Alcohol :: Experiences After A Week Of Supervised Home Detox?

Can anyone tell me their experiences after a one week supervised home detox?

I haven't been alcohol free for many years.  The only time I had a few days wine free was when I was in hospital a couple of years ago.  As soon as I got home - straight to the wine bottle!  It's very scary for me looking into the future - no more wine.

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Alcohol Consumption :: Home Detox - Antabuse

i went to my GP this week armed with all the info on Nalmefene and asked her to prescribe it to me. Explained that I had been in touch with SMC and the NHS but all this fell on deaf ears. She admitted she was clueless about the medicine and stated that she would need to have a conversation with my Alcohol Support worker. They have since both agreed that it will not be something they are willing to prescribe as the feel I need complete abstinence and doing this gradually is not helpful.

So the idea of dropping two units daily did not go well. Within one week I came full circle. Got down to 10 units and couldn't bear the withdrawal. Stayed at that for a few days before increasing once again. My alcohol worker stated that this was a test, to see if I was able to reduce on my own, which I clearly am not at this present time.

Now I have a home detox booked for two weeks time. Still clueless on who will be my support over the first three days as all my friends have young children and family members aren't real an option due to their locality and jobs. The plan is to start Antabuse after the detox, I'm done telling them how I feel about Antabuse.

Feeling hopeful, excited at the prospect of being alcohol free, whilst very fearful and grieving at the upcoming loss of my best friend and reliant. 

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Alcohol :: Medicated Home Detox Starting Tomorrow

Any hints, tips for the next week. I am taking Vit B compound and Thiamine already. Nervous and anxious.

I have had Detox before and was sober for 6 months but thought i was fixed so hoped i could drink socially. I did until i went on an all inclusive holiday......huge mistake!! As soon as i got home I started drinking at home again on evenings.

Anyway.... here's to the future and staying alcohol free.........

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Alcohol :: Detox Safe At Home? Weaning Off Slowly

ok, I have struggled with insomnia and anxiety  my entire adult  life, hard to go to sleep, so I began drinking about 10 years ago, only from 5-9 pm a few glasses of wine, sometimes a bottle. Im being honest. I was also on zoloft for 16 years , weaned myself off about 6 month ago to see if I could function without it. I recently started having severe panic attacks on Tuesday, so I decided to start back on my zoloft, since it worked so well to control the anxiety. I know it will take weeks before I can feel the results and be anxiety free again, but something strange happened, I decided to stop drinking one night and woke up the next day with horrible tremors, nausea, anxiety, fear, so I took a half a xanax , I only take as needed which is very rare, this calmed me down, and I read some forums online about tapering off alcohol safely at home, and how to do it. so the past several days I have cut my wine down to 2 glasses, and it said switch to beer, one per hour if needed and I haven't needed that much i had a beer this am to calm my shakes down and was able to snap out of panic mode, around 4 I started feeling that anxiety again ha a beer and am fine, so my goal is to be alcohol free, and when they say taper they mean taper, if i was drinking from -9 every day sometimes 1 bottle of wine a night, I Feel relieved that I have come a long way and am safe, I know quitting alcohol cold turkey can be fatal, my doctor has agreed with me on this method, and if I get worse I can go to detox, but that is so expensive, so I'm trying does anyone out there have experience safely detoxing at home too?

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Alcohol :: How To Take Librium For Detox

I've been drinking since script today for 10 mg librium to start  tomorrow morn..told i can't start now cos i'm drinking soon can i take it? Want to b in work tomorrow..if i get up early and take it round 4 or 5 will it help me.

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Alcohol Consumption :: Detox Success At First Attempt?

I have just got through a one week detox using Chlordiazepoxide prescribed by the doctor after 6 months in counselling. I've drunk or misused substances for 15 years. The problem is as I can't sleep I'm still drinking. I'm not sure what to do next, another detox..? Bern keeping distracted so only drink in evenings after 7pm. Has anyone else struggled or succeeded at detox first attempt? 

