Granuloma Annulare :: Paleo Immune Diet With Alcohol

I'm going to tackle the Paleo Immune diet.. or Paleo AIP as seeps to be also known as..

I think its the only thing that can help for me anyway.. after trying lots of different things (see my other post)

Im going to see if I can attach some photos on here so people can see what level the GA is for me at starting this diet.. then will update more pics as it hopefully starts to fade.

If anyone else is interested in giving this a go if you PM me your email address I can send you the info that I've got ebooks etc.

I've decided to start this today.. been shopping got all the right stuff.. had to throw out a load of bad stuff to fit it all in.. lets hope the kids don't miss them too much haha... tomato sauce is overrated anyways

No alcohol is going to be challenging as Jay was saying yesterday he likes a drink and drinks more than average person.. I'm the same I'm in the habit of drinking a bottle of red wine every night and it doesn't even get me drunk I drink it not to get drunk but just force of habit.. so that habit is going the distance and even if the GA doesnt clear up completely I'll be a million times healthier.

Ginger and lemon tea it is then....

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Am I Pregnant? :: Nausea - Unprotected Sex On 2nd Day Of Contraceptives

Since I have PCOS, I am on contraceptives now. The tablets which I take had suited me well. Recently just while on the second day of contraceptives I had unprotected sex with my partner. After 2 weeks suddenly I have started feeling unwell. I am having nausea and then vomiting, stomach started feeling heavy, etc. It feels like all energy is being sucked out of my body. Can anyone help me why suddenly it is happening? I would also like to mention that within this 2 week time span I missed out my pill one day. Am I pregnant or is it a possibility that the medicine is doing something wrong

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Birth Control :: Oral Contraceptives Cause Irritability?

Do oral contraceptives cause irritability?

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Birth Control :: Any Single Or Twice Dose Contraceptives?

There any contraceptive which is suffice to take only once or twice to prevent pregnancy before sex? As we are planing to do unprotected sex once just to have an experience of it. Also tell me when and how many days before she should take it?

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Birth Control :: Cramps When First Starting Oral Contraceptives?

I started my first pack of combined pills (Rigevidon) on Monday 14 July. I got a mild diarrhoea the next day. For a week, I have experienced decreased appetite, stomachaches, sharp stabbing pain in central abdomen and discomfort after eating. Is it common to have cramps when first starting oral contraceptives? I am worried that it can be a sign of pregnancy as I had protected sex (just condom)on 19 June. I took one urine pregnancy test last thursday and one today (4 weeks and 2 days since intercourse)Both are negative. Also, will i be less protected on the first pack of the pills? Will having digestive problems like the above make the pills less effective?

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Co-codamol :: Bad Reaction

The week before last I took co-codamol in the evening and went to bed feeling sick which isn't unusual, a few hours later I was woken by severe cramps and knew I had to get to the toilet, I was sat on the toilet and went dizzy and blacked out, I woke up on the floor sweat pouring off me, finally managed to move myself got a drink of water and made it back to bed, a little later I was sick and emptied my bowels, I wonder if it might of been a reaction to co-codamol as i've not really been able to take it since.

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Cyclizine :: Very Bad Reaction - Anyone Else?

I went in Macmillan hospital for an Iron Infusion, as chronic anemic. I had the iron, and the then administors Cyclizine via IV, i was resting in reclined position on the chair. Suddenly almost not long after maybe 5 mins as if i was either having a heart or stroke, i was struggling to breath serious chest pains,i don't know what my heart rate was since i have Tachycardia, i can say my heart was pounding and chest wall was very fast, i thought i was having  a cardiac arrest. Bp from 126 shot up 186/90, i would not speak, my eyes were dialated, my eyes were reported by the nurse as "rolling back in my head", i felt as if paralysed as i could not lift my hands or head, i could not call help. I had tears rolling down my face,it was a few minutes before i could talk. It was the most awful, shocking,distressing,alarming,horrible,frightening experience, to have gone through. To add insult to injury i was sent home, and when i called the Dr acted as if he had never heard of this sort of serious reaction. Not a single note in my after care summary, now covering up. Not a single note about i had no warning about possible side effects, the care has had many failures.

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Trimethoprim :: Allergic Reaction

I was prescribed this drug yesterday for a supposed urine infection. I had suffered with urine infections alot in my teens and into adulthood, however had not had an infection since having my son 8 years ago. I had problems during my pregnancy high blood pressure being one of these problems. As a result I only have one fully functional kidney. I was told that my blood pressure would probably go up again in later life and therefore have had it checked each year since.

On a routine checkup a couple of weeks ago, it appears that the high blood pressure is back and at the checkup I also had my urine dipped. The nurse asked me if I had any problems passing water etc. When I said I hadn't, she said there was something in my water and would send it off to the hospital just in case. I said that I thought I would have noticed if there had been a problem.

