Back Pain :: Left Side Back Pain, Middle To Lower Back

About 2 week's ago I took 2 perc within a night and the next day I got sick, I thought from the pills, but than I was nauseous and have been for the most part ever since. My left side mid to lower back started hurting approx a week ago and it's gotten much worse last night and now I'm having pain in my upper right abdomen as if the pain moved. I'm on muscle relaxers for my back already but it's not affecting/helping my new pain though and the new pain doesn't feel the same. I was just curious if anyone had any idea what it might be, some say kidneys but does that pain or can it move from my back to my abdomen?

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Back Issues :: Microdiscectomy For Back Pain, Or Only Sciatica?

I've had horrible back pain for over a year now due to a herniated disc at L5/S1 and a bulge at L4/L5. It's gotten better at various times during the interim, but I've never been able to bodybuilder/workout again. I usually do not have sciatica (only severe back pain) but every time I re-aggravate it I do get sciatica that shoots into my right heel. I visited my neurosurgeon and he told me he does not think I would be a candidate for a microdiscectomy because my primary symptom is not sciatica - but I want some second opinions. Did a microdiscectomy help your back pain from the herniation and not just the sciatica?

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Back Pain After Clicking/popping Sound In The Lower Middle Back

Two days ago I was in the gym exercising my shoulders and whilst I was lifting weights, I moved my back whilst seated and I heard a 'click' sound in my back, followed by pain in that area of my lower middle back. I immediately stopped exercising and haven't gone to the gym since.

I don't know what I was thinking by moving my back like that, but since it happened there is a lot less pain and it feels like the pain may be totally gone in the next 48-72 hours hopefully.

On the night of the injury I found it hard to turn onto my side when in bed, but now I can do it without any problems. Now I can only feel some pain when I turn my upper body to the left or right or if I try to stretch my lower back.

Would anyone be able to give me some advice such as what type of injury I have or whether this may have a long term effect? Is it a very positive sign that the pain is decreasing each day?

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Back Pain :: Severe Lower Back Pain

I am having sever lower back pain. its everyday and all day. its a sever sharp pain in my lower back. and sometimes I cant bend over and pick up things that fell on the floor

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Ovarian Cysts :: Lot Of Lower Back Pain, Side Pain, Abdominal Pain

I recently had a CT for another issue, however the CT showed a 6 cm cyst on the left ovary and a 3 cm cyst on the right ovary. I have had a lot of lower back pain, side pain, abdominal pain and constipation. Should I be concerned??

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Back Pain :: Sciatica Pain Unrelated To Spine Bifida

I'm a teenager who suffers from Sciatica pain. Please note that doctors have not told me this, I googled it and Sciatica exactly describes my pain. I have Spina bifida occulta, but was told it shouldn't cause me any pain. Not sure if that is relating to my pain. I had an X-RAY and an MRI (I think) and the doctor said it was fine... but that still does not explain my pain? It's been going on for maybe 4-5 years?

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Aortic Aneurysm :: Abdominal Pain, Constipation, Lower Back Pain And Pulsating

I have been constipated for years, I have swelling and tenderness in my left quadrant of my stomach slightly above/near my belly button. Around mid february I noticed  that when I lay on my left side I get a tingling sensation and numbness with pulsating throbs through to my back. It stops when I turn over on my right side. I went to the ER and they said I have an umbilical hernia, however very small and shouldn't be causing this much pain. I hurt from my ribcage to my hipbone. I am having a colonoscopy done on friday because I thought my colon was causing the pain because I am severely constipated, however Im starting to think I might have an aortic aneurysm after researching some. has anyone had any similar complications? as I'm writing this my left side of my body aches. from my ribs down to my toes. its really strange. I'm worried because I have 2 kids and a husband. My feet are always cold, I figure I already have poor circulation...and I've always said I would die from an aneurysm.

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Mild Abdominal Pain With Lower Back Pain - Herniated Disc?