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Alcohol :: Detox - Chlordiazepoxide - No Drinking For 2 Weeks

I have given up heavy drinking now for two weeks. I feel dreadful , sick all day,weak itchy and unable to sleep.  I WAS given chlordiazepoxide but only 8 altogether. Is it normal ? This is worse than a bad hangover. How did others feel?

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Alcohol :: Do I Need To Detox? Max 90 Hours Without Binge Drinking

I'm trying to pull myself together and drastically cut down on my drinking. I've been drinking pretty much every night for about a month or two. I've been going on binges of drinking every day a week or so at a time for the last couple years, and then I would stop for a week and start over again. This has been the longest period of drinking every day. It started with two tall boys a night, and progressed to a six pack of 16ozs on the weekdays, and then heavily binge drinking one day a weekend. I didn't think that I was drinking enough to experience withdrawals if I suddenly stopped. I've done this before, and never experienced withdrawals. This time was different.

I drank heavily last Monday, and then didn't drink again until Friday night. I was very anxious, had some episodes of the shakes, and I was in a pretty bad fog. My head hurt and I was thirsty all day, I couldn't get enough water. I couldn't think, I just didn't feel right. I caved in and drank a six pack Friday night, and then yesterday was my birthday so it was just a waterfall of booze. I don't know how much I drank, but it was a lot. 

I feel terrible at the moment, partly due to the nasty hangover. I'm feeling very stressed out and anxious. The shakes are starting to creep in, along with the fog. The realization that this has become a problem is giving me a lot of anxiety, I have moments where I feel like I'm just going to break down and have a panic attack. I can't believe I let myself go like this. 

Anyways, given the amount of alcohol that I have been consuming, should I be concerned about DT's or seizures? I made it around 90 hours with seemingly mild withdrawal symptoms, considering. No one knows that I drink like this, I'm a closet alcoholic. I'm afraid to tell anyone, because I don't want them to know that I've sunk this low. I don't want anyone worrying about me, which is why I've come here. 

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Addiction Recovery :: Alcohol Detox? Vodka

I am a 67 year old male who had previously been drinking a fifth of straight Vodka for years and went 3 times to a clinic to detox.

I quit for many years but due to personal Family problems I started drinking heavily again about 3 months or so ago. (3- 1/2 pints of Vodka a day)
18 days ago I started self in home detox and am SLOWLY but surely beginning to feel better but not at all up to par.

I can't sleep at night and still feel woozy and unsteady on my feet! Somewhat dis oriented as well!

At the beginning of my Detox I had dark colored urine which indicated blood but a R/x of Amoxicillin seemed to take care of that and my urine is now the color its supposed to be.

I, for a few days had black stool but it has since gone away and is back to normal (?) color.

I drink about 5 bottles of water a day and sleep (or try to sleep? with a cold washrag on my head during the day and at night.

My question I guess is this:

I am on day 18 now and still feel as I described as above.

I have read for hours on the NET regarding as to how long these feelings will last and I can't find a definitive answer. Most have said that the feelings will pass after two weeks but could take 3 weeks or longer! Can someone please verify?

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Alcohol Reduction / Detox :: Waking Up Several Time At Night

I'm currently doing a gradual reduction / detox but suffer really bad with Neuropathy (I believe it is) as it wakes me several times during the night. Can anybody recommend anything to help? I started taking a multi-vit & minerals at weekend with has the vit B, Thiamine & Folic Acid in but wondered if it will only help once the alcohol stops?

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Alcohol Consumption :: Cranberry Juice Helps Liver Detox?

It has been suggested to me to drink cranberry juice to help my liver detox in hopes of having a negative alcohol screening next week.

​It tastes horrible and all I could think that would make it taste better is some vodka or something....but NO...I'm going to nurse this jug I bought all day...straight cranberry juice!

