Erectile Dysfunction :: Vitamins For ED?

So I've been having partial E.D and I looked up vitamins to help. I wanted to know if taking these all together were bad. If so which should I stop. Which will help. I got vitamin c 1000 mg, vitamin E 1000 IU, zinc 50 mg, magnesium, B1 250 mg, saw palmetto 900 mg and super b complex. Is that to much to do once a day?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Due To Diabetes

i am diabetic and now having problem of erectile dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Sex Mood Had Been Down

I'm a male age 40. Recently my sex mood had been down & it is difficult for me to get aroused. My erection also are very poor & only once in awhile i'm getting a moderate erection & even that was only for a short duration. I do not have any pressure or diabetes.

How do i can get back into the mood? Is it true a man can achieve an erection up to the level where the penis is heading towards to the person's head as shown in the blue films? Is blue films is one of the reason for this problem?

What medicines or changes that I need to do to get back into the mood & have frequent & quality erection?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Can't Get A Boner

Me and my gf are teens and we are both virgins and we tried to have sex and she was sucking my penis and stroking it and I was fingering her and eating her out and I didn't have a boner at the time and I could not get one. It made me so disappointed at myself because I can get one alone. I have a 6 inch penis and it was only about a 3 when we was in bed. She thought it was her fault and everything and it's not bc she turns me on like there no tomorrow. I've got a boner with her before but we wasn't going to have sex or anything. (That was when we started dating) we've been dating for 6 months and we desire to have sex and I can get a boner. I haven't even wanted to have sex since then but it's only been a few days.

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Erectile Dysfunction Due To Adderall

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue or has suggestions on how to treat it. (It sounds strange, but it's true and troubling.)

I took Adderall regularly from 2011-2013 and had no ED issues, but delayed ejaculation. Since then, I've switched to a different antidepressant medication, and when I restarted the Adderall, I had ED.

I would watch porn and masturbate for up to 30 minutes before I could get an erection. When I did, I would have some pre-ejaculate (which I never had before). Once I got an erection, because it took so much work, I didn't want to lose it! So I would put on a c*** ring and edge for up to an hour before ejaculating. Even if I only took the Adderall a few days a week, these side effects and the subsequent cycle continued daily. I've stopped the Adderall, but I still have to masturbate a flaccid penis for up to 15 minutes before it gets erect, and like before, there's eventually pre-ejeculate, I get very hard, then can masturbate normally and eventually ejaculate.

I feel like the aggressive type of masturbation I used to produce an erection when I was taking the Adderall has completely altered my penis' reaction to stimulation. Now, 15 minutes of stimulation + porn produces pre-ejaculate and then an erection. Stimulation from a partner does nothing to arouse me. I now have to go through this process to get an erection.

I've never had ED issues before, or any trouble getting an erection when masturbating or with a partner. Now, after all the aggressive masturbation caused by the Adderall-ED issues, my penis' response is so drastically different, I'm worried and don't know what to do?

Will an ED med get me back on track? Do I have to avoid masturbation and porn for an extended period of time and then my arousal cycle will return to normal? I feel like I've literally retrained my penis on how to respond to stimulation, and I need to retrain it back to normal, but not sure what to do.

Has anyone else experienced this or have suggestions?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Herbal Medicines Will Help?

My husband is suffering from erectile dysfunction. We saw a sexologist. He has prescribed expensive herbal medicines. Is it curable?  

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Diuretics :: 65 Bendro Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

I have been taking Bendro now for about five years for high blood pressure, and have problem with erectile dysfunction for about 18 months now, which is getting worse. When I skipped Bendro for 36 to 48 hours I get my erection back again, and I am almost 65!

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Something Blocking Me To Have An Erection

I'm a 26 yo man. I'm eating healthy and i am very sporty.

The problem is that when i am with a girl, something is just blocking me to have an erection. I try, she tries, we tries. Nothing to do. And when i have a (semi-erection i am usually ejaculating after not even 5 seconds (really!).

When i'm masturbating I don't have any issues. I can have a good erection and it can last a while. Sometimes I masturbate 2-3 times a week, sometimes not for 2 weeks.

I discovered this problem with my first girlfriend when I was 20. It took us 4 months to have fairly good sex.

We thought it was because o the stress I had at that time as a student. But now I m travelling and have no stress at all. Still, not possible to have sex.

When i was younger i thought sex was like bicycling. You just have to train it to become better. But now, every time I "fail" in bed feels like I have to start to climb a mountain from the bottom again, and I never really get near to the top of it.

