Penis Size And Stammering - Masturbation And Penis Erection

I have four doubts related to masturbation, penis erection, penis size and stammering.

I am 22 years old.

1. It is said you should quit masturbation, but other related websites say you should masturbate twice or thrice a week to flush your old sperms and to protect from prostate cancer. Please comment on this.

2. It is important to have blood flow in penis. So what I do is, I close my eyes imagine beautiful girl which increases blood flow in penis and it causes erection but I don't masturbate. I repeat this exercise 10-12 times a day. So is it good thing I am doing??? Or should I stop doing it immediately??

3. My penis size is 6.7 inches in length and 5.3 inches in girth. Is my size OK according to my age??

4. I am stammering from age six or seven. Now I am 22, I have started getting control over it, but I want to improve more. Sir please suggest me some help.

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Penis :: Average Penis Size Of 13 Year Old

Is my penis too small? when erect it is 2 inches long when limp it is 1 inch .....

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Puberty (penis Size) - 12 Yo Nothing Comes Out On Masturbation

I'm 12 13 tomorrow and I've got Pubic hair and armpit hair my voice is getting a little deeper but the one problem is my penis and ejaculation I I masturbate but sometimes nothing comes out sometimes a little comes out and my penis is quite small but gets about 3 times as big when erect I've had armpit hair for about a year now could someone help me?

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Penis :: Average Size For A 15 Year Old?

Don't know if my penis is below or under average

I am like 3-4 inches flaccid

And about 4.5 erect it this normal or average for my age.

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Penis :: Average Size For 13 Year Old?

I think my penis is too small for my age. I'm 13, hav short pubes, no armpit hair, and no Adams apple. 1.5 inch when erect and 1 inch when flaccid ....

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Vasectomy :: Purple Penis And Testicles

My operation went smoothly and was done by a very professional doctor at our local hospital. It doesn't cost anything at our government hospitals and the operation is done by local private doctors. I am just a bit confused as to how much swelling and discoloration there should be. My entire scrotum and penis is purple and my testicles feel like they would do if I had jumped into a swimming pool and stung them! I have been unable to find any information regarding discoloration and even seeing pictures of others makes me wonder if I am bleeding or have bled too much internally?

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Vasectomy :: 7 Months, Now Pain, Smell And White Stuff On Penis

I do have an appointment booked with GP. Its about 7 ,months since I had my vasectomy, and still experience pain in the left side, sometimes it does get uncomfortable and sore. What I have noticed too is my penis smells and I often get a small build up of white stuff on the penis head under my foreskin. I wash it every day, but notice it seems to happen once I start urinating, I haven't notice any change of smell when I urinate though. Can infection be caused this long after the procedure?

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Vasectomy :: Don't Go For It - Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS)

The best way about a vasectomy is to NOT have one. Anyone who thinks that they have got away without problems just can not say anything as PVPS can come on at any time until we die I know a friend who is in his mid-seventies and has more pain than in the whole of his life.

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Vasectomy :: Second Vasectomy - Failed First One

Hi I am looking for help I have just had my second vasectomy done just 2 weeks ago due to a failed vasectomy the first time. I have 2 large lumps 1 at the incision site and 1 and the opposite end of the incision and they are both causing me a lot of pain which runs down my leg I have seen my doctor but has told me to give it a couple of months but I didn't get any pain like this the first time. Can a second vasectomy increase any chances of side effects or chronic pain.

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Went Up A Size And Are Very Tender - Not Pregnant

Past two months boobs have went up a size and are very tender I'm not prego I'm 23 5'7 130 lbs what's going on

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General :: Spleen Size Of 13.2cm Should I Be Worried?

I recently had an ultrasound to check my kidneys and was found to have a mildly enlarged spleen at 13.2cm. My doctors have told me not to worry as this is just outside the normal range but I am VERY worried.I am male aged 57.

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Hemorrhoids :: Post Haemorrhoidectomy BM Size?

it's been 7 days since the op. No pain to speak of, discharge is minimal. My concern is BM size. Before the op they were brown and had a sizeable girth.

Post op they are orange (probably the Fybogel drink) but a lot narrower. We are talking the cross section of a thumb. Passing them takes a lot of effort, particularly when the mantra is "don't strain". Problem I the pressure bearing down.

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Thyroid :: Different Nodule Size On Ultrasound And During FNA?

I have a thyroid nodule that was found in an ultrasound 6 months ago and I recently had my 6 month follow up ultrasound which found that the nodule had grown. My doctor has told me that it went from 1.1 cm to 1.3 cm...but the radiologist told me during my FNA last week that it was only 9mm? I am so confused...I will be asking for copies of ALL of my test results tomorrow morning since there seems to be differing information.