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At Home OTC Heroin Home Detox Kit ? Suggestions

My husband, Charlie and I have been hard core OF heroin addicts for the past almost 4 years. We have lost everything but 2 days ago we decided enough is enough. We honestly want to be clean but these body aches and pain are unbearable and I'm worried if we don't find a solution to help with the withdrawal symptoms we're not going to reach our goal of kicking this addiction and getting our lives and life together back in order the way we were before, this heroin is no joke buddy I fear it gets much harder one of us is gonna end up going to get some so we can stop twitching jerking throwing up having the runs (I know TMI sorry)

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Alcoholism :: Detox At Home? Started Again After 11 Years

I put myself in rehab for 30 days in 2002.  I quit drinking for 11 years.  In August of 2013 I guess I got curious and started again.  First, I used to drink socially, then weekends, then it just picked up after that.  I'm not at the point of blackouts or missing work.  I do not drink in the morning. I do not go to the bar rooms.  I drink approximately 4-6 beer a day.  Each day I say I'm not going to drink but I feel like I need to just to take the edge off.  I thought it's time to do something before it does get out of control like it was in 2002.  I've been calling about detox but my deductible is over $2500.  Is there a safe way that my doctor can help me get through this at home.  There is a time coming up soon that I have 6 days off of work.

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Can I Take Paxil With Alcohol

I am diagnosed with major depressive disorder. I know this sounds bad enough, but there is one more problem with me. I like to drink alcohol; no matter I know I should not do this. My last doctor prescribed me Paxil to treat this disorder. Now I would like to know more about this drug, and what happens if I mix Paxil with alcohol?

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Can I Take It With Alcohol With Sertraline?

ok guy so, recently had a bout of depression and anxiety after having my baby, seem to b over the worst as no longer having the depressive low moments only problem I am left with is insomnia, and a little bit of anxiety on a morning been on sertraline for 3 weeks, my husband and I wanted to watch a movie with a takeaway with a few drinks but worries about drinking incase I wake up depressed in the morning? Advice please

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Fluoxetine With Alcohol?

new to this Flu stuff. Have read the sheet with the tabs and it said nothing about taking it and still drinking alcohol so I am curious if this is a bad combination or just "not good".

Don't drink a lot but I do like the odd glass of wine with dinner.

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Menopause :: Alcohol After HRT

OMG after my bladder totally settling down after going on HRT and a bladder med I had a few glasses of wine on Saturday for my birthday!!  First drink for weeks and weeks...bladder now upset again.  Nothing like it was but upset none the less.  Why did I do that!!!!! I hope it settles again...anxiety is raging!

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Hip Replacement :: Alcohol

A week before my op and post op I have given up alcohol. We usually share a bottle of wine at the weekend but with the meds I don't think I can. Is this the same for you?. Only three weeks to go, just in time for my wife's birthday.


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Benzodiazepines :: Alcohol The Following Day?

I take zopiclone as and when I need it - it usually ends up being once or twice a week (for about 6 weeks now.) A week ago I was going to a wedding, wanted to be well rested for it so I took 1 7.5 mg at around midnight and woke up at 7ish ready for the day. The ceremony was in the afternoon so I didn't start drinking until around 3pm (15 hrs after taking) however as soon as I had had a few mouthfuls of wine I came over a bit strange. Dizzy and felt like I'd drank more than a few sips. Started to feel a bit panicky and left my friends to go for a walk in the grounds. (I suffer from anxiety anyway so this isn't that unusual.) Whilst out there I felt unstable on my feet and had a fall, grazing my knees and spilling wine on my lovely new dress! I didn't trip... I don't really know what happened but my boyfriend saw me and says I just fell over nothing!! I had only had a few sips at this point so I couldn't blame it on the drink alone! During the wedding breakfast a few hours later I thought I was going to fall asleep in my food. But thinking it was just me being a massive weirdo and not at all putting the two together I continued to drink. I got very drunk much quicker than usual and was a general mild embarrassment to myself but fortunately no other injuries or major incidents! Anyway I know they say don't drink while taking zopiclone but I always assumed it meant that night! As in don't take it with alcohol or take it when you get in from a night out. But now I'm thinking was 15 hours enough time to leave AFTER taking?!!! It might just have been a bad day for me but I'm not normally that clumsy that I go falling about all over the place after a few sips of wine. Any comments or experiences would be welcome! I might just be looking for an excuse for being such an embarrassment but either way I think I will avoid taking the night before an event like that again

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