Disc Prolapse :: Degenerative Disc Disease, Sciatica, Bulge Herniated Disc

I am in complete pain ! Am on hydrocodone. Effexor. And morphine but in seeing if natural ways would help trying to keep from surgery any advice 

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Disc Prolapse :: Spinal Disc Decompression For Central Disc Bulge In L5/S1

I have been experiencing the lower back pain which is local from last 5 years. My MRI reports says that there is a central disc bulge at l5/s1. Where outer annular tear is intact.

I have seen a chiropractor who has recommended spinal disc decompression sessions on Hill DT.

As per the doctor, it will relocate the disc back to its normal position and make the disc healthier as before.

Just would like to know if someone has gone for the similar treatment for the similar problem. If yes kindly share your experience.

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Disc Prolapse :: Massive Disc Fragment Broke And Pressing Dural Sac (L4 And L5)

I have an herniated disc between L4 and L5 .A massive disc fragment broke and moved away and is pressing the dural sac.I have pains only when I walk.I can not stand up more than 10 minutes because of the pain.How dangerous it is and how can I be sure that a surgery will solve my problem?

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Disc Prolapse :: Lump On Buttock - Disc Bulge And Ligament Damage

I had an accident in work a year ago and have finally been diagnosed with a disc bulge and 3 very stretched ligaments in my ankle but since my last physio I have started to get a pain in my right buttock and gradually it has been getting worse I'm in pain sitting walking standing going the toilet and the pain is that unbearable at times that I can cry. And now 4 days into this pain I have a large lump I can feel under the skin about the size of a 10p its about 3cm from the bum crack and is extremely sore to touch has anyone any idea if this is related to my other problems or something else as I don't know weather to go doctors or wait for my next physio.

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Disc Prolapse :: A Disc Bulge Can Return To Normal Shape ?

a disc bulge can return to normal shape ? i mean lower back disc.what can i do ?

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Disc Prolapse :: Slipped Disc Trapping The Nerve

Hi all, before xmas my back started to get sore but i thought with 2 weeks rest during the holiday it would get better. Day before i was due to go back to work it was really bad. I went to the osteopath and it felt like he had fixed it so i was pleased. Few days after i started to get pains from the top of my buttock all the way down my leg into my foot, I then realized that i had sciatica. The pain is really nasty and i get pins and needles in some of my foot and calf. It has stopped me walking properly and i limp about. Week ago i had an MRI scan and it revealed that one of the discs is trapping the nerve. I have good and bad days but i cant walk properly and pain killers really help. I went back to the doctor today and he thinks from the results of the scan i should arrange to have surgery as it hasn't improved over 8 weeks. I really don't want to go to hospital as it seems extreme and i haven't tried any of the other options.

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Disc Prolapse :: Disc Has Broken Off And Was On My Spinal Cord

I had a disc prolapse in january this year(08 ).i just thought i had severe back pain as i usually did have back pain.on the 2nd of january i went to hospital as the pain got so severe,i couldn't walk and the pain was in my left leg.the hospital gave me a pain killer told me it was siatica and sent me home.two days later my pain was unbearable so i went back to hospital who yet again examined me and told me to have accupuncture and was sent home.On the 23rd january i stood up and had lost control of my bladder the pain was so horrific i decided to go to a different hospital.when i arrived they examined me and told me i was to have an mri scan.where they tried to lay me in the mri scanner but could not so transferred me to a different hospital.at the hospital they took 4 hour to do my mri because i was in so much pain i could not lie on my back.when they finally did an mri they could see that my disc had broken off and was on my spinal cord,i had an emergancy operation and was told if i had left it another 24 hours i would never have walked again.i wish the first hospital would have examined me properly in the first instance.i never had suffered so much pain in my life i was in agony.i had the op and now 11 months on i'm still recovering but at least i can walk.