During my FNA last week the doc and tech were unsure what it was that they were doing a biopsy on...a thyroid nodule, a cyst or and enlarged lymph node. When they did the first aspiration they said that it looked as if the "nodule" went down...i was happy because I thought maybe it was a simple cyst, but then whatever it was filled right back up and went back to the same size. They took 3 samples and the doc told me that he wasn't worried about this and I shouldn't be either and I would receive my results in 3-5 days and that was that! I found out today that the tests came back "insufficient cells for diagnosis...repeat biopsy". FRUSTRATING!!

Here are my concerns and confusion...

Can a lymph node be mistaken for a thyroid nodule or cyst?

Would a nodule or cyst immediately back up after aspiration seemed to shrink it?

Should I be worried about any of this?

What questions should I ask my doctor and the doctor doing the FNA?

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Pin Head Size Lump On My Testicle

I felt some pain in my right testicle on Tuesday, it soon disappeared. Then last night (Friday) it was feeling a bit painful again after ejaculating, which hasn't happened before. Since it was only the right testicle I had a quick check (even got a warm shower) and felt a small lump about the size of a pinhead. I'm pretty sure it's on the testicle itself - although I find it hard to say where the lump is because it seems to be different (I guess that's just the movement of the testicle) it's near the top, where all the tubes attach, it feels as if there's a tube that actually runs to the lump. I wouldn't say it was painful but when I push or wiggle it, it gives me that kicked in the balls kind of pain, just scaled down quite a bit. Right now I just feel a bit of an annoyance down there, I did masturbate about an hour ago to see if it brought on pain again, but it didn't.

Some additional information: I remember that there was a period, probably around six months ago, when my testicles would sometimes hurt then running, but I thought nothing of it.

I'm in my late teens and now I'm really worried, could barely eat last night after I found the small lump. All of today I've been feeling worried, even bailed out of my plans for tonight. On the one hand I really want to get it checked out especially since I'm going on vacation next week, like with anything, I get overly worried, but on the other hand I do not like the thought of the doctor checking out my balls and I feel really anxious about telling my parents. How can I just go up to my mum and say 'I just found a lump on my balls' would I even say balls? It's just so awkward; we've never spoke about anything like that.

I don't really know why I'm on here. I know that I really should go get it checked out, I also know that I don't necessarily have to tell my parents but I'd rather them know, I think.. I mean I don't even know how to book a doctor's appointment, never mind one for a matter like this.

The thought that this is could be Cancer just makes me feel awful, I want to just say to my self that it's probably nothing, but I can't. 24 hours ago I had nothing on my mind and was looking forward to the weekend, now I can't stop googling this and feeling my balls. Whenever I think to do something to get my mind at rest, such as watching TV or going out I just think NO that's not going to change anything, I know I can't just sit back, but I don't know what to do!

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Trying To Conceive :: 6-7 Follicles In Each Ovary - Size?

I went thru transvaginal ultrasound's my 10 th day today...
there are 6-7 follicles in each ovary ..
dominant follicle in left ovary
small follicles in right
Right ovary (0.6 * 0.5 cm) (0.6*0.5 cm)
left ovary (1.8 *1.5 cm ) (0.6*0.5 cm)
what does it show about my ovarian reserve ?
My second day FSH is 6.92mIU/ml
LH is 3.84mIU/ml

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Normal Size For Follicles Of Ovaries?

I am 25 years old and want to take baby.I tested ultrasonogram of transverginal on day 12.

Summary of findings of the test is given below:

The endometrium is 6mm in thickness and of high echo.

The right ovary measures 4.5cm X 2.1cm X 3.7cm ,volume 19.03 cc.

The left ovary measures 4.5cm X 1.4cm X 4.1cm ,volume 13.99 cc.

Sizes of follicles of right ovary measuring about 7 mm, 6 mm in diameter.

Sizes of follicles of left ovary measuring about 6 mm, 6 mm in diameter.

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Pea Size Nodule At My Anus

i have internal hemorrhoids. but now i found a new small pea size nodule in my anal opening that nodule bumps.

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Menstruation :: Shedding Clots The Size Of My Hand

I am passing clots the size of my hand, im in a great deal of pain...what does this mean, and what can i do?

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Quit Masturbation Reduces The Size Of Butt ?

I am masturbating for the past 2 years. At the starting stage my butt became slightly big but i didn't take much care about it but now it is big that anyone can notice that it is bigger. I tried to stop masturbating but i can't hold that for more than a week, i again started to masturbate. Can some of you help me to quit masturbating or reduce the size of my butt?

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