I have been getting pain for a couple month in my lower back, but it's only been very mild pain. I started getting the pain after very heavy deadlifts at the gym, then the pain has been sporadic for that time. 

I went for sprints on Sunday morning and then afterwards my lower back was really in pain. I felt sick and dizzy in the evening for about 2 mins, then it quickly passed. However, since Sunday I have been experiencing mild abdominal pains in the mid abdomen area (near the belly button) and my bowel movement has changed as i haven't been going as regularly the last few days. 

I am just curious as I haven't been to the doctors yet. I wanted to go and see the best doctor at my surgery, but unfortunately he isn't available until next tuesday. If it gets worse then I will definitely make an appointment with another doctor, but at the moment it isn't giving me too much problems, just the mild pain is all. 

Has anyone experienced this before and could it be a slipped disc that is causing the stomach pain and lack of bowel movement? I had no problems before Sunday when I think I further injured my back. 

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Labor? Lower Back Pain With Sharp Shooting Pain In The Groin

im 36 weeks and having lower back pain with sharp shooting pain in the groin area and it goes into my thighs what is this?

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Menstruation :: Lower Abdominal Pain, Back Pain, Light Bleeding

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a few months now... However, this past period has been very weird.  I got my period the day after I was supposed to this month but it only lasted a day or two and it was very LIGHT bleeding and cramps which is abnormal for me.  It stopped for about four days and then I started noticing small clots of blood and light bleeding along with lower back pain and lower abdominal pain.  I made a doctors appointment and he did a pelvic exam and said as far as he can tell everything seems normal but would like me to come back and do an ultrasound just to be sure... However, I do not want to go due to financial issues.  It has now been about 2 weeks that I have been having spotting, light cramps, although today they are much worse, headaches, and tiredness.  I have not been nauseated and I have not had a fever or anything... Has this happened to anyone before??? I am just so worried that whatever this is will stop me from being able to get pregnant.  My Mom keeps telling me it is normal but I am worried.

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Bowel Disorders :: Pain, Lower Back Pain, Bouts Of Watery Diarhea 3-4 Times Day

i have upper right abdominal pain, lower back pain, bouts of watery diarrhea 3-4 times a day, and am constantly wiped out and exhausted. all tests have come back normal( ultrasound,blood,mono)i'm still being examined, but wondered if you had any ideas?

last year i suffered with lymes*(most likely but not definite)or a super virus and was pretty much a potato for a month, but the new pain has been going on for over 3 months.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Lower Back Pain And Knee Pain

I am 25 year old IT engineer facing knee pain along with other spine problems. I have been diagnosed as cervical spondylosis around 8 month back so i was taking physio therapy session since then. During those session i was getting some pain in my right leg knee which i ignored as i have bigger problem to be taken care of. Over the time it increased and since 2 month i am feeling pain while exercising for cervical and when i walk (sometime unbearable ) so I started physio therapy for that too but not getting satisfactory results. In addition to that I was swimming for subsiding my neck , left hand and knee pain but unluckly i got pain in my lower back pain due to swimming which was getting increasing day by day so i started physio therapy for that. I am doing physio therapy for neck , left hand, back and knee. I am very dishearten as suffering from neck , left hand pain with lower back pain and that extra pain has added. Could someone please let me know whether i will be get recovered from that painful life ever?

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Lower Back Pain / Numb Lower Legs

I have had lower back pain for months now which goes hand in hand with numb lower legs, pain and discomfort really bad in the morning when waking, so much so I get up and have to stretch on my exercise mat to get relief. The veins in the lower legs in the morning really stand out. I saw the doctor who said it was lower back pain causing the numbness in the legs but the circulation seemed ok. I wanted a scan to see what the problem is as the pain can be bad, but he said they don't do back scans no point? The pain is often bad and I sit with a hot water bottle. I am 60 years old.

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Pregnancy :: Lower Abdominal As Well As Lower Back Pain

I have lower abdominal pain as well as lower back pain all in the same side. I am 7 months pregnant. Also when i pee there's little, almost unnoticeable red things floating in my pee as well as light pink color on the tissue. what do you think?

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Lower Back Pain, Bottom Rib Cage Pain

I've always had back pain in some form, but however, for the last few weeks especially, there has been horrible pain. To explain where the pain is, the major part that has a lot of pain to it, it like on the right side of my lower back, and I can feel something in there when I lay down on my back especially, something throbbing, and when it twitches really bad, it is almost like a shock. I can feel something near my spine when I twist and turn as well that hurts. I have to be careful how I move a certain way, because the pain makes me jerk a little bit. Another example of this is I had to go to a job interview where you had to go through a physical. The nurse told me to lie down on the bed there, and then she took my right leg, bent it at the knee, and slowly pulled it to the right. As gently as she did this, my lower back hurt a lot when she had done that. There was one time about 1 one week ago where that pain in my back seared up a little bit, and then went down my leg, almost felt like maybe the sciatic nerve was pinched or something. But that went away, but the pain in my lower back is still there.

Now, I do have a hunch back. I always have, and its growing worse. I'm overweight too. I've been sick for the last year, and haven't been able to drive or work. I am going out though this month with a friend to make some money doing low impact work. I sit at my computer, scrunched over yes, and its hard to remain straight. This makes the bottom of my rib cage hurt so much if I sit this long of a time. It feels like something is missing in there somehow.

To give you some stats on me:

I'm 25
Height is 5 foot 11 inches
Weight is 272 pounds
Belly is big lol, chest is small. My grandma told me the other day i looked like I was pregnant.

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Chest Pain :: Very Acidic And Lower Back Pain

Firstly i suffer from Bile Acid Malabsorption i have no idea if these things could be linked to this but i thought id mention it, i have had issues with acid reflux or just having a lot of heartburn for a long time, and have been using things like zantac daily for a while, but normally the heartburn and chest pains pass, but currently i am having severe chest pains multiple times a day as well as being very acidic, and the tablets don't help, i am also having bad lower back pain but only on the sides where my kidneys would be, and when i bend over i get a stabbing pain there.

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Back Pain And Sciatica :: How To Relieve Pain?

I've had problems with my neck and back since I was a child, but recently i've been having more problems with my back, i've had about 3 or 4 episodes of lower back pain but this time I have been diagnosed with lower back pain and sciatica, the doctor put me on codeine, but they didn't ease the pain and now nefopam which are basically doing the same, i've also been seeing a physio for the last 3 weeks, when he had a look he said my spine was twisted/curved and my right hip was lower than my left so I was walking lopsided, I feel like I'm going in circles and feeling fed up and in constant pain,

When I was born I was put in cast from above my hips to my toes as my hips/pelvis and legs weren't formed properly, I was in cast till I was about 2 or 3 years old, I then had an accident as a child and hurt my neck and back ...

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Back Pain :: What Causes Sciatica?

what causes sciatica?

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Recurring Stabbing Pain In Back - Sciatica?

I have had the typical sciatica for years on and off nothing debilitating so I am familiar w/the pain in the buttocks and moved down the leg etc but this is different so if anyone has had this please let me know I'm so confused...a month ago I actually went to ER w/pain behind my thigh that felt like I was being stabbed...then it would stop and come back 10-12 seconds later lasting about 2-3 seconds and VERY painful did this consistently for 6 hrs and disappeared as fast as it came! GONE for 1 month until this past Sat started again altho not as constant ..until the past hr I have had it every 30 seconds and I cannot fig out what causes it ...or what it is ..the ER gave me Valium and my reg Dr said take magnesium altho my levels were within range. I almost feels like I was tasered or stabbed (have really never experienced either but seems like that's what it would feel like) so do you think this could be sciatica?

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