's not healing as nobody ever seems to check that. Will I regain the control? 

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Thyroid :: Surgery Advice? Pre / Post Operative Experiences?

If anyone has dealt with this or know anyone who has I would love if you would share. I'm just curious about how the operation goes (its preparations, and after). I have 2 thyroid nodules and they are pretty big and is causing phlegm, voice changes and other stuff.

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Hysterectomy :: Post Ablation Tubal Sterilization Syndrome?

Has anybody been diagnosed with this? I went to see a different consultant yesterday one of the top ones at my local hospital and i'm going to be having a hysterectomy and prolapsed bladder repair but for the first time ever he mentioned he thinks I could have PATSS! It does explain a lot of my symptoms, I also have endo and suspected adeno and all this has come about since I had Endometrial ablation 4 years ago and sterilised 12 years ago.

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Painful Catching In The Arm 18 Weeks Post Rotator Cuff Surgery?

if anyone here who has had rotator cuff surgery continues to have painful "catching" in the arm 18 weeks post surgery? I had a SLAP and labrum tear but only debridement during surgery because the surgeon felt the tears didn't need attention. PT has not resolved this "catching" issue in the upper arm which was one of the main reasons for surgery to begin with. I have had two MRI's (pre and post surgery). I have also sought a second opinion from a different surgeon who wants me to have yet another MRI, but this time with contrast.

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Gallbladder Removal Post Surgery Bad Stomach Pains, Couldn't Eat

I had my gallbladder out almost a year ago and a month after surgery i had serious issues. Bad stomach pains, couldn't eat, lost a bunch of weight, woken up in middle of night with HR around 135. Long story short i still have issues but some seem worse. Whole upper abdomen hurts now and causes chest discomfort. I've had too many tests done and no answer. Always constipated too. Most of my pain was on right along whole side now its upper left side too and whole stomach. Some relief when i have bowel movement. Still get woken up with raised HR and sometimes BP and will feel cold, shaky, cold sweat. Had heart checked and its fine. Ideas?

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Post Surgery Ruptured Achilles Tendon - Satisified With Outcome

Tore my right achilles nearly 3 weeks ago now. Had the operation about 10 days after rupture. I am in my late twenties and it came as a bit of a shock if im honest. I go to the gym regularly and exercise with weights frequently.

Anyway, had the op and im in no pain and have no swelling. I was expecting a lot of pain but nothing. The most discomfort i have is when i have to get up to use my crutches, as after about 15 mins being stood up i can feel the calf start to swell a bit. I am told i am in this cast for another week and then they will change the angle of my foot for another cast. Looking forward to getting back to driving and the gym.

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