Anyway, yesterday I got the results and the surgery informed me that my doctor had left a prescription out for me. I picked it up and took the first tablet at four o'clock. By seven o'clock I had a severe headache, and the most awful chest pain, I thought I was having a heart attack

On reading the side effects we rang the hospital, got an appointment, by which time my back and chest were covered in a rash. My Blood pressure had reached 240/140 extremely high....

The doctor confirmed that it was an allergic reaction to trimethoprim and injected me with an antihistamine. Having checked my urine again, they said I did not have an infection in the first instance and should never have been prescribed this drug and confirmed that it could have been fatal.

I am going to make a formal complaint to my doctor and would like to take this further. Why is this drug being prescribed? I think I am very lucky to be here today and my children could have been left without their mum.

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Trimethoprim :: Adverse Reaction

Was hospitalised for a week 18 months ago with temp over 40 and severe pain in my arms where all the muscles had gone totally solid. Couldn't walk, move or anything. Half way through my week my tongue swelled up and my throat covered in ulcers. Had morphine and antibiotics to treat.No reason ever found as to why -tested for cancer, meningitis and lupus -all clear

Last friday took trimethoprim for urine infection. Within hour all the symptons i had in hospital were back. Doctor told me to take double dose - got worse - went to hospital - got treated - went home. When had enough strength to ring doctor i asked if i was given Trimethoprim before and guess what? I was prescribed it five days before admittance to hospital 18 months ago

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Bad Reaction After Typhoid Vaccination

I received a typhoid vaccination as I am going overseas in a month. There was no initial pain, however my arm did feel very numb. A few hours after the vaccination my arm was suddenly severely sore and I felt quite nauseous. The only slight relief I get is when I'm not using my arm or have it resting on my lap. Apart from that, I can't even manage to move it upwards or to the sides or even cough without being in extreme pain. Is this a normal reaction after a typhoid vaccine? What can I do to relieve the pain?

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Quetiapine :: Itching Reaction

I have been on quetiapine 25mg tablet 3 times a day for 3 weeks! Within an hour of 1st tablet I started itching but carried on with tablet as I was told it was anxiety! Went to see gp yesterday who told me to stop them as I had a rash! Has this happened to anyone and if so was it down to colour of tablet? I am sensitive to some colours! Do I ask psychiatrist if I can try a higher dose that's a white tablet but cut it up?

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Ciprofloxacin Reaction - Severe Sunburn

As well as many other side effects, joints, brain fog etc, I was out in my garden for 10 minutes, I had jeans on when I came indoors my legs felt like they were on fire and my tongue has gone tingley, I took my jeans off and I have what looks like severe sunburn all down them, I know this is the cipro has anyone else had this??

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Allergies :: Delayed Reaction To Penicillin?

Last night I came up with horrendous lumps, bumps and itchy mosquito type looking rashes all over my body. I have been on Penicillin for about 10 days and only started getting itchy on my scalp maybe a day or so ago, and now these symptoms have seemed to broken out into something very severe!!

The spots keep changing and moving into different spots all over my body, on my face, in my ears, on my knees, arms, hands etc.

The doctor gave me (Prednisone) which is a steroid hormone. This has helped the itching. They say it couldn't have been the penicillin, otherwise I would have reacted far earlier than after 10 days of treatment...

But then I looked at some academic journals, which stated that you can have 'delayed' drug reactions to antibiotics, sometimes a week after first taking them??

I did eat seafood a day or so ago ...but usually am fine eating shellfish etc.

It looks like someone has severely beaten up my legs with a pole! These huge golf ball size hives, very bizarre!

Anyway... my question is...has anyone else had a 'delayed' reaction or unpredictable reaction to antibiotics/penicillin?

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Cyclizine Reaction - 9 Weeks Pregnant

I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and today was admitted to hospital with severe morning sickness and dehydration. I was in a&e, and at this point, sick, tired, but generally in good spirits, no anxiety, and to be honest, pleased about being given fluids at last!

I was then given a dose of Cyclizine in my IV, I'm not sure what dose it was. Literally as soon as it went in, I immediately had a very strong urge to vomit, which I managed to fight off. I started to shake uncontrollably, and felt very 'woozy'. The nurse didn't even give me the whole dose, he decided to stop at the point. He then left, and my boyfriend had to call him back in. I went as white as a sheet (according to the boyfriend), was still shaking uncontrollably, the nurse did my obs, and my heart rate was about 150 bpm. I became extremely anxious, with a feeling of impending doom. I was apparently not acting 'normally' for me and not speaking properly. I tried to get up, but my whole body felt extremely heavy.

For me, the whole episode felt to last a long time, but my boyfriend states that it lasted no longer than 10 minutes. The shakes took an hour to wear off completely, and the heaviness, at least 3 hours. This evening (12 hours on), I still feel anxious and 'not quite right'.

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Cyclizine Reaction? Acute Insomnia

I am experiencing acute insomnia. Is this familiar to any other users of this medication?

