Thrush Treatment, No Difference - Thick, Yellow, Smelly Discharge From Vagina

I've been noticing a thick, yellow, smelly discharge coming from my vagina and have done a pregnancy test, been to the GUM clinic and they've come back negative. I've done a thrush treatment and it has made no difference either. I've recently got a new partner (he's been tested too) and am having sex quite often and now I'm experiencing itching and veins of blood in my discharge. What could this be I'm worried?

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Vagina :: White Scaly Rash, Thick White Discharge And Abdominal Pain

I have thick white discharge, lower abdominal pain, and white scaly rash and red pimple like bumps near vagina . I took pics but not sure how to upload. Is this a bad yeast infection (I recently had and medicine didn't work) or is this an std!

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Vaginal Health :: White Clearish Smelly Discharge

I have been having a lot of sex but now I've been smelling a fish like smell from my discharge .. it has never happened before I don't smell it everyday but my anal also orchard but my vagina does not itch and during sex it doesn't burn or itch. I'm taking miconazole just in case I have a bacterial infection.

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Vaginal Health :: White Non Smelly Discharge After Period

i had sex with my ex who forced it on me n i begged him not to cum in me but he did, then had a yeast infection white chunky discharge, took treatment for it fixed it. Then i got my period seemed fine. but now im done and i went pee and noticed a smooth creamy white discharge it doesn't have a strong smell, but this has never happened before im really worried. i have been masturbating a lot n may have nicked my skin inside doing it.

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Vagina :: White Little Spots On Clitoris - Smelly Discharge - Thrush?

I think I have thrush. Iv got white discharge, around my clit also, that comes all the time, it also smells quite bad. I also have little spots on the top of my clit, plus when me and my boyfriend have sex it smells really bad... is this thrush?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Thick White Discharge

My date is due on 15th dec .. today i saw a thick white discharge..does dat mean i am pregnant

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Swollen Vagina With White Thick Discharge

I had sex with my bf even though we had sex with safety like condom my bf thinks some how it might be slipped so I took I pill but now my vagina got swollen n I'm getting a thick white discharge.I took the I pill after 4 hours of our sex.

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White, Thick, Sticky Discharge - Pregnant?

I have a white thick sticky discharge. There is a lot of it. I have never seen this before. Me and my husband are trying to conceive and I ovulated last week. could this mean I am pregnant. I start my period on the 9th of every month so I know it is not the beginning of my period I am always on time and never late... I just had my yearly and i have no infections, std's, or problems so I know this is not what is wrong at all.

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Am I Pregnant? :: 10 Days And Have White Thick Discharge

I had me period from the 26/12 to 2/01/14 i had sex on early morning 3rd its been 10 days and i have white thick discharge could i b pregnant ?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Bad Cramping And Thick White Discharge

Few weeks ago , I switch from depo to the pills "birth control" when I switch to the pills I only took it once ... Last week and couple days ago me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex . He came inside me several times ... I've been ovulating this thick white discharge ... And bad cramping . Can I be pregnant ? Any possibilities ?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Nur-isterate - Blood Like Thick White Discharge

i am 26 years old had my son in 2012 since then i was using nur-isterate until the 12th of may 2014 as me and my partner wanted a baby.

i recently took two pregnancy test and they came back negative. i haven't gotten my periods since then,but i got blood like discharge after that i got thick white discharge, cramps from time to time and moody all the time.

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Vaginal Health :: 18 And White Thick Creamy Discharge

im having a problem ever sense i started having sex, i am 18 years old and i lost my virginity almost a year ago.  I noticed after i started being sexually active on a daily basis after that, that weird stuff started happening to me.  I noticed that a creamy thick white discharge and sometimes sticky was starting to develop.  It mostly happens during intercourse and after we finish it can cover his genital area.  Its been getting worse now and im getting worried what it can be.  More frequently my underwear will be just wet with either the white discharge or its clear.

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Bowel Disorders :: Thick White Anal Discharge

I've suffered from mucus-coated stools and a light anal discharge for years and years, after having a peri-anal abcscess misdiagnosed as piles at the age of 17. This resulted in having an urgent operation to drain the ruptured abscess. 11 years after this surgery I was diagnosed with a multiple fistula-it was incredibly painful by this time as I had ignored the discharge etc for all those years, but it became unbearable. A year ago I had a fistulectomy, which has healed well. During the surgery they found a lump in my bowel. They took a biopsy and I was told it came back clear. For the last three months the discharge has returned-it's quite runny and not foul smelling, but I know also pass strange, fatty like things from my anus when I pee. It feels like I need to pass wind when I wee and then these bits come out, a couple of lumps of what look like slightly under cooked egg white. I am also still having mucus covered stools with some bright red blood and some darker blood when I wipe.

I really don't want to have to go through more 'camera up the bum' procedures but do you think I should?
Thanks for any help or advice anyone can offer me.

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Vaginal Health :: Thick White / Yellow Discharge

I keep having a lot of thick white or yellow discharge. Sometimes its so much i feel like i peed myself. I do not have an std because i've been with my boyfriend for two years and we are both std free. I have had yeast and bacteria infections before. It doesn't really smell. It doesn't smell fishy or anything. When my boyfriend performs oral he says it tastes really sour. Also sometimes when we have sex it is so thick and it like clumps up, also i'm really wet in the beginning and then i get really dry.

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Women's Health :: Brown Watery / Thick White Discharge

Okay I posted here few days ago about getting brown watery discharge. Today I had white thick discharge but in like HUGE amounts....has anyone had that before?

Yes am sexually active and yes I use pull out method although I know you can still get pregnant.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Fishy Thick White Discharge

I am 30 and I have thick white fishy discharge that I can smell through my clothes. My periods are always painful and my pee is green and frothy and stings when it comes out and I have a sudden urge to go to the toilet, sometimes I don't always make it in time. I get pain during sex as well.

Urine tests are always clear and pelvic ultrasound in 2007 ruled out a gynae problem. I was invited to have a cervical smear but I've put it off because my last nurse didn't talk me through what she was doing and got annoyed with me when I told her it hurt so what do I do?

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Vaginal Health :: Thick White Discharge / Red Bumps Around My Vulva

I have a thick white discharge and two red bumps around my vagina.. it itches on occasion. Nd it is very uncomfortable to wipe and to wash..

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Am I Pregnant? :: Sore Breast And Stomach Pain With White Thick Discharge

I was to get pregnant for 2 months, i am in my 2nd on my femara, and now i have some changes like back pain, sore nipple, lower stomach pain, i was still waiting for my period to come.. Am i pregnant?

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Thick White Liquid Discharge And Pain?

I am 23 yrs old and i have this problem that i have a white discharge from my vagina.

sometimes the quantity is less and sometimes more and sometimes doesnt happen. sometime back i got white thick discharge which was watery but it got stretched. i was like a chewing gum which i could take out by pulling off my vagina. after it dried on panty, showed as light yellowish lump or so. it also came out after bowel movement or even pee.. the quantity got lesser on its own , then i had my xams and that time it again started but was not the type i told, it was just simple liquid which when dried got into flakes.

after that for sometime it almost stopped except for after orgasm.

currently its like usual discharge but in a lesser quantity only.( also i got more red lumps like small mass during my period flow)

i dont know and worried regarding this. is it normal?

ALSO The second thing is that when i get aroused the vagina gets wet but now it pains while getting wet naturally unlike before.

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