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Disc Prolapse :: Disc Herniated Again

Had a disectomy 2 years ago on l3 l4 and worked wonders on my sciatica however lower back pain is always there. 2 years on I have a herniated disc at l4/l5. I have been off work for 8 weeks now and walk with a stick. I am going back to work on Monday for 2 hours to see how I go. I'm on tramadol naproxen paracetamol but still not finding any relief. I have had PT and didn't help. I am now being referred to the hospital pain management clinic in June. I can walk 15 mins with a stick before excruciating pain in my leg and back. I feel I have no life and this will never end.

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Back Pain :: Diffuse Disc Bulges Narrowing The Central Canal

I had am mri w/o contrast and the findings were:

C2-3, the central canal and neuralformina are patent.

C3-4, a diffuse disc bulge effaces the thecal sac. There is minimal narrowing of the neural formina.

C4-5, a diffuse disc bulge effaces the thecal sac. There is mild narrowing of the neural formina.

C5-6, there is a disc/osteophytic ridge with moderate narrowing of the central canal and neural formina.

C6-7, there is a diffuse disc bulge asymmetric to the left. There is mild narrowing of the central canal. The right neural foramen is patent. There is moderate narrowing of the left neural foramen.

C7-T1, the central canal is patent. There is mild narrowing of the right neutral foramen and moderate narrowing of the left foramen.


diffuse disc bulges narrowing the central canal and neural formina as described, most pronounced from C5-6 through C7-T1.

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Disc Prolapse Or Bulge

i been suffering with a severe bad back for nearly seven years, even though the pain brings me to tears sometimes i still work.

i had a mri scan two weeks ago and they said i have a disc bulge in my lower back which is causing all the pain in my legs

i have been prescribed tramadol for the pain and an anti inflammatory but it doesn't even take the edge off the pain.

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Temporomandibular Joint :: Difference Between Disc Displacement And Disc Dislocation?

Is there a difference between disc displacement and dislocation? I see those terms being used around here a lot and was wondering if one indicates whether a disc could be recaptured and whether a disc is not reducing?

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Disc Prolapse :: On Going Sciatica After Discectomy

I had a herniated disc from July 2010, which trapped the Sciatic nerve and caused on going constant pain through my bum into my leg. After trying physiotherapy and so many different types of tablets nothing worked. Eventually after a long 18 months i had a discectomy to remove the part of the disc which was herniated. So that was in december 2011. I am now in just as much pain with pain which has now spread to the foot.

Has anyone else suffered the same or more pain after an operation?

What methods have you tried to deal with pain and what tablets did you use?

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Disc Prolapse :: Alternative To Naproxen?

I'm currently taking 2 500mg naproxen a day, One when I wake then One about 4/5pm to get me through the rest of the day but they're slowly starting to work less and less is there anything I can swap them with? Anything you guys take for anti inflammatory.

Maybe something over the counter I can take with it? Ofcourse not ibuprofen.

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Disc Prolapse :: Large Herniation In My L4/L5 It's Going 5 Months

I have had right at 24 visits of Physical therapy at 6 visits of aquatic therapy and nothing seems to help at all,Last month I have been dealing with a lot of pain and when I went and seen my Neurosurgeon on 8/20 he thought I reherniated the disc again so he ordered Flexion Xray and another MRI, it showed that the was no sign of a reherniation but a week before my surgery he told me that I had a slipped or bulging disc because of the traumatic injury I had to my L4/l5, so it definitely showed that and now I have been in a Back Brace for 4 wks because my spine has shifted 1.1 millimeters and I have what they call spondylolisthesis,I just had another xray yesterday and he ordered a Nerve Conduction test cause I had already had issues neurological issues w/right leg after surgery and now with this more pain that I'm having issues now with my left leg aswell,My question is doing you think my Dr might have missed something or not......

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Disc Prolapse :: Steroid Injections Work ?

steroid injections in spine do they work on prolapsed discs

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Disc Prolapse :: L5 / S1 But Want To Continue Squash Playing

I have had low back pain with sciatica off and on for years . 3 months back I had an acutely painful episode which stopped me from going to work for 5 days. Subsequently a MRI showed disc prolapse L5/S1. I am 40 yrs old and am an active squash player. I went back to playing squash after taking a 6 week rest but my back seized up again. I am told I am not 'ripe enough ' for surgery .My dilemma is that if I don't keep active playing squash, a part of me would possibly die. I would like to hear from folks who have a prolapsed disc but continue to play squash.