I tried a lot of stuff. Special "aphrodisiac" food, taking baths to relax, special gels, vitamins, even ayahuaska in Peru (drug to purify body and mind in the inca culture), talking to people, Talking to the girl about it before the sex or just the opposite (don't talk about it and try not to think about it), but nothing works.

Because i don't have any issues alone, it must really be something in my head.

I m sure you can understand the frustrations I have ! I love girls ! I never tried to have sex with a man, but I don't really want to. I don't see this as a solution.

There where "normal" man can have sex without any problem, i can't. My friends told me sometime they just need a little "tickle" and they have and erection, as for me it will take ages or it will never come.

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Can Minoxidil Contribute To Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Can minoxidil contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Recently, I noted I can't have proper erection. I get my organ filled with blood but it quickly gets flaccid if mechanical stimulation is stopped. I do not have any morning erections either. It started to happen more or less 2/3 months ago (that's when I started using minoxidil 5% for hair growth). This is the only medication I'm using presently (and didn't use anything else for more than a year). I don't smoke, almost no alcohol, don't have any blood pressure problems or diabetes, no pornography, definitely no stress recently.

Interesting thing I read is: "Minoxidil is a vascular dilator. During a normal erection, the tunica and base of penis is constricted in a way not to allow blood to flow out. Minoxidil causes blood not to be able to stay in penis because it dilates the base of penis. This results in impotence or temporary erectile dysfunction."

Is it possible? Can stopping minoxidil help? What to do? I'm 23 years old.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Erection For Less Than A Minute

when i have think sexual think or watching porn movie ,precum will come out .but i aslo mastrbution for last 1 year.but now problem is that it does not hard as 2 week before does erection for less 1 min and becomes soft. s it normal or what i can for this problem

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Due To Alcohol And Masturbation?

I am 36 years old, I masturbate and drink alot of alcohol, I am having issues now, once I get erect and about to insert my penis into my girlfriend,I just loose erection.and would have to rub my penis over and over to get erected and my girlfriend would quickly sit on my penis so that I don't lose the erection fast

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Erection On Masturbation But Not In Sex

What is the cure and cause of SEMI erectile problems? I stressed on SEMI because that is exactly my problem. I get a full erection when I masturbate and I do that daily; but during sex I don't get hard enough to enter. Is masturbation the problem, if yes then how can it be cured?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Never Been Able To Hold An Erection

30 years old, somewhat overweight but not in terrible shape, occasional drinker but not more than that, busy lifestyle (work a desk job and moderate exercise). No other biological issues other than that I suspect my father had/has been treated for low testosterone at some point. I sometimes feel like my sex drive mentally isn't what it should be as compared to other men, but I do think about it albeit with some apprehension at this point. I don't struggle with feeling attraction to women at all. I take a daily vitamin so I should be fairly well covered there.

My problems? My erections come slower than molasses and when they do come, I struggle to maintain them and they usually fade away within a couple of minutes, even while actively engaged in sexual relations. It is not for lack of confidence as I have been told that I am quite good in my bits and spurts, but I have never gotten off during sex despite desperately wanting to. I am capable of getting very hard but it rarely lasts long enough to have any kind of meaningful sex.

I also struggle with masturbation. I can make myself get hard by thinking about it, playing with myself, but the same problems occur - I can't get myself completely lost in it and my erection goes from very strong to non-existent in the span of a couple of minutes. There is one exception, however (and this isn't much fun to admit, but I figure it's the only way I can get help for my condition) - if I lie on the floor and rub myself against it as a form of masturbation, I can get quite hard and ejaculate just fine within a couple of minutes.

I'd like to have a normal and active sex life, because this has destroyed or at least undermined every relationship I have ever been in since I was a teenager (this has gone on since I was 1. I don't think there is anything drastically wrong with me physically since I still feel a semblance of sex drive and can ejaculate, but the blood flow and maybe the "immersion" in the moment just doesn't seem to be there.

I (FINALLY!) have an appointment with an urologist coming up in a couple of weeks, but I am in a relationship where I am mentally and physically ready to have sex, and I am dreading the same old of trying to take it to the next level and failing spectacularly. Does anybody have any idea of what might be afflicting me? Is this ED or is it possibly something else? I'm thinking about trying something like yohimbe (very small dose) or gingko as a short-term remedy, will these help me at all?

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Masturbation With Porn Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Hi everyone, I am 26 years male and having erectile problems for last 5-6 years.I havn't sought any treatment and avoided facing the reality till now.I had been masturbating to porn for around 12-14 years and in process trained myself to ejaculating within few minutes of physical stimulation. My abdomen gets upset when I am aroused, I feel like shiting when I am aroused and I guess this is related to my GI problems. It had come to the level that I ejaculate on physical stimulation without even fully erect. A few days back I tried to have sex with a real partner after 3 years and same thing happened I ejaculated within few minutes on hand stimulation with 60% erection. This was real embarrassing. Anyway I was not even aroused to the level I get aroused when I watch porn. Nowadays it is also believed that masturbating with porn causes erectile dysfunction. In background of this thing I have had quite stressful life for last ten years. I could not feel any stress, fatigue or exhaustion even when the symptoms were quite prominent and would think that there was nothing wrong with me. I came to know about exhaustion a few months back. I was over training my mental and sexual health. Now I am exhausted both sexually and mentally so I took a break for a few months. Now I want to heal myself. I feel attracted towards curvy females but I don't think it is sexually. Please help me guys how should I go about this problem. I can't keep it like that because I know I will masturbate to porn even if the problem is not solved.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Cialis Works Well For Me

I am a 57 year old triathlete, having completed 2 Ironman competitions in the last 2 years. One would think the my fitness would help in the bedroom. Not! As I've aged I've noticed my erections getting weaker. Over the last 2 months they were none existent. I would orgasm when my wife would give me manual stimulation and the ejaculate would just ooze out of my flaccid penis. But no "rock hard" erection & certainly no ejaculation. I could not get hard enough to penetrate. Twelve years ago I had severe atrial fibrillation, which even caused 2 flat lining episodes is an ER. I had ablation surgery which corrected the problem. Yet, I feared taking erection causing stimulants because I didn't want to mess with heart rate. After 2 months of no stiffness to speak of, I took my doctor's advice and had filled the prescription for 5mg Cialis, daily dose. I took it yesterday, Christmas Eve, for the first time, about 3 hours before we opened our gifts. I'm not so sure how long one has to take this medicine to show an improvement, but last night, about 5 hours after taking my first pill, I got the best Christmas gift a man can get who's been suffering with ED. The Christmas package was delivered. We were both smiling. I'm sold on Cialis. My heart rate is fine and I have only a very, very slight stuffy nose. I can deal with that.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Risperdal? Erections Only While Asleep

I took risperdal for 3 months for my bipolar. now i have Ed. it's been  months since withdrawal but not much changes to that condition. i get erections when i'm asleep. but when i wake u they go within a minute.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: 23 And Erections Started Dropping

I'm 23 and have had very few sexual encounters up to now. A few days ago me and a friend decided to have sex from now on as friends. When we did try however, my erection started dropping while i was putting a condom on and didn't come back in full force so we were unable to finish. I don't really feel ashamed in front of her, and I'm aware that my ego probably did the job as she is more experienced and i have to "train" as we go in a way, but is there anything i can do to prevent such things from happening again? I'm not talking about medication, just something like a relaxing exercise or anything of the sort, as i generally get fast erections and had that one for like an hour or more before we actually started.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Not Full Erection When Jack Off

I am currently 16 years old and I have recently begun to realize some worrying things about my penis. It doesn't have all of the feeling in it now and sometimes when I'm sitting down, it goes numb like when your leg falls asleep. I first tried jacking off in 7th grade(around four years ago) and have been doing it almost daily sometimes more than twice a day up until recently. Now when I jack off I don't need to have a full erection for an orgasm. I can't even get fully erect anymore. It gets about 75% and then stays for like a minute and then when it stops getting attention, it gets soft so quickly. I am very worried because me and my girlfriend tried sex and I couldn't do it because I couldn't stay hard. She got me to the 75% hard like when I jack off and then whenever we thought it was time to penetrate her I went soft almost immediately after she stopped touching it or when I stopped so I couldn't achieve sex. My penis looks healthy and I feel no pain or anything.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Difficulties Getting Erections While Masterbating

I am 19 soon turning 20, I've been having sex since I was 16 with no problem. It wasn't even a full year ago that I started noticing difficulties getting erections while masterbating. I simply ignored it, imagining it was me losing attraction to porn so I continued to Jerk off before bed or in the morning. Shortly after that I had my first ever problem when actually sleeping with a girl and I did have it hard for maybe 10 minutes but lost it and was maybe about "75% there" , I was also extremely drunk and assumed little of it the next morning. The lack of erections while I masterbated where occurring sometimes, and since I've slept with 4 women, 3 I was fairly drunk and managed to get it hard with 2 of the 3. My most recent girl was attractive, I was sober but a little tired since it was 3am. Regardless I could not get hard and I am now worried I could have ED. I am seeing someone and would be deeply embarrassed if I could not perform in bed both for her and myself. Please help

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