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Severe Allergic Reaction To Cyclizine

After reading all these posts about Cyclizine, I feel I should add my own traumatic experience from 7 years ago:

(I now know that I am severely allergic to Cyclizine).

Back in the ward after breast cancer surgery with two visitors at my bedside, I suddenly began to feel nauseous.  Unable to move my head at the time, I asked a number of times if I could have a 'sick bowl' handy as I felt I was going to be sick.  No-one seemed to hear my plea, even though there were lots of medical staff and visitors around in this busy ward.  I felt I was speaking loudly but my request still went unanswered.  I summoned up the strength to really shout out Please, I need a sick bowl - I think I'm going to be sick.  Next thing I saw the nurse half way down the bed putting a needle into the back of my right hand.  I asked her what it was for and she replied "Just something to stop you feeling sick".  Within seconds of that a strong wave of something went through my head and through every part of me.  I started to feel as though my whole body was like jelly and (just as one other poster has described) felt as though I was drowning, couldn't breathe and literally felt as though the life was rapidly draining out of me.

Although I couldn't move my head (or any part of my body), I could see just in front of me and was aware that the woman in the bed opposite me was sitting up and staring at me, as was her visitor.  I wanted to shout out Stop Staring at Me, What are you looking at .... but the words wouldn't come out.  

There was a rush of panic all around my bed, with doctors having been called and nurses running around but at this stage I couldn't see what was going on - only hear.   I heard to my left what I recognised to be the Sister's voice (from having spoken with her earlier) - shouting angrily "Who turned this off?"  She was obviously referring to whatever machine I had been attached to there - which had apparently turned itself off!

Then I remember another nurse's voice which I recognized very clearly as an American nurse that I had been chatting and joking with earlier.  Although I couldn't see her, I knew it was her because I recognized her loud Texan drawl.  She was also the nurse who I had seen (with my tunnel vision) put the needle into my hand.  I do believe now that it was her voice that saved my life.  Her voice was all I could hear at this stage.  She was obviously very close right in front of my face and I remember she kept repeating abruptly and loud:  "Don't close your eyes - KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!"  My eyes felt so very very heavy and they kept closing.  I so badly wanted to keep them closed - but then her loud voice would bark out the order again "OPEN YOUR EYES!"  and with all the strength I could muster I forced them to open each time.  It was very hard to do, like I needed a bulldozer to get them to open ...  but I managed to do so, only because I could tell from the urgency in her voice that I HAD TO keep those eyes open.

I was also aware that I had been given an oxygen mask and at this stage must have been coming around.  The "jelly" feeling had gone and I remember feeling my nose was itchy under the mask.  I wanted to scratch it but couldn't move my hands.  I'm not sure how long all this was going on, but when the panic was all over I remember the Sister then telling me that I should add 'CYCLIZINE' to my list of allergies.  (I am also allergic to Penicillin (as well as some other antibiotics), and this is something I already knew).

I'm not sure that CYCLIZINE should be banned altogether, as it is obviously something that is helpful to others (in the same way as Penicillin is to others), but I do think it should come under the same category as Penicillin and perhaps some sort of pre-test should be done before administering the drug. 

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Cardiac Arrest As A Cyclizine Reaction

I was in hospital in 2006 with severe illness. I had gotten up to go to the bathroom yet collapsed on the way there. I was given morphine as I was in extreme pain, however, i began feeling very sick, so cyclizine was put straight into my drip. Literally 20 seconds later, i remember feeling as if someone had put their hands round my neck - I couldn't breathe and my heart was racing - this is the last thing i remember. According to my mother and father, I went into cardiac arrest - blacked out, and then was unconscious. At this point, I was dead. I had no pulse and was not breathing. I was given emergency CPR and was thankfully, revived. I remained in hospital for the next week under strict observation. I was 15 at the time. I have a severe allergy to cyclizine, and never again will I go through this ordeal.

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Cyclizine Is A Dangerous Drug Due To It's Reaction

Cyclizine is dangerous and  I will not stop  warning people of the awful reaction to the drug company to own up their responsibility.  I cannot do this alone, I need all your help we have to warn  people of the danger of taking cyclizine.  

Positive feedback on this?

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Cyclizine Reaction :: Very Frightening Experience

The first time i experienced IV cyclizine i was aware of it ascending in my arm and reaching my heart. I had a sense of 'falling' and 'doom'. With this i felt my heart jolt. I asked the nurse to stop the infusion as being in pain was preferable to the sensation i was feeling from the drug.

I was given iv cyclizine again several years later as i had forgotten the earlier experience. As soon as it entered my circulation i soon remembered and was a far more frightening experience. The sensation of falling and imminent doom i now interpret as a 'feeling of dying'. My heart reacted the same and an ECG showed cardiac changes. The sensation stopped immediately as the infusion was abandoned. I now have cyclizine allergy on all my medical notes as i never want the experience again.

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