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Disc Prolapse :: Get An MRI Scan, X Rays Not Good

I’m Male 33 years old and now have 2 prolapsed discs.

My first Prolapsed disc started back in March 2006. I started with back pain, which got progressively worse. Pain shooting down the left leg / couldn’t walk properly and my back started to bend over to one side. After going through my GP I got referred to a Neurosurgeon. He sent me for an MRI scan. The disc L5/S1 had gone completely and was compressing my nerve. If I hadn’t had the operation I was one step away from cauda equina syndrome.

After the op everything was fantastic back to work and NO pain.

November 2007 the pain started again and I was sent for an epidural injection. This seemed to work until April this year (lasts about six months) when the pain came back. So back into the MRI scanner I go and I find out that the disc above L4 has pro-lapsed slightly and is just touching the nerve.

So now I’ve got to try an epidural again and if it doesn’t work it’s back under the knife!

At the moment I’m off work walking like I’m 80 years old and completely fed up.

In conclusion

1: If you’re suffering get your doctor to refer you to a Neurosurgeon.

2: Get an MRI scan this shows everything up. X-Rays are no good. You can pay for a scan if you want to speed things up. You can also pay for a consultation with a Neurosurgeon if you have the money.

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Disc Prolapse :: Prolapsed L3 ,4 And 5 - Surgery Worth ?

I am crying with pain as I write this had an mri yesterday which revealed prolapsed L3 ,4 and 5 . wet myself and the other as had no feeling in that area , they wanted to do surgery but I discharged myself to be reviewed in 6 weeks , I have a very physical job , I ride and compete horses , is the surgery worth it ?

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Disc Prolapse :: Discectomy, What Does The Future Hold?

I'm 25, a stay at home mum to 3. I've had problems with my back for a few years now which was put down to spinal stenosis. I've been in and out the gym for a long time, but I started to enjoy running in the morning too. My back then started to get worse, so I was referred for physiotherapy.

At the end of November to the start of December 2015 I started to get sciatica symptoms, it started just over a week after I started physio, I kept going for a few weeks which was difficult but I wanted to give myself a good start at recovering. I got very bad very quickly on the 18th Feb, I couldn't do anything without being in agony. I was admitted to hospital for a week to try manage the pain, I was given an injection into the nerve ending and sent home. This worked for a day!

The symptoms came back with a vengeance, I couldn't do anything, walking only to the toilet, which I'm ashamed to say I didn't make it in time every time. I couldn't sit up. I spend my time on my front with my knees tucked under me, it was the only position that reduced the pain to make it easier to deal with. I was on 50mg of mst, taking oramorph every couple of hours, and a few other meds. My gp was amazing though, he could see the pain was too much, and instead of a referral to surgery, he called a spinal surgeon himself. After getting an appointment the following week the surgeon agreed I needed urgent surgery, thankfully! After my pre assessments I has my discectomy. date for the 14th April 2016! So I've been lucky to be seen to soon.

The surgery went to plan, they done all they had to and without any problems. My blood pressure and heart rate caused some issues after the surgery, BP too low, heart rate too high. I was given 2 drips which did improve it temporarily. The results were instant, the pain had reduced, I could sit and walk the next day. There was pain, but nowhere near as substantial. I was sent home 2 days post op, on the ground i my pain medication from the gp Monday morning.

Today is Monday, since I've come home I've felt a whole lot worse, i feel ill. I struggle to eat, I keep getting dizzy spells, my heart keeps going crazy, hot flushes, then coldness. If it weren't for this, the recovery would be so much easier. I'm hoping it corrects itself, and doesn't warrant a visit to the gp. I feel I've overdone it and my leg has been very painful today, since this afternoon I've done nothing but worry about my future. Will I recover? Will it get bad again? Will I have a good quality of life? I only found out just before my op there are 3 damaged discs the middle one l4/l5 is the one that herniated. What would that mean for my future? Will that cause more